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Salon Kitty Rip-Off

Author: Stefan Kahrs from Canterbury, England
8 October 1998

This film is a blatant low budget rip-off of Salon Kitty. The story is very similar, several scenes have been directly lifted and in one of them Mattei even uses the same actor (Salvatore Baccaro playing the freak, as usual). Clearly, the producers did not have the same amount of money to spend on production design and good actors. Mattei tries to work these limitations to his advantage and frequently crosses the borderline to the grotesque. His Nazi officers are even less believable in their roles than John Wayne was as Genghis Khan, and the male lead (Gabriele Carrara) is more a raving lunatic than the menacing Nazi played by Helmut Berger in Salon Kitty; the physical exercise scenes are so clumsy they border on self-spoof.

Still, this is a Nazi-sexploiter and not a comedy. Its biggest asset is undoubtedly Frau Inge, played by Marina Daunia with great enthusiasm, both beautiful and cruel, both strong and mad; enough to melt the brain of any S&M fanatic.

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Private House of the SS (1977) **1/2

Author: JoeKarlosi from U.S.A.
19 January 2009

Interested in Nazi Sexploitation films? You're not? Well, if you were I'd say this Italian film from Bruno Mattei is one of the "better" of this kinky cult genre. The order of the day is depraved sex, sex, sex - and more sex. The story revolves around an SS officer who seeks to discover who the traitors are in the Third Reich. So he finds 10 whores who become fiercely trained to indulge in all sorts of wild sexcapades with every kind of freak of nature imagineable, so they may be able to then seduce the suspected turn-coats, and then get them to confess vital information. There is no point here really other than to indulge in a wide array of nudity and sexual insanity - ranging from S&M to lesbianism to plain old sex done with freaks ... even implied bestiality (yuck). I'm hesitant to say this, but sometimes the cinematography was actually impressive for such a concoction. **1/2 out of ****

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Oh those naughty Nazis!

Author: Woodyanders ( from The Last New Jersey Drive-In on the Left
13 March 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Loyal, fanatical and ambitious SS officer Hans Schellenberg (a perfectly slimy and over-the-top crazed portrayal by Gabriele Carrara) is assigned by General Berger (a fine Ivano Stacioli) to find traitors who exist amidst the top echelon of the Third Reich. Hans gathers together ten beautiful whores to accomplish this particular daunting task. The lovely ladies are taught all the tricks of the trade by the classy Madame Eva (the luscious Macha Magall), the cruel Frau Inge (a marvelously venomous Marina Daunia), and the equally vicious Professor Jurgen (a pleasingly wicked performance by Luciano Pigozzi). The harlots learn everything from ballet to fencing to weight lifting to the proper way to brandish a machine gun. Then they are sent out to seduce various lecherous high-ranking Nazi officers and get them to confess about any plans they may be plotting against Hitler. Director/co-writer Bruno Mattei loads this gloriously raunchy and ridiculous Nazisploitation junk with lots of tasty distaff nudity, sizzling soft-core sex, a rousing bloodbath conclusion, more nudity, several stirring action scenes, a cheerfully sordid tone, and still more nudity. Better still, we've got all kinds of blithely kinky and depraved carnal activity on display: lesbianism, bondage, one lass does just what you think with a grotesquely malformed hunchbacked freak, voyeurism, sadomasochism, and even bestiality (a prostitute engages in coitus with a German Shepherd!). Emilio Giannini's glossy cinematography, Gianni Marchetti's bubbly, jaunty score, and a positively infectious sense of joyfully unbridled decadence further add to the overall sleazy fun of this deliciously trashy Italian grindhouse treat.

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Staring into the abyss...

Author: Hellraiserdisciple from Norway
20 August 2010

SS Girls opens with a lot of random shots in a seemingly abandoned house, accompanied by annoying organ music. Evil Nazi Hans Schellenberg is put to the task of recruiting ten women, who are willing to prostitute themselves to learn the secrets of top ranking German officers. Because the Nazi elite are scared that their loyal minions aren't as trustworthy as they should be. Does this seem familiar? If it does, then you've already seen Tinto Brass' superior Salon Kitty which SS Girls steals heavily from. Fortunately, that doesn't really matter since this is a Bruno Mattei film and when watching any of his creations the word "original" is not a word that will cross your path for the duration.

Mattei makes a decent decision in showing the girls' training as a musical montage. What they show of it is mostly completely random stuff, but it works in its limited capacity. Their training in sexual perversions here is nothing special. Salon Kitty managed to make this work to great effect, by actually being competently made. No such luck here.

Schellenberg, played by Gabriele Carrara, is one of the most evil looking villains I've come across in any film. He looks like a young coked-up Steve Martin come to think of it. In all fairness, seeing Schellenberg in full make-up and dressed as the Pope at one point wasn't half bad. I'll give you a point there Bruno. He's more over-the-top than Helmut Berger was in Salon Kitty, becoming a parody of himself. Perhaps it's not surprising, but equally underwhelming and hilarious. The German officers are a horny bunch of perverts. This supplies us with a generous amount of female nudity, which I consider good, yet it manages to about as erotic as a trip to the dentist (assuming you're not a masochist or Jack Nicholson). You know you could and probably should watch porn instead. There is the usual tedious torture, which won't scare or please anyone. What I was hoping would be SS Girls saving grace was unintentional laughter from stupid actions and even dumber dialogue. I'm not saying it wasn't terrible. I'm just saying while being terrible it managed to be so without becoming very funny. The doctor slapping one of the girls for becoming pregnant, calling her "a little slut", made me chuckle though. At the end Mattei decides he wants to give the film the emotional depth it so sorely needs. He appears to make a serious attempt at giving SS Girls some weight, by making it abundantly clear how horrific the Nazi atrocities are. Could this be his Citizen Kane? No, not this time either Bruno. It was a fair try though.

I doubt there is a more tasteless genre than the naziploitation sub-genre. Apart from the excellent Salon Kitty or Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS, none of those I've seen have much of what you would call redeeming qualities. Don't get me wrong. I'm truly glad there have been people pushing the limits of taste and stupidity by making utter garbage such as this. My problem arises when this garbage is able to be as tasteless and offensive as it is and yet remains almost completely without entertainment value. Salon Kitty had a pretty good story, decent actors, some excellent costume design and several poignant images of madness. SS Girls has none of these qualities. Granted I've seen way worse than SS Girls, but it remains frequently a dreadful bore. If you, like me, simply have an urge to check out all of the scummiest films ever made then go right ahead, though I highly doubt it will add anything to your life.

In short: There is nothing particularly good about SS Girls or even competent. It just happens to exist, which is about the best thing I can say about the film. Despite all my apprehensions I don't hate it for some reason. Maybe I pity it? For being what it is you could do a lot worse. Bruno Mattei's films deserve to be studied for years to come. For more entertaining trash from Mattei I suggest Hell of the Living Dead or Rats: Night of Terror.

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Third time to rent this one

Author: Jussi Josefsson ( from Helsinki, Finland
6 October 2001

Yeah, it got everything; bad acting, lousy plot, nazis, only the midget mimics are missing. But anyway, it is REALLY amusing in its way, so it just got to be seen. I don't know why, but hey, it's some sort of trashy Ilsa: the she-wolf of SS rip-off. Or Tinto Brasso.

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An unintentionally funny in places, but ultimately rather tedious, Nazisploitation film.

Author: BA_Harrison from Hampshire, England
18 December 2014

Mad-as-a-hatter Nazi Hans Schellenberg (Gabriele Carrara) is instructed, by the Führer himself, to root out traitors in the Third Reich. In order to do so, he and his beautiful-but-scarred assistant Frau Inge (Marina Daunia) assemble a highly trained troop of whores, whose initial job is to satisfy the sexual desires of some German top brass and then convince them to reveal their true feelings about dear old Adolf.

After (rather easily) getting the group of generals to betray themselves, Hans and his harlots proceed to weed out other undesirables in the Reich, including the sadistic murderer Oscar (whose head wobbles like a Gerry Anderson puppet as he talks) and his equally nasty henchmen.

All is going well for nutty Hans, who loves to bash one out on his organ between orgies (a tune that is—on his church organ), until he unwisely spurns Inge's sexual advances. Miffed, she betrays her boss to his superiors, revealing his desire to become the next Führer...

The Nazisploitation genre spans the gamut from the respected (The Night Porter), to the reviled (SS Experiment Camp), via the soft-core (Salon Kitty), the sleazy (The Beast in Heat) and the camp (Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS). Italian trash-meister Bruno Mattei, never one to miss out on a trend that might prove profitable, decided to jump on the bandwagon in 1977 with SS Girls, which he quickly followed with SS Extermination Camp the same year.

Mattei starts his first foray into the genre with some hilarious scenes in which the hookers are trained to give their all, whatever the situation. We see the girls practicing ballet, fencing and learning fighting techniques, as well as learning how to sexually gratify everyone and anything from the obese, the severely handicapped, to a dog (a German Shepherd, of course!).

The rest of the film is a series of soft-core couplings with tons of full-frontal female nudity and the occasional sadistic whipping scene. Unfortunately, this all soon becomes very tiresome stuff, and the movie quickly loses the bonkers vibe of its earlier moments. A tedious last act, in which almost everyone kills themselves after hearing of Hitler's death, left me more than disappointed.

Whilst SS Girls manages to deliver the requisite sleazy sex that one expects from this kind of film, it fails to deliver the gratuitously gory and sadistic violence that makes its infamous counterparts so memorable. I soon became bored of the endless nookie, and longed for a mad scientist to enter the room and begin experimenting on someone. Alas, this was not to be, and so I feel I can only give SS Girls a decidedly average score of 5/10.

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"Private House of the SS"

Author: Uriah43 from Amarillo, Texas
1 September 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Fearing that there may be a plot to overthrow the Fuhrer, a Wehrmacht officer named "General Berger" (Ivano Staccioli) visits a member of the SS by the name of "Hans Schellenberg" (Gabriele Carrara) with instructions to root out all disloyal officers. To do this Hans Schellenberg comes up with a plan to staff a special brothel with beautiful prostitutes who are then trained on how to obtain this information from these officers when they come to visit. So far so good. Unfortunately, while the overall plot had potential, the director (Bruno Mattei) had no clue how to create a worthwhile final product as the movie suffered from an extremely bad script, poor character development, pathetic costumes and ridiculous sex scenes which consisted of nothing more than drunken orgies accompanied by awful background music. To top it off, the acting of the afore-mentioned Gabriele Carrara was totally horrendous as well. As a matter of fact, about the only positive feature of the entire film was the presence of several attractive actresses with Marina Daunia (as "Frau Inge") and Macha Magall ("Madame Eva") being the only two who were sufficiently credited. I have rated the movie accordingly.

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A film which will appeal to Nazisploitation/sexploitation addicts, but is a spirit-crushing ordeal for anyone else.

Author: Jonathon Dabell ( from Todmorden, England
29 January 2013

The Nazisploitation/sexploitation genre reaches new heights of frenzied lunacy in Casa Privata Per Le SS (aka Private House Of The SS) thanks to the lead performance of Gabriele Carrara. Making his debut, Carrara gives a performance that probably sets some sort of record for unrestrained dementedness… spitting out lines of awful dialogue with lip-smacking zeal and widening his eyes like a madman at every opportunity. The sex scenes are deliriously over-the-top too, resulting in a film which comes across as a sort of high camp, over-sexed, thoroughly hysterical reboot of the more serious-minded Salon Kitty. Thankfully this one spares us the graphic torture scenes that were so often a staple ingredient within the genre, although this is but a small mercy. As a film it is still absolutely terrible.

Dedicated Nazi officer Hans Schellenberg (Gabriele Carrara) is told that numerous high-ranking officers of the Wehrmacht are plotting against Hitler. To weed them out, he is instructed to recruit a bevy of beautiful whores and train them as spies. Various suspected officers are invited to a house, where these Schellenberg's whores wine them, dine them and indulge in all manner of sexual depravity in order to find out what they really think of the Fuhrer. They then report back to Schellenberg, who in turn acts as judge, jury and executioner in bringing down any conspirators that are uncovered.

In truth, the plot matters little. The film is one long excuse for a whole lot of soft-core sex, bondage and gratuitous nudity, with the story merely getting in the way of all this exploitative excess. No-one seems bothered in the slightest that the whole thing is about as erotic as a stroll through the sewers, nor that viewers would probably get more stimulation watching an advert for petfood. The '70s saw a slew of these sex 'n' torture Nazisploitation entries, and Casa Privata Per Le SS is neither better nor worse than the others. Quite who watched these films and made them successful enough keep the genre going for several years is anyone's guess. Suffice to say that genre addicts (whoever they are) will probably enjoy this, but for everyone else watching it is a thankless ordeal.

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A very weird movie

Author: FinnAndy from Helsinki, Finland
26 March 2003

This was quite a shocker, well I should have known that when I rented it. It was so low budget that it made it worth watching. I´m quite new with this caliber of movies but I enjoyed it in a way, mostly because of the lousy acting, and the funny plot. I´m not quite sure what kind of people would like this movie, it gets boring in the end.

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