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Legendary sleaze by mister Franco
Bogey Man16 August 2002
Sadomania is the infamous Women in Prison flick by the king of ultra low budget exploitation films, Jesus Franco, Spain. He has made many immortal films like Love Letter of the Portuguese Nun (nunsploitation, 1977) and Bloody Moon (ultra-gore, 1981), and even though some of his films are worse and not-so-ambitious, he definitely has a talent and is noteworthy film maker. His greatest masterpiece of the films I've managed to see is Awful Dr. Orlof (1962), the black and white horror classic with Howard Vernon. Sadomania is among his dirtiest films and not without a reason.

The ridiculous plot has a newly wed young couple, who is kidnapped during their journey as they drive their wedding car somewhere in Spain. They are taken to the nearby women prison, led by sadistic lesbian warden (the late Ajita Wilson) and some sleazy governor and his wife, and despite the fact that the prison girls/women work hard there, their real reason to be there is to satisfy these leaders' bottomless sexual desires and perversions. Poor women are raped and abused, in the guaranteed Franco style, but it all ends happily for the protagonists and evil and horny sadists meet their fate, again Franco style.

This film is okay if one happens to like these kind of "guilty pleasures" with huge amount of nudity and love making. The sleaze-o-meter is taken as high as possibly when considered the fact that the head warden Wilson was originally born man, but changed his sex to female, and the close ups of this attractive black lady show that her hands and some parts of the body are definitely male and thus her attractiveness tones down a bit (for hetero sexual man), but still, she is very sensual here, albeit her role character is more than repulsive. The other actors are more or less amateurs, but also talented ones. Beautiful females get naked a lot, and that's the thing Franco has always been able to do. Perhaps every frame of the film "once it gets going" involves at least one naked human being, usually female.

The "message" of this film seems to be that of what hides under our "civilized" surface and what kind of animals we are deep inside. Franco uses plenty of segments without a dialogue and some symbolic scenes (like the knife-fight-to-the-death scene), which show and depict the wild beast psyche what hides inside every human being, but in many cases un-active. Another thing is, that the sadists in the film are totally insatiable and hungry for sex, which is perhaps the strongest instinct in human nature and psyche. Sadomania shows us the faces of human nature we wouldn't necessarily want to face, but as we think about the state of the world and what kind of things take place, Franco's thoughts are more than true and serious. The fact that this film is mostly exploitation oriented doesn't mean that the film couldn't have any artistic merits, and Franco definitely wants most of his films to be more than mere exploitation.

Sadomania is noteworthy piece of Franco cinema, and shot with his usual zooms and beautiful images of nature, stained only by the presence of the film's ugly and evil protagonists. Sadomania has also some interesting elements in its soundtrack, which is supposedly composed by the director himself. I give Sadomania 7/10 rating, but that's only possible if one can watch these films and appreciate them despite their many filthy scenes and characters.
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Sleazy and Outrageous Exploitation
Claudio Carvalho15 May 2015
In Spain, a newlywed couple parks their car in a deserted land to make love and they trespass a private property. They are taken to a women's prison and the husband Michael (Ángel Caballero) is released by the warden Magda (Ajita Wilson) while his wife Olga (Uta Koepke) is arrested and forced to hard labor. Soon she befriends Kanita (Andrea Guzon) and Tara (Ursula Buchfellner) and she learns that the women in the prison are submitted to sexual abuse to satisfy the sadistic and lesbian warden and the impotent Governor Mendonza (Robert Foster) and his bisexual wife Luwa (Gina Janssen). Meanwhile her husband returns to the prison with a friend expecting to rescue Olga while Kanita and Tara are sold to a brothel.

"Sadomania - Hölle der Lust" is a soft-porn with a ridiculous and absurd story of sexual violence. Michael's friend is murdered and forgotten by the plot. Olga never dresses a shirt after rescued by her husband. But who cares? This sleazy and outrageous exploitation shows one of the greatest number of naked women, including the 20 year-old German Ursula Buchfellner, who was the Playmate of the Month and centerfold of October 1979. The warden is performed by the transsexual Ajita Wilson. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "Sadomania"
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Not Bad For What It Is
MoosikLuva13 April 2005
OK, no one will confuse this with Citizen Kane but you've got to love a movie where the women are always topless. There are a few catfights and some kinky sex as well. On the other hand I hope they didn't overpay the guy who wrote the dialogue. Here's a prime example. After one of the captive girls dies:

"This is terrible. It reminds me of the day Zenobia died" "A relative?" "No, my favorite cow." I guess they saved some money on the script and blew it on great special effects like that plastic crocodile. I will say that it took me three sittings to make it through this fine work of art, never a good sign. I guess that's what happens after a while when everything looks the same. I hope the folks waiting to rent it next didn't get too impatient. Don't worry folks, it's on it's way.
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Dumb, fun an reprehensible
Kaare Jensen10 April 2001
This is the story of a young woman, kidnapped on her honeymoon, and send to a womens prison, somewhere in the latin world. Her husband spends the rest of the movie trying to save her. That, however is only an excuse for a story, as the real focus of the film are the scenes of degradation committed to the female inmates. This being a Jess Franco movie, you know you're in for a treat, if you're a badfilm fan. It is reprehensible, but most of all, this movie is just silly fun although in a seriously un-PC way. The film is astonishingly misogynistic, and that is unforgivable, but it is fun to see how cheaply this movie was made. A prisoner is eaten by a plastic crocodile, guards are armed with toyguns, the governors car is a beaten up Simca 2000 and the costumes are a riot. Jess Franco himself, however, has the most memorable scene in the movie as he is sodomised by a black youth in his role as a slavetrader. The role as the prisonwarden is played by the late american transsexual actress Ajita Wilson.
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Low budget exploitation sleaze from Jess Franco
DVD_Connoisseur10 June 2007
First things first, I quite enjoyed "Sadomania". Despite its low budget, the film is visually impressive with some atmospheric cinematography by Juan Soler.

In terms of plot, it comes as no surprise to learn that the script was adapted from an unused "Ilsa" screenplay. There are many similarities between the "Ilsa" films and "Sadomania". Here, transsexual Ajita Wilson plays Magda Urtado, the wicked warden of "a prison from hell". Well, a prison that contains nubile young women who all look like escapees from Hefner's Playboy Mansion. This is a cue for all sorts of softcore goings-on.

The film's tiny budget is obvious - some of the guards' weapons look like they've been sourced from the bargain bin of "Toys R Us" and the crocodile special effects are somewhat rubbery. On top of this, the prison governor's car is somewhat shabby for a man in his position. However, the film overcomes these trivial obstacles and proves entertaining, even if some of the humour is unintentional.

"Sadomania" even has an appearance by Franco himself as a homosexual brothel owner. As Franco was not keen on contact with a fellow man, Ajita Wilson was asked to play his lover, without wig and disguised by a moustache.

7 out of 10. Not half as seedy as you'd imagine it to be. It could do better in the exploitation department but the cinematography really is rather good.
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Imprisoned, Freed
tedg26 June 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers herein.

I approach Franco films as something more than sleazy exploitation. Much of my mail and even some of my colleagues are against me on this: they feel I read too much into them.

I have a special place in my imagination that current Spanish-speaking filmmakers can reach and tickle. I think they are the most clever filmmakers working today, and I suspect Franco had something to do with it.

Yeah, yeah, we get some breasts here, some mild (amazingly mild compared to 'Ilsa') suggestion of sexual torture and lots of huffing and puffing simulation. What we also get is an allegory of filmmaker as pimp, not quite a worn out idea in 1981. Franco himself plays the pimp. Unless I am wrong, this time he does not feature a lover as the girl, instead just hired a passel of 'models.'

What makes this an extraordinary film is one character, the sadist of the title: the black mistress who is captain of the guards - a stark lesbian. This actress is in fact a transgendered man. She has an appearance and manner that are strange and disturbing.

The fact that the story is obviously bogus adds to the mystery in a sort of Soviet-newspaper way. What we are told is going on is discounted as thin fiction. That leaves us to suspect that the real world is ever so more ambitiously dangerous.

Ted's Evaluation -- 2 of 3: Has some interesting elements.
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Banned in the UK..!
DJ Inferno11 September 2001
Filmed on an exploitation level this sleazy flick is a typical Jess Franco-film and everyone should know what that means: a nearly not existing plot, lots of nudity and some misogynist violence. This film is banned in the United Kingdom, but it´s really questionable in how far "Sadomania" is still an exciter compared to today´s standard: there is a girl having hinted sex with a dog, trade with female human slaves, lesbian sex and some S/M-role playing, but it´s full of unconscious humor and bad acting. The most memorable part comes from Ajita Wilson, a transexual, who became a porn star in the 1970s and plays the role of the sadistic prison leader. Nevertheless "Sadomania" is worth to be seen - assumed that you like this kind of film: it´s entertaining from beginning till the end and definitely the right stuff for your next trash movie video party! Jess Franco´s masterpiece "Vampyros Lesbos" however is still unequaled!!!
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"Sex... that's all you lesbians think about isn't it?" More sleazy exploitation form Jesus Franco.
Paul Andrews23 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Sadomania starts with newly weds Michel (Angel Caballero) & Olga Gordon (Uta Koepke) taking a little detour on the way to their honeymoon & ending up in the middle of a place called 'Hacienda Blanca' which just happens to be a rehabilitation camp for delinquent women, Franco's description not mine... It quickly turns out that they are trespassing on private land, they are quickly arrested by topless gun-wielding female guards & taken to the camps sadistic warden, Magda Urtado (Ajita Wilson, a transsexual & porn star born Goerge Wilson). Michel is told to bugger off & never come back while his unfortunate bride Olga is taken prisoner & after having her top removed is thrown in the cells where she meets some of the other topless inmates & the topless guards. Poor Olga is made to work in the blazing sun, topless of course, & Olga quickly discovers that 'Hacienda Blanca' is a hell hole where the inmates have no rights, the officials are corrupt & everyone is constantly topless! Governor Mendoza (Antonio Mayans as Robert Foster) shows up & picks a woman for a hunt, a hunt in which an inmate is given a one minute (one minute? Thanks for nothing!) head-start before she is shot, sounds fair to me. Governor Mendoza is impotent & his wife Loba (Gina Janssen) isn't too happy about it so she has lesbian sex with inmates like Tara (Ursula Buchfellner) whom she then sells to Mario (Otto Retzer) who in turn sells her to Lucas (director Jesus Franco) who forces Tara to work in his brothel. Inmates like Conito (Andrea Guzon) are forced to fight to the death in gladiatorial combat with the guards, topless of course, & if they survive these tortures the Governor's pet Alsatian dog is ready for some loving...

This Spanish West German co-production was co-written & directed by notorious Euro sleaze peddler Jesus Franco & considering I usually loathe Franco & his films I found Sadomania somewhat entertaining. The script by Franco & Gunter Ebert certainly isn't boring like most of Franco's sorry attempts at film-making, in fact it moves along at a nice pace & something is always happening to keep most Euro exploitation fans happy. There are hunts which end in the target being shot & then eaten by crocodiles, gladiatorial combat between topless women, an Alsatian dog rapes a tied up woman, lesbian sex, someone has a pin stuck in their nipple, women are beaten, groped, raped, humiliated & generally treated like dirt which is where my biggest problem with Sadomania lies. I simply dislike the overall tone & feel of Sadomania, my best friend at the moment is a 23 year old girl & I simply take no pleasure in seeing females treated like they have no feelings, treated like they are only on Earth to sexually please & nothing else & I found it a little hard as a male to enjoy all this depravity. Yes, I know it's only a film & as a film I liked it & even though it's a little longish at over 100 minutes it passed the time painlessly enough. There is no real story in Sadomania just a collection of incidents which lead up to the eventual prison break & rather abrupt ending. Characters just come & go, Sadomania never really focuses on any particular one, it dishes the nastiness out evenly! If it's nudity your after then Sadomania is a dream come true, I don't think I've ever seen another film with so much nudity in it, just about every sequence has nudity of some sort. The violence is far more restrained with a few whippings, a few fights, a needle piercing a nipple & a few gunshot wounds but none of these are what I would call particularly graphic. The acting is as good as one would expect, transsexual Ajita has a real screen presence & is pretty intimidating as the obligatory sadistic warden. Technically Sadomania is cheap, very cheap. Shot on location the cinematography is OK & there is a nice scene when two women have a fight against a purple blueish setting sun in silhouette. Overall I disliked the tone & derogatory attitude towards women but at the same time I found myself enjoying Sadomania for what it was. I'm in two minds about it, I've given it an above average 6 because when all said & done I'd probably watch it again. Also, I bet Franco saved a fortune on the costumes...
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Pretty darn good for a Franco film
zuccozoid30 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Let's face it - Jess Franco is only a step or two above Larry Buchanan or T.V. Mikels - he endures because he's a soft-core pimp, and apparently makes a happy living at it! Most Franco films are dull, dull, dull... nothing ever happens, unless you like 8mm zoom shots on naked girls, followed by endless reams of talk, talk, talk. However, SADOMANIA actually has a plot, some action and real cohesion. It's his version of Most Dangerous Game with naked babes.

If you like this one, Franco's other two good ones are RITES OF FRANKENSTEIN and WOMEN IN CELL BLOCK 9.

Just so you know what you're getting into - he's no Joe D'Amato!
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One of the Most Outrageous WIP Movies Ever!
Michael_Elliott4 April 2013
Sadomania (1981)

*** (out of 4)

Jess Franco put his hands in many genres but there's no question that he was the king of the WIP genre. His women-in-prison films are some of the most outrageous out there and this here might very well be the most offensive, which means it's a must-see for fans of the genre. The story is pretty simple as newlyweds Olga (Uta Koepke) and Michael are making out on some private property, which belongs to a local prison. The evil warden (Ajita Wilson) orders Olga to be held behind bars where she realizes all the lesbianism, torture and other evils going on. SADOMANIA is, simply put, a sick, deprived and downright outrageous film and all of this makes it one of the best of its type. If you're looking for a soft and easy R-rated prison drama then this here certainly isn't that. This film is perverted on just about every letter and I honestly don't think five-seconds goes by without some woman being nude. The film has pretty much wall-to-wall nudity as all of the women in prison are forced to be naked and even the prison warden and her guards are always in the nude. Those wanting flesh are going to get plenty of it here. There's also some rather fun violence including a "game" where women must run through a swamp to try avoid getting shot. The only problem are some fake looking alligators who are very hungry. The film even goes as far as to have a prostitution ring, white slavery and most notorious of all is a dog who likes to have sex with the girls. Yes, SADOMANIA is pretty much the sleazy exploitation trash that makes the genre work so well when it gets everything right. Sure, the performances aren't the greatest, although Wilson has her certain charm in full force. The film actually looks a lot more professional than the previous ones done by Franco and this includes good cinematography, great lighting and very good editing. Another major plus is that it seems the budget allowed for a lot more naked ladies because these films usually have a limited number of girls but this one here has dozens available. Again, if you're going to be easily offended or are afraid of the genre then it's best to stay away. Those wanting to see one of the best WIP films out there should jump right in.
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Sorry Jess, This One Sucks
I am a fan of Jess Franco's bizarre style, and a lover even of his trashier films, and my personal opinion is that he has, besides several very entertaining movies, also created a few masterpieces, such as the brilliant "Paroxismus" aka "Venus In Furs" of 1969, for example. It is, however, an undeniable fact that the 180+ movies this highly prolific filmmaker has directed in his career, also include a bunch of big time stinkers. "Sadomania" of 1981 certainly is one of these stinkers, just an utterly bad and plot less movie with the ability to bore the hell out of you in spite of constant sleaze and nudity.

Sure, the constant nudity will keep you entertained for 20 minutes, but since it keeps going on and on like that one is pretty likely to get bored after a short time. The only thing that really kept me watching this was the intensity of the sleaze which is, generously spoken, slightly amusing.

After couple of newlyweds get lost in the desert on some island, they are stopped by a bunch of topless women carrying guns, wardens of a local prison camp. While the husband is banished from the island, the wife is taken to the prison camp, a place of torture and sexual humiliation, reigned by the sadistic nymphomaniac Magda and an extremely perverted governor. The prisoners are, of course, entirely hot chicks, most of them blondes, the wardens are entirely topless women carrying rifles.

The plot, if one can call it that, is extremely stupid of course, but who is going to watch this for a good plot anyway. The (only) interesting thing about "Sadomania" is the high level of exploitation, even for a 'Women In Prison' film. There are probably two short scenes in the movie where we see a woman actually wearing a top, the sleaze contains all kinds of sexual perversions from rape to bestiality, and some of the torture scenes are really nasty.

It is amazing that a film with this extreme level of sleaze, however, can still be so boring. The sleaze will keep you watching in the beginning, but after the first 45 minutes I actually had a hard time not to fall asleep. It also makes me wonder why, out of all pornstars, Jess Franco chose Ajita Wilson, who was, according to most sources, a transsexual who had been born a man (well, maybe for exactly that reason). If you really want to watch this, make sure you have enough beer at home to sit through it and watch it for the sleaze and exploitation only (and maybe for the slight unintentional fun factor). Don't expect to be highly entertained, however, it is almost unbelievable how a movie with such a high sleaze level can be so boring. I am a Jess Franco fan and I always will be, but "Sadomania" is just bad. 2/10
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Franco's 'hamage' to 1,000 Days of Sodom
Koli27 November 2005
I can't help thinking that this is Franco's 'hamage' to the Marquis de Sade's "One Thousand Days of Sodom". People (in this case women) abducted to serve as slaves to a privileged elite? Check. Kinky sex? Check. Torture including whipping? Check. Victims chosen at random to be killed? Check.

Thank goodness Franco didn't go the whole hog and introduce cinema audiences to the delights of coprology (and indeed coprophagy), another perversion that crops up repeatedly in de Sade's tediously long and disgusting saga.

I rather hoped that this film would fall into the 'so bad it's good' category. But even the acres of naked flesh and numerous sexual encounters didn't make up for the dismal dialogue, dreadful acting, elusive plot and - just to put the tin hat on it - dubbing AND English sub-titles (a belt and braces approach missing from the women's costumes). The Alsation gave a very professional performance though.

Of course I could be wrong about the de Sade angle. After all, I failed to realise that the actor playing the head warden at the 'prison' was a trans-sexual. I must pay more attention to the size of people's hands in future.

According to another reviewer, the film was banned in the UK. Well it clearly isn't any more, though I fancy that the nipple-needling scene was cut to satisfy the censors. On the DVD I watched, it was only clearly visible on the Spanish trailer (which, in case you're wondering, I watched to compare it with the English one).

The DVD also features an interview with Jess Franco, though you'll need better Spanish than mine to understand it. Unless I'm much mistaken it's neither dubbed nor sub-titled. And it points out that the person sodomising the character played by Franco is Ajita Wilson disguised using a moustache. Kind of ironic, given that (s)he had had the requisite appendage surgically removed.
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More food for thought as the Samaritan Jess Franco continues to show the horror of women's prisons...ho hum
The_Void12 December 2006
Even though it's not a real word, the title pretty much sums this one up completely. Sadomania is yet another exploitation 'women in prison' film from the insatiable Jess Franco. I certainly don't have a problem with this sort of film in theory; I mean, who wouldn't want to see a bunch of naked lesbians having sex with each other inside a sleazy prison? But the fact is that these films are often really boring, and once you've seen one - you've seen them all. This one actually has a base plot, and it focuses on a couple of newly weds who get pulled over. She gets thrown into a lesbian jail, and he gets set free! (Sounds a bit unfair to me, who's going to cook his dinner?). After that, it's business as usual as the clothes budget was so miniscule that Franco couldn't afford to have his performers wear much; so everyone appears naked, while a few set pieces that involve a woman being 'hunted' and various other sleazy goings on populate the rest of the movie. I actually managed to get myself a copy of the 'uncut' version, which runs at a massive 102 minutes. As usual, a lot of this movie is filler that could have been cut but, I suppose, for what it is; Sadomania isn't a terrible film.
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John Seal2 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
My God. I've been trudging through the Jess Franco DVDs in chronological order for quite some time now and had become somewhat inured to the ingredients: lots of nudity, lots of lesbianism, a cameo appearance by Franco, the old zoom in zoom out, and some attractive and well-shot location footage. Put it all together, and you've got yourself an exploitation flick! The films vary in quality but almost all clock in at the 70-80 minute range, meaning even the worst of them (I'm looking at YOU, Voodoo Passion) aren't long enough to get boring.

And then there's Sadomania. Why Franco and producer Julio Parra decided to pad this one out to an engorged, Tolstoy-esque 102 minutes I can't imagine. Happily the length is not entirely reliant on repetitive bumping and grinding, but it is still a bit of a chore to sit through. However, it's worth it to see Franco and star Ajita Wilson partake of a little simulated gay sex. I guess.
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Another Sleazy WIP Entry, This Time Courtesy Of Jess Franco...
EVOL66611 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Though I love sleazy exploit cinema, I haven't watched too many of Jess Franco's films. Reason being, the handful that I have watched have been pretty lame. SADOMANIA is much of the same. A pretty proto-typical WIP film, with tons of full-frontal nudity and a few notably sleazy scenes - but Franco has a way of making even these elements boring.

A man and his wife accidentally trespass on the property of a women's prison. The husband is let go, but the wife is detained. The typical female abuse at the hands of the female warden and guards, and even a German Shepherd in the highlight scene of the film. There's some side stuff about some of the women being sold into prostitution, but who cares? This one's all about the nekkid women...

There's really very little in SADOMANIA that you haven't seen in other WIP films. The plot is just like every other entry: Girl gets imprisoned, girl gets abused, girl eventually escapes. There IS an absolute ton of full-frontal nudity, and most of the women are quite hot, so that's a plus. The aforementioned dog-scene is interesting too and is worth an extra point in my book. Problem is, these films would have really benefited from some hardcore sex and some stronger violence - elements that are noticeably lacking from most WIP entries. Die-hard exploit/WIP fans will probably want to give SADOMANIA a look, the average film viewer will either be bored or offended...6/10
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Sadomania aka: How to make a movie without really trying
seanken6 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
With 'Sadomania', director Jess Franco has deftly created yet another cinematic masterpiece, while at the same time he completely blows the lid off of the shadowy underworld of topless female slave camps. (Not surprisingly, this gem was completely ignored by the snooty snobs on the Oscar committee!) The film also exposes just how easy it is to assemble a bevy of attractive young 'actresses' in the middle of nowhere and convince them to degrade themselves for an entire film.

A young newlywed couple is honeymooning along a desolate, rocky, section of the Spanish coastline, (why?!), when they are suddenly hijacked and taken prisoner by the sadistic warden of a local slave camp and her, topless, female armed guards. The husband is quickly released and ordered to never return, (oh, O.K.!), while his hot wife remains captive. She is placed with the other slaves and forced to crack rocks along the coast, beneath the blazing sun, and under the watchful eyes of the guards. Their uniforms consist of 'Daisy Duke' short shorts and sneakers. In fact, there is not a bra in sight for the entire film. These poor wretches aren't even provided with some basic sunscreen! Enter the 'Governor', a man who lacks any morals, nor, apparently, any blood flow to his penis. He and his warden like to kill prisoners for sport. One blond hottie soon gets in a fight with one of the guards, and the warden orders that they fight to the death to settle their differences. The fight scene which follows is of such complexity that it clearly took seconds to choreograph. Blondie finally dispatches her adversary, but her skill, and body, have caught the attention of the Governor. He has her brought to his home, where he devises a perverted plan which will finally allow him to successfully pork his smokin' hot wife. Enter 'Panzer' the Wonder Pooch, (I just made that name up). Panzer is a large German Shepard with a fondness for hot, blond, slave chicks. As the Governor and his wife watch, Panzer is set loose upon the naked and shackled slave chick. He dives into humping slave girl with gusto. (Surprisingly, Panzer chooses the missionary position over doggy style!) This sick display of bestiality is enough to finally give the Governor a stiffy, and he is able to successfully pork his wife to completion. (Panzer later won the award for 'Best Dog on Blond Chick Sex Scene' at the Cannes de Alpo awards.) Next, the Governor's wife decides to sell slave girl to another slaver, and she drives her to a local wharf to make the deal. Following the sale, the evil slaver locks slave girl in the cargo hold of his boat and sets sail for.....who knows? As expected, his own horniness soon gets the better of him, and he begins raping slave girl. She spots his gun in his belt and sees an opportunity for escape. She uses her feminine charm to convince the slaver to unshackle her, and when he does she quickly snatches the pistol from his belt. Now with the upper hand, she displays a moment of sheer stupidity. She holds the gun a mere few inches from his face and upraised hands and orders him not to move. Of course, he immediately swats the gun from her grasp, and then proceeds to continue dry humping her into submission. The viewer is treated to the sight of his hairy ass rising and falling between her thighs. At this point, my curiosity has been more than satisfied, and I decide to extricate myself from this sucking vortex of suckiness. Sorry, if you want to know how it all ends you'll have to waste an hour and a half of your own life. 5 stars given only for the wealth of gratuitous topless and full frontal nudity. Show less
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Sleaze epic from a master
slayrrr66628 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
"Sadomania" is one of the sleaziest films Franco ever did.


Enjoying a day in the sun, young couple Olga, (Uta Koepke) and Michael, (Angel Caballero) take a wrong turn on a road and are immediately captured and sent to a nearby prison, lead by the evil warden Magda Urtado, (Ajita Wilson) and her staff. Michael is set free, while Olga is detained and charged with trespassing. Thrown in with the other inmates, all women, she is forced to work in the local fields while Magda occasionally comes in and takes one away, including selling Conito, (Andrea Cuzon) to Governor Mendoza, (Antonio Mayans) and his wife, Loba Mendoza (Gina Janssen) as a sex toy. After hearing that the other inmates at the prison where also sold into slavery or prostitution rings from the prison, Michael leads a small force to take over the prison and release the inmates trapped inside.

The News: This is perhaps one of the sleaziest and greatest entries in the Women-in-Prison genre. This film simply rests on its sleazy laurels. The intent is perfectly clear with the flesh count being ridiculously high, hot-pants being the sole contribution from the wardrobe department and lesbianism coming into play whenever a scene runs out of ideas. All you need do is notice how any camera move goes out of its way to ogle a quick behind or pair of breasts before coming to the realization that this is film with only one thing on its mind. In this respect, then, it's a film which does exactly what you'd expect of it, and therefore could be described as a perfect example of this kind of film. It also gives the Women-in-Prison audience all the naked flesh, lesbianism and sadism it could ever want and then some. This is brought out with some off the best punishment ever shown in this type of situation. It ranges from being locked in a cage like a wild animal to being hunted down in the swamp to the death and being sold into slavery and prostitution rings. The swampland scenes are its best ones, as there's quite an amusing feel to see armed guards traipsing through the swamp gunning down nude inmates, finally being subjected to the Warden's grin of approval as a lone crocodile chomps down on the inmate's lifeless body. The slavery and prostitution subplots offer up even more sleaze and torture, and offer some really bizarre scenes. Since the Governor has become impotent, his wife, who will stop at nothing to help her husband through it, allows for some really sleazy help. This includes getting it on with the prisoners herself, allowing him to get it on with the prisoners and ultimately allowing their German Shepard to get it on with one of the prisoners, which is quite disturbing in thought but really quite funny in execution. There really isn't much to it that will keep from bursting out in laughter, but it's still a cruel thought. The film also has moments of genuine artistry, such as the impressionistic imagery as Mendoza silently enters the room to take over from his wife in servicing Olga. There is an incredibly strong sense of feminism in the film for the way in which the male characters are weak and ineffectual, their female superiors strong and capable. This is quite evident in the fact that all the male attempts to rescue the women fail and must resort to the women to get them out of trouble. Franco's direction continues to be plagued with relentless zooming and panning shots, but overall is more coherent than a lot of his work. The message of this film seems to be that of what hides under our civilized surface and what kind of animals we are deep inside. Plenty of segments without dialog and some symbolic scenes, like the knife-fight-to-the-death scene, which show and depict the wild beast psyche that hides inside every human being, but in many cases un-active, are brought loud and clear to the forefront. Another example is the sadists in the film are totally insatiable and hungry for sex, which is perhaps the strongest instinct in human nature and psyche. It shows us the faces of human nature we wouldn't necessarily want to face, but as we think about the state of the world and what kind of things take place, the thoughts are more than true and serious. There is also a couple of problems in the film. With tons of gorgeous naked blonde women on display throughout, all of the girls look alike, and there are so many of them it's hard to keep track of who's who and where they are. Worse still, the camera work in here is a distracting mess Franco shoots one love scene mostly out of focus, and another with an emphasis, or an obliviousness, to a giant zit on the woman's torso that is frighteningly unerotic. Perhaps most representative of the style is a long shot of a car driving off as seen from behind some trees. Instead of shooting through the branches, the shot is directly into the branches, thus obscuring the view of the car altogether. There is also a really distracting sequence where a toy pistol is standing in for the real thing in one key scene. Rather than attempt to hide this, it is shot in tight close-up, where it even can be seen expelling a few drops of water when "fired." All these elements, though, don't distract from a severely twisted and exceptional sleaze epic.

The Final Verdict: A sleaze classic from Franco, this is required viewing for those interested in seeing a master work his trade or those who are into the scene. It's got it all for everyone and indulges in everything possible.

Rated UN/NC-17: Nudity, several long, graphic sex scenes, bestiality, Rape, Graphic Violence and Language
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The Godfather of Sleaze strikes again!
Coventry10 December 2005
Generally speaking, I'm a an admirer of Jess Franco's film-making but, for some of this movies, I really have difficulties understanding the motivation behind them or even their reason of existence. Like this sick puppy, for example. "Sadomania" has absolutely no cinematic value, it's poorly made without any sort of plot and featuring some of the most ill-natured sleaze footage ever captured on film. This is another filthy women-in-prison film where rape, lesbian-action and violent torture games are daily routine. The guards are crazier than the prisoners and the institution is protected by an impotent governor who only gets sexually aroused when he spots a girl having sex with a dog (!). The girls are all very beautiful and naked throughout the entire film, yet you can't really enjoy this sight with all the perversion going on. The dubious highlights include a barbaric hunting game (you can guess what he prey is), a duel-to-death between a guard and a prisoner and the image of a poor girl having a needle injected all the way through her nipple. Auch! Avoid this sick mess and you'll save yourself the trouble of taking TWO baths in order to wash the filth off.
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