Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) Poster

Plot Keywords

nazis escape
ark of the covenant indiana jones
archeologist professor
statue german
nepal archeology
idol chase
jungle egypt
snake seaplane
death boulder
poison adventurer
bullwhip poetic justice
studio logo segues into film mp 40 machine gun
tarantula barefoot
action hero hat
submarine cairo egypt
cursed object pit
good versus evil torch
famous score whip
crushed to death ophidiophobia
main character shot spider
buried alive nazi flag
kidnapping cult film
archeological dig imam
swastika unsubtitled foreign language
car chase shot in the shoulder
exploding truck falling over a cliff
pet snake revolver
dates mercedes
person on fire sucker punch
actor playing multiple roles holding shoes in hand
heroine female tied up
nazi opening action scene
bar shootout u boat
killed by a propeller street shootout
professor as hero bondage
washington monument washington d.c. desert
character's point of view camera shot man with glasses
shootout lifting someone into the air
explosion fireplace poker
fear of snakes airplane accident
archaeology professor possession
rpg rivalry
shot in the head famous opening scene
leather jacket slow motion
1930s street fight
apple for the teacher blockbuster
able to outdrink others submarine pen
bar fight faith
famous opening theme sitting
angry spirit famous wardrobe
mummy booby trap
macguffin journey shown on map
amazon biplane
divine retribution german submarine
gore rescue
monkey corpse blood
famous entrance crate
mechanic bazaar
american abroad magic
fire tough guy
burnt hand sword fight
part of trilogy bravery
ancient civilization cult hero
melting gun whipped out of hand
murder exploding head
pistol reverse footage
first part car accident
sand thrown in eyes canyon
bar horse
supernatural power g man
scream love interest
disarming someone washington d.c.
hero college
punched in the stomach relic
airplane part of series
native american fedora
ship jack daniels
five word title prisoner
warehouse christ allegory
bound and gagged falling from height
mirror imagery
sword subjective camera
kicked in the crotch scale model of city
religion tied up while barefoot
mercedes truck disguise
skeleton dead monkey
hostage hookah
evil man sex in bed
tomb thrown through a windshield
blowing smoke in someone's face forced perspective
hit by a truck knife
homage ambush
adventure hero kiss
snake on a plane merchant ship
cult figure damsel in distress
melting face quick draw
monkey kissing while having sex
hat wearing heroes drinking contest
one man army frying pan
character's journey shown on map car falling off a cliff
alcohol wilhelm scream
basket fistfight
leather coat punched in the face
surprise ending

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