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Satan's Mistress, Dark Eyes, Demon Rage, Demon Seed, whatever the hell you call this movie, just know you're going to see Plenty O'Toole get raped by a minion of hell!

Author: DarthBill from United States
27 June 2004

Plenty O'Toole... I mean Lana Wood, younger, bustier sister of the late Natalie Wood, plays a woman in an unhappy marriage who starts having a perverse love affair with a tall, dark, handsome stranger who happens to be a minion of hell. Well, at first the Hell-bound minion rapes her, but she later decides she likes it and they start getting it on regularly. After that, some occasionally stylish touches show up in this low budget sexploitation horror film.

Film is really nothing more than excuse to show Lana's breasts (probably to distract from the sight of her horribly big hair).

What's really disturbing is that this might have actually been based on a true story.

Another Bond girl, Britt Eckland, also appears.

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Plenty of Toole

Author: mazgarathag from United States
19 October 2005

If only the rest of the Bond girls were as dedicated to showing their assets as Lana Wood. I'd been looking for this movie for 14 years, having only remembered just one word of one of the alternate titles. Why has it been on my mind off and on for so long? . . . the best movie nipples of all time! (or at least that's how I remember them - now I have to find a copy!) As I recall, the plot was more or less irrelevant. That's not the point of this kind of exploitation movie at all. Showing some skin in embarrassing situations and leading up to that (or those) points is all that matters. It's not that this was the best skin flick or B film, the value of the movie rides on Lana Wood and I have to respect and admire her for all she was willing to show!

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Lana Wood gets "plenty o'toole" from randy demon

Author: lazarillo from Denver, Colorado and Santiago, Chile
7 May 2007

A lonely and neglected housewife (Lana Wood) living in a deserted house on the beach takes a lover. Unfortunately, that lover turns out to be Satan! Her husband and teenage daughter are naturally upset by this turn of events and enlist a family friend (Britt Ekland) who is a spiritual medium and the latter's obnoxious husband to help them out, with disastrous results for everyone involved.

This movie kind of resembles both the mainstream film "The Entity" and the X-rated classic "Through the Looking Glass", but it is not as good as either. It is surprisingly low-budget and obscure movie considering that it features two former Bond girls--Lana "Plenty O'Toole" Wood and Britt "Holly Goodnight" Ekland. (okay, not two of the most talented former Bond girls, but still--). A cadaverous John Carradine also makes an appearance (but then he showed up pretty much every time he sensed the distant whir of a film camera). Ekland, very uncharacteristically, keeps her clothes on for the whole movie, but the busty Woods more than makes up for this as she repeatedly scromps naked with the horny demon, moaning ecstatically. The film is not bad, at least before the completely confounding ending, but there are few too many supposedly meaningful shots of the waves crashing onto the beach.

Not a good film perhaps, but not deserving of its current obscurity either.

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A turgid affair!!

Author: ronevickers from United Kingdom
8 July 2008

Anyone who had not seen this film, but had heard about its various titles, may expect something interesting and worthwhile. The reality is that this is a turgid, slow moving, load of nonsense! First of all, the soundtrack is quite abysmal, and the background sounds tend to drown out the dialogue, which is no great shakes anyway. The editing is quite appalling, and the film lurches from scene to scene without any great pattern to it. The ending is quite ludicrous, although after sitting through 90 minutes of dross, it is a welcome relief to the viewer. In all in, a sad effort which only merits two points courtesy of the lead, Lana Wood!!

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If you are a fan of beach houses and bosoms

Author: udar55 from Williamsburg, VA
5 June 2011

Bickering couple Lisa (Lana Wood, sister of Natalie) and Carl (Don Galloway) move to an isolated beach house in an attempt to save their marriage. This doesn't work and lonely Lisa soon finds herself attracting a horny spirit (Kabir Bedi) that frequently seduces her and tries to possess the couple's daughter Michelle (Sherry Scott). Psychic best friend Ann-Marie (Britt Ekland) senses something is wrong and tries to stop it. This reminds me of the similar MAUSOLEUM but without the cool green lighting and effects. There isn't really much to this standard horror from director James Polakof as the first hour consists mostly of Lisa moaning and groaning as the General Zod looking spirit gives her the sexy eyes. There is a rather nice decapitation in here, but I had to deduct cool points since no one questions why there is a guillotine in the basement of their new home. The beach location is nice though and offers some early 80s location eye-porn. John Carradine has 4 minute bit as a priest who mutters some nonsense about "the devil attacking us when we are at our weakest."

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Ekland and Wood Pre-Wall

Author: artpf from United States
17 October 2013

Horror movie about a frustrated housewife who begins having nightly trysts with a tall, dark stranger who turns out to be a ghost from the other side. Thus begins her descent into dementia, as she begins to distance herself even further from her husband and kids while painting portraits of her enigmatic new lover.

OK so this movie stars an extraordinarily hot Lana Wood and Brit Ekland before either hit the wall. Sex starved Lana Wood cuts quite the figure and is naked from frame one. So what could go wrong?

Well, turns out, plenty.Even tho Lana is the hottest MILF on the planet, and it's actually hard to believe she plays a mother in this movie, the story sort of sucks. It's hard to believe her husband turns her down sexually when she is so willing and so perfectly do-able. He's gotta be gay.

The special effect were better in George Meles Trip to the moon, but jeepers Lana nudity keeps you watching as she has demon orgasm after demon orgasm.

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Lana Wood's a Lumberjack's Dream

Author: Sandy Loam from Los Angeles
10 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I'm hungry after cutting down a few hundred redwoods, I often enjoy a large stack of flapjack's. Generally I'll take a large one, lay a sausage patty on top, then put a chocolate chip on top of that. ZOMG! I've just described Lana Wood's tittays! Seriously though, this movie is not just for the woodsmen. It's for anyone who loves slappy flappy floppy sloppy mams, terrible sound work, and long romantic walks on the beach. Lana Wood longs for a "tall dark man" named Calgon® to take her away. She sees him in her shower. She feels him on top of her manhandling her flapjacks. She spends hours in the hot tub waiting for her man. This movie never ends. It goes on and on until you turn it off, or the world ends. That's totally OK with me.

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Garbage Story & Acting. Just plain Garbage.

Author: qmtv from United States
6 May 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I saw this in a movie theater back in 1982, and I knew it sucked, but there was a few things I remembered.

The acting all around is just plain garbage, especially the actresses playing the daughter, and the psychic friend. The Psychic friends husband, was he supposed to be the stand up comic, he sucked too. The guy playing Satin says nothing.

The story/plot/dialogue is even worse than the acting. If you don't have a story, you don't have a movie. But somehow they found the funding and the energy to put this thing together. Very little explanation as to what the husband does, the daughters activities, anything about the main character. The story is a mess.

The music and cinematography was OK. Nothing special. The fx? They used the disappearing blood trick like 3 or 4 times.

Who keeps a working guillotine in their basement. An ambulance is called, and the wife/psychic jumps in the ambulance with the pieces. John Carodine shows up in the last 15 minutes for some needed explanation about loneliness and the devil.

This thing was a mess all around. Boring/Slow Crap.

My rating is an F, 1 star. Raised to 2 stars for two reasons Lana Wood, and it's not because of her acting.

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End of an era?

Author: Gator66 from United States
25 January 2007

I saw this at a drive-in (shock!), but it was called "Fury of the Succubus". Its only real redeeming value, to me, is nostalgic: it's among the last of the drive-in second features ever put into wide release. From the late 40s, until they were effectively replaced by the direct to video market in the early 80s, countless of these gems at once horrified and amused the teenage clientèle after the families had pulled out of the lot to get the kiddies to bed. This was also the perfect example of the movies you stayed to NOT watch when you were there on a date. If not for "films" like this, a lot of us guys would have graduated high school as virgins!

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Not a Complete Success But It's Entertaining

Author: Michael_Elliott from Louisville, KY
9 October 2017

Satan's Mistress (1982)

** (out of 4)

Lisa (Lana Wood) is a bored housewife who has become sexually unsatisfied in her relationship. Before long she begins to have dreams of a sexual encounter with a mysterious man who might be much more sinister than she realizes.

SATAN'S MISTRESS has been released under a number of titles including DEMON SEED, DEMON RAGE, FURY OF THE SUCCUBUS and DARK EYES. No matter what you want to call it, this here is pretty much a show for fans of Wood. If you were disappointed that she didn't pop out of her suit in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER then you'll be happy to know that she's fully nude throughout this picture. Obviously with the plot and all the sex and nudity, this here is pretty much a sleazy horror picture and on that level it works.

We've seen countless possession movies but I will give this one credit in that it at least tries to be good. I say that because a lot of low-budget horror movies know there will be an audience out there for them so they can deliver crap if they want to and usually fans will except it. This film really wants to try and scare the viewer by delivering some psychological elements with the story. The film never wants us to know if the lead character is crazy or if she's normal. It's never clear if she's really having this sexual relationship or if it's all in her head. Is this man Satan himself or some sort of ghost?

Director James Polakof doesn't really succeed in what he tried for but, again, I give him credit for trying. The film is never suspenseful and it's also fair to say that the movie doesn't quite grab you like it should. What makes the film work is the fact that it is rather sleazy with there being several sex scenes and of course there's Wood willing to take it all off. There's full frontal nudity throughout the film and for the most part I thought she delivered a fine performance. Britt Ekland plays her psychic friend and John Carradine shows up as a Priest.

SATAN'S MISTRESS is a mildly entertaining film that at least tried to be something more than a low-budget exploitation movie. Again, I give it credit for at least trying but even in its failure it still remains an entertaining picture for what it is.

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