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Season 4

20 Feb. 1988
The Strike
Paul,a former miner,writes a hard-hitting left wing screenplay about the 1984 miners' strike. It is accepted by a Hollywood film company but gets turned into a distorted action film in which Arthur Scargill,portrayed by Al Pacino with Meryl Streep as his wife,performs motor-cycle stunts,rescues his daughter from a flooded mine and saves his pit from closure after an impassioned speech to parliament. The film cleans up at the Oscars but Paul is disillusioned - and a wanted man in his home village.
27 Feb. 1988
More Bad News
Four years after they were last the subject of a documentary Bad News get back together again for another film of their exploits,beginning with a reunion gig at the Flying Horse. They issue a single 'Warriors of Genghis Khan',but they are disqualified from it entering the charts on account of their having bought three hundred and fifty copies in one store. After being arrested for trashing a hotel they appear at the Monsters of Rock festival,though they are not exactly hailed by their peers and end up in hospital after angry audience members storm the stage.
5 Mar. 1988
Mr. Jolly Lives Next Door
A couple of bored escorts find themselves suddenly involved with a hit-gang and an ax-murderer - Mr. Jolly. Gratuitous violence, rivers of blood and maximum hilarity, all rolled into one.
12 Mar. 1988
The Yob
Patrick is a director of avant-garde music videos. Whilst at a UB40 concert he walks into what he believes to be a portable toilet but is actually a matter transportation pod being used for an illegal experiment. As a result his personality is changed to that of a yobbish,Cockney Arsenal supporter.
19 Mar. 1988
Didn't You Kill My Brother?
Carl Moss leaves jail,where he has taken the rap for his evil twin Sterling,and has been declared a model prisoner. Pauline Sneek,his probation officer - and girlfriend - gets him community work teaching youngsters how to lead law-abiding lives. This displeases Sterling,as he needs young delinquents for his bicycle stealing ring,and there is a showdown which results in the death of one of the twins - but which is it?
26 Mar. 1988
High season in Ibiza sees the tourists arriving for the Fun-Seekers package holiday. In the bars Brits behave badly and wake up next morning after a one night stand. Charlotte has to go to confession because of her libido whilst her friend Maria feels ill at ease in the atmosphere. Trendy Jamie is riled by his annoying room-mate Tony but gets the chance for revenge when he discovers from his passport that Tony is thirty-four and too old to be part of the Club 18-30 clientele,leading to Tony being banned from group activities. However,on the last night of the holiday ...

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