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A must see for any real Country and Western fan.
dnwalker21 February 2000
I loved Tammy Wynette before seeing the movie. Seeing what she went through with Euple Byrd as well as with George Jones made me appreciate her even more. Annette O'Toole did a very good job of playing Tammy. It's hard to believe that wasn't Tammy's voice doing the songs. The songs alone made the movie worth seeing.
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A must see for all Tammy Wynette and George Jones Fans
venusdar23 January 2011
I watched this movie for the first time a few months ago, and was blown away by the talent of both the stars who played Tammy and George, and although it shows the breakup of Tammy and George, it also shows how he struggled with alcoholism, and yet he loved her very much, and yet could not stop drinking. It held my attention throughout the whole movie from her first marriage til the end of her second marriage, and even though her and George could not keep their marriage together, it showed that she still respected his talent.I loved the music and the passion both these stars showed in this movie, and would love to be able to get my hands on this on DVD. It brought back a lot of memories for me of my sister,she was a devoted country and western music fan and I remembered these songs from hearing her play them. May she RIP.
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An Emmy Worthy Performance By Annette O'Toole
jmillerj10 October 2003
This film ranks right up there with the other country biographical films such as "Sweet Dreams" and "Coal Miner's Daughter".

I found it to be an extraordinary biography with an Emmy worthy performance by Annette O'Toole.

Unfortunately at this time it is not available on home video. I was able to record a copy from one of the movie channels. If you have an opportunity to see this fine film. don't miss it.
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Alan Hale (alanco)30 November 2002
First of all, the movie was true as an autobiography during the window that it covered. Tammy Wynnette was so likeable and warm, she had nothing in her life to cover up. Secondly, the actress who played the part did all the singing and was very good as an actress and as a singer. This is something that does not happen often. The actor who played George Jones, likewise did a very good job. Who ever did the casting hit bullseyes in all parts. Movies that have been high budget rarely do any better. This is one of those undiscovered gems that were works of art.
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Excellent movie!
orangetea17 August 2013
I can't think of anything I didn't like about this movie. Annette O'Toole was superb in both her acting and singing, and I feel she "did Tammy Wynette proud". I always enjoy learning more about the private lives of my favorite singers, and it's important that the details be as close to real life as possible when they are depicted in a movie. From what I've learned, this movie did just that. The details of her life and career, from being a hairdresser to her introduction on the stage next to George Jones, who later became her husband, was inspirational. I found it to be uplifting in that, even though in a bad marriage, and with 3 children, she had the determination to make a better life for her family. Her marriage to George was later dissolved, but country music fans continue to see them as one of the great loves never to be forgotten, and this particular movie captures the essence of that love, and why we love them so much. I am a fan of both Annette and Tammy. Unfortunately, we won't be seeing any more of Tammy, but I do look forward to more Annette movies and appearances...she's wonderful!
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An Amazing Experience
loves2act21 April 2005
okay, by giving this film a rating of 10, perhaps I am showing an extreme bias here... I was part of this terrific film, oh so many years ago, and I can honestly say that it was one of the most enjoyable moments of my acting career. Although I was only 5 at the time, being on the set with this amazing cast truly made an impact on me. I was able to keep in touch with Tammy Wynette for many years afterward, and she had always been the most gracious woman, even inviting myself and my family backstage after attending her concerts to visit with her and her husband George Richey. Annette O'Toole was the perfect actress to portray Tammy herself, and for Ms. O'Toole to do her own singing for the film is an amazing testimony to her talent, which has no boundaries. I only hope that more people will have the opportunity to see this film, and feel inspired by this amazing woman who overcame so many different obstacles in her life, but letting nothing or nobody stand in her way. On a personal note, "Stand By Your Man" will always hold a special place in my heart, and I will always cherish the memories of my involvement in this wonderful production.
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A Relative Opinion
snowdrift12 April 2000
As an avid fan of celebrity biographies I truly enjoyed this production of Stand by Your Man. My great-niece, Dyan Hobday Brant, appeared in the movie portraying Tammy Wynette's daughter Gwen as a youngster.

The family has said that Ms. Wynette was a gracious person, remembering Dyan and her family long after the movie had been completed. Kudos to all involved in the making of this fine film.
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