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Film Feature: HollywoodChicago.com Remembers Sam Shepard

Chicago – He was a true renaissance man, but his unassuming persona would conceal that lofty designation. Sam Shepard was a playwright, actor, author, screenwriter and director of countless important stage and screen works. Shepard died on July 27th, 2017, of complications due to Lou Gehrig’s Disease (Als). He was 73.

Sam Shepard, American Storyteller

Photo credit: File Photo

He was born Samuel Shepard Rogers III in Fort Sheridan, Illinois, and graduated high school in California. After a brief stint in college, he started his career in a traveling theater repertory company. After landing in New York City, he dropped the Rogers from his name and began to work Off Broadway. He won six Obie Awards for his stage writing, and began his screen career by penning “Me and My Brother” (1968) and “Zabriskie Point” (1970). His had a love connection with rocker Patti Smith, which led to the collaborative play “Cowboy Mouth” (1971). He
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Movie Review – Cell (2016)

Cell, 2016.

Directed by Tod Williams.

Starring John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson and Isabelle Fuhrman.


When a powerful signal is broadcast across mobile networks worldwide, cell phone users’ minds are instantly and dangerously re-programmed. Heading north through New England in search of his wife and son, Clay Riddell (Cusack) is joined by a group of survivors hoping to fend off the bloodthirsty and hyper-connected “phoners.”

When I read Stephen King’s Cell ten years ago (2006), like many of his books, I thought it would make a great movie. Dimension Films thought the same thing and bought rights to make the movie with Eli Roth (Hostel, Cabin Fever) directing. Roth dropped out in 2009 and then finally in 2012 and 2013, John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson casting was announced with a Saban Films release date on VOD in June and theatrical release in July. I was not familiar with new director Tod Williams
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NYC Weekend Watch: Frederick Wiseman, Jack Fisk, ‘Weekend’ & More

Since any New York cinephile has a nearly suffocating wealth of theatrical options, we figured it’d be best to compile some of the more worthwhile repertory showings into one handy list. Displayed below are a few of the city’s most reliable theaters and links to screenings of their weekend offerings — films you’re not likely to see in a theater again anytime soon, and many of which are, also, on 35mm. If you have a chance to attend any of these, we’re of the mind that it’s time extremely well-spent.


Frederick Wiseman‘s High School begins a week-long run.

“Welcome to Metrograph: A to Z” offers multiple titles this weekend, including Assayas‘ Boarding Gate, The Beguiled, and Nicolas Roeg‘s Bad Timing.

A 35mm print of Carol screens on Saturday night.

Cary Grant and Irene Dunne star in My Favorite Wife, playing this Sunday.

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Glasgow FrightFest 2016 – The Line-Up

Kicking off with a special screening of The Forest with star Natalie Dormer in attendance, and finishing in racy rock-fuelled style with Sean Byrne’s The Devil’s Candy, the UK’s favourite horror fantasy event returns to Glasgow Film Festival with another stellar line-up to shock, chill and thrill. A record thirteen films will screen from Thursday 25th February to Saturday 27th February, alongside a selection of unmissable shorts, guest director Q & A’s, great give-aways and a sneak preview of Paul Hyett’s Heretiks, with the popular director in attendance.

The line-up starts at 9pm on Thurs 25 Feb with the UK Premiere of The Forest starring Natalie Dormer searching for her twin sister in Japan’s most haunted location, the fabled Sea of Trees. The ‘Game of Thrones’ star is making her first appearance at Glasgow Film Festival and is thrilled to be headlining this gala event the
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Watch the 'E.T.' casting director explain how she found Elliott

Watch the 'E.T.' casting director explain how she found Elliott
Henry Thomas's tearful audition for E.T. is well known, and in a new Academy Originals video Marci Liroff explains how the team behind E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial got to that moment in which Steven Spielberg could say, "Okay, kid, you got the job."  Liroff explains that they had focused on another boy who they thought would play Elliott, and had found most of the kids to play his friends. But they wanted to see how the kids would interact, so they invited them over to the writer Melissa Mathison's house to play Dungeons & Dragons. "In about three minutes it
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The Complete Matt Smith Years Limited Edition Blu-ray Gift Set

  • Kasterborous
Philip Bates is a writer at Kasterborous Doctor Who News and Reviews - All the latest Doctor Who news and reviews with our weekly podKast, features and interviews, and a long-running forum.

I do miss the Eleventh Doctor, and I know I won’t be the only one. Don’t get me wrong – Capaldi is excellent – but there’s something about the Raggedy Man that makes him My Doctor. And fellow fans of the bow-tie-wearing alien will be pleased to hear that a huuuuge collection of his stories is on

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Welcoming Peter Capaldi

  • Comicmix
“And his name is The Doctor. He has saved your lives so many times and you never even knew he was there. He never stops. He never stays. He never asks to be thanked. But I’ve seen him, I know him… I love him… And I know what he can do.” – Freema Ageyman as companion Martha Jones

My geek is in overdrive.

Doctor Who’s premiere is on August 23rd on BBCAmerica this side of the pond (that’s the premiere date for much of the rest of the world, too) I’ve been hitting BBCAmerica’s website for news and sneak peeks. I’ve binge watched Matt Smith’s last seasons as the Time Lord. I’ve held off doing something else – like raiding the refrigerator or even going to the bathroom – during commercial breaks while watching the channel in case there’s a new teaser. And I
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First Cast Photo from Stephen King’s Cell

  • DailyDead
As we reported recently, the feature film adaptation of Stephen King’s Cell recently started filming and we the first look at the main cast of characters. For those who are unfamiliar with the novel, Stephen King’s Cell was originally published in 2006 and involves a cell signal that turns most of the population into zombies:

“Artist Clayton Riddell had been in Boston negotiating a successful deal to sell his comic book project. His joy at finally hitting it big is shattered by an event called The Pulse which causes all those who were using their cell phones at the time of The Pulse to become zombies attacking and killing anyone in their way. Fortunately for Clay, he does not own a cell phone. In the panic to get out of Boston and find his way home to his wife and son in Maine, he is joined by Tom McCourt,
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Doctor Who: Karen Gillan on The Time Of The Doctor

  • Den of Geek
News Louisa Mellor 21 Feb 2014 - 08:10

Amy Pond has been chatting about last year's Christmas special, Matt Smith's final episode as The Doctor...

Warning: contains a spoiler for The Time Of The Doctor.

We're sure we're not alone in finding Karen Gillan's brief mid-regeneration cameo in The Time Of The Doctor one of its more affecting moments. The reappearance of Amy Pond, hallucination or no, to say goodnight to her Raggedy Man was a wonderfully warm, affectionate and fitting end to the pair's children's bedtime story theme.

Gillan appears to feel much the same, as she told this month's Sci Fi Expo panel. "I was so happy! My agent phoned me and said, ‘They want you to come back to Doctor Who,’ and I was like ‘Yes!’ immediately.

“I think part of the reason that Steven Moffat wrote me into that scene was just so that Matt would
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Doctor Who complete reviews: The Time of The Doctor

Sometimes, some of us Doctor Who aficionados are an ungrateful bunch. After spending more than a decade in the wilderness, the programme was brought back into the fold and welcomed with open arms and critical acclaim. And yet, from time to time, us fans just can't resist the odd grumble when things don't quite go our way. Me myself, I'm guilty as charged – if the era of Russell T Davies was, by and large, very much to my liking (albeit with one or two scowls), the last couple of years haven't thrilled me so much. A good chunk of my last few reviews, in particular, have read like the frenzied burblings of Victor Meldrew.

Which kind of makes me feel a bit sad. I tuned into the behind-the-scenes documentary of the last story, The Time Of The Doctor, and evidently, everyone was giving it 110% to make Matt Smith go out with a bang.
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Casting News for Stephen King’s Cell

  • DailyDead
A feature film adaptation of Stephen King’s Cell has been in development for quite some time, but the project continues to move forward. John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson have already signed on and we have details on who has been cast in the lead female role.

Deadline reports that Isabelle Fuhrman (Orphan, The Hunger Games - pictured below) will play Alice, who teams up with Cusack and Jackson’s characters in an attempt to leave Boston after “The Pulse.” For those who are unfamiliar with the novel, Stephen King’s Cell was originally published in 2006 and involves a cell signal that turns most of the population into zombies:

“Artist Clayton Riddell had been in Boston negotiating a successful deal to sell his comic book project. His joy at finally hitting it big is shattered by an event called The Pulse which causes all those who were using their
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‘Not Another Happy Ending’ Review

Stars: Karen Gillan, Stanley Weber, Iain De Caestecker, Amy Manson, Kate Dickie, Freya Mavor, Gary Lewis, Henry Ian Cusick | Written by David Solomons | Directed by John McKay

When I decided to review Not Another Happy Ending the reason for this was pretty obvious, as a Doctor Who fan I was interested in a movie where Karen Gillan took a lead role. As Amy she was arguably one of the most popular companions to The Doctor and with her moving onto Guardians of the Galaxy it looks like she has a huge future in the movie business. What I was interested in was how she could handle a role that required more acting than action, though to be fair she had her moments in Doctor Who with her Raggedy Man (fans will know who I mean).

In Not Another Happy Ending Gillan plays Jane Lockhart an author who has a volatile
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Mindy Newell: Good Night, Raggedy Man

  • Comicmix
“We’re all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?”

The Doctor, Doctor Who, Series 5, Episode 13

Perhaps I expected too much.

Yesterday my dear friend and fellow columnist John Ostrander did an excellent job in explaining “wibbly-wobbly storytelling” that marred “The Time Of The Doctor,” Matt Smith’s final bow as the Gallifreyian.

I feel the same way as John. Though I will try not to repeat what John wrote because I expect you to click here and read his thoughts, but I just want to add some of my own.

The whole episode, as John and others have said, did feel extremely rushed and cramped – it could have used at least an extra 15 minutes, though I would have preferred a two-hour special, which I believe Matt deserved as it was his Doctor, especially, that reignited the global Doctor Who frenzy.

I still feel cheated out
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Doctor Who Stars Heading to Australia in 2014!

  • Kasterborous
Nick Kitchen is a writer at Kasterborous Doctor Who News and Reviews - All the latest Doctor Who news and reviews with our weekly podKast, features and interviews, and a long-running forum.

The Raggedy Man and the Girl Who Waited may no longer be coming to our television screens in new adventures, but that doesn’t mean that their quite done supporting the Doctor Who brand! Making their first joint appearance in Australia, Matt Smith (the recently departed Eleventh Doctor) and former companion, Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) will

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Bizarre news stories to ease you back into work

If you missed the one about Kate Winslet calling her baby 'Bear', or Alex Ferguson as the bad guy in Sherlock Holmes, read on …

There's no phrase for it, so let's call it "nightmarish return to reality Monday". The first full week of work of 2014 is upon us, and it's a pain. On the plus side, this year's festive period has given us some cracking workplace conversation starters …

Piers Morgan was pelted with a cricket ball and injured in Melbourne while hundreds of people laughed and cheered. After Morgan questioned the courage of English batsmen at the Ashes, former Australia fast bowler Brett Lee challenged him to stand in for an over. Morgan, to his credit, obliged. And, in front of an unsympathetic crowd, the CNN presenter, with crumbling bravado, took several balls to his body, and broke a rib.

Kate Winslet had a baby and named it "Bear". To be fair,
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‘Doctor Who’: Regeneration Count Explained

  • Screen Rant
[Warning: Massive Spoilers About the Doctor Who Christmas Special Ahead]


Ever since Doctor Who showrunner and executive producer Steven Moffat let it slip that both John Hurt’s “War Doctor” and the so-called “Meta-Crisis Doctor” counted as full regenerations – making Matt Smith’s Doctor the last Last of the Time Lords – Whovians and other observers have obsessed over an algebraic equation: The Old Doctor’s Death + X = The New Doctor’s Life.

Going into last night’s Christmas Special, we knew that we would get an answer to that question, but when we finally got to see more than Peter Capaldi’s robust eyebrows in the Tardis following Smith’s explosive and emotionally eviscerating exit (“Raggedy Man, goodnight”), we were ...

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‘Doctor Who’: Why Matt Smith Needed To Leave

  • HollywoodLife
Spoilers, sweetie: I absolutely adore Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor. In fact, I think he was one of the best Doctors to ever Doctor this madcap universe. However, ‘The Time of the Doctor’ was right — it was Matt’s time to go, and the show will be better with Peter Capaldi’s fresh new face (and kidneys). Here’s why.

It’s a sad truth, fellow Whovians, but it’s a truth nonetheless. The new “rule number one” is that Steven Moffat will not leave Doctor Who until we drag him, kicking and screaming — so in his stead, it’s high time we got on board with losing Matt Smith instead.

Why Matt Smith Had To Go Take Our Poll

“I will not forget one line of this, not one day, I swear. I will always remember when The Doctor was me.”

Doctor Who: Time Of The Doctor’ Recap: Goodbye,
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New Who Review: “The Time of the Doctor”

  • Comicmix
The question’s not If you cried, it’s when. The Doctor hangs around one place for a while, Matt Smith bids the show farewell, and Steven Moffat pulls at all the threads and brings everything into a neat little bow. It’s the end of an era, and the exciting start of a new one, because it’s…

The Time Of The Doctor

by Steven Moffat

Directed by Jamie Payne

A mysterious planet is beaming out a message across all of time and space, which no spacefaring race can understand or translate, but fills each of them with fear. The planet is girdled with ships, all trying to discern the meaning of the message. The Doctor arrives, and with the help of the Papal Mainframe, makes his way to the surface. He and Clara arrive in a town called Christmas, and eventually learn the name of the planet…Trenzalore,
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‘Doctor Who: Time Of The Doctor’ Recap: Goodbye, Matt Smith

  • HollywoodLife
Doctor Who”s 800th episode was a fitting — if flawed — goodbye to the show’s fun, flirty, and ferocious Eleventh Doctor. Check out our recap of ‘The Time Of The Doctor’ below!

“I will not forget one line of this, not one day, I swear. I will always remember when The Doctor was me.” These were the last words of Matt Smith‘s Eleventh Doctor, who said goodbye to life and time in a fast-paced, emotionally fueled episode of Doctor Who. Read below to find out what happened — Aka, spoilers, sweetie — when Matt Smith became Peter Capaldi.

‘The Time Of The Doctor’: Amy Steals Clara’s Thunder Take Our Poll

Okay, so a lot happened before Karen Gillan showed up to make how everyone in the universe feels about Jenna Coleman blatantly obvious, but most of it was too quick and jumpy and utterly confusing to actually process. Matt
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Doctor Who: The Time Of The Doctor Review

It’s the end, but the moment has been prepared for. Eleven’s hour is over now, the clock is striking twelve.

The swan song of our beloved Matt Smith, and the second consecutive milestone with the 800th episode in the 50-year saga, seemed to tie up every single loose end left since that fateful crash landing in Leadworth oh so long ago while delivering on arguably the most physically and emotionally powerful regeneration in the show’s 50-year history two-fold, but more on that later.

One of the more morbid aspects of the sci-fi phenomenon that is Doctor Who is that no matter how invested we become in a Time Lord’s face and personality, the concept of regeneration guarantees that the only way out for them is death. As I’ve written previously, the Matt Smith era ushered the transition of this former cult favorite into a global phenomenon,
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