The Prowler (1981) Poster


Plot Keywords

dance night
serial killer 1980s
masked killer murder
hand over mouth police officer knocked unconscious
police officer killed by female police officer shot in the head
police officer killed police officer shot
police officer unknown killer
maniac psychopathic killer
human monster dead woman with eyes open
double impalement murder of a nude woman
lifting a female into the air slow motion scene
grindhouse fondling
fight kissing
pitchfork tension
stalking rage
corpse locked up
shooting nipples
office glasses
bathroom bare breasts
kitchen lifting someone into the air
sexual attraction bra
dancing desire
policewoman bayonet
stripping multiple murder
mirror infidelity
flashlight locked door
panties bikini
kiss dead boyfriend
friend scream
love darkness
gore adolescent
shirt blue dress
screaming police
voyeurism blood
shower murder escape
trauma disappointment
naked dead woman brutality
slashing rose
swimming police car
old man homicide
sinister exhibitionist
telephone call dead girl
sex skirt
coffin graveyard
obsession mysterious man
brunette telephone
swimming pool car
blonde mistreatment
car driving sexual obsession
curtain hanging
bedroom danger
sexual frustration gloves
attraction deeply disturbed person
beating anger
seduction jealousy
shower policeman
message voyeur
teenage prankster stairs
running dead woman
flashback dress
psycho trap
swimming underwater house
exhibitionism water
psychopath hanged man
stalker stabbed to death
stabbed in the chest prom night
stabbed in the head violence
troubled teen teenage girl
teenage boy stabbing
sadist sadism
psychotic prowler
presumed dead mystery killer
mystery individual multiple homicide
mask madness
knife murder insanity
homicidal maniac first time sex
female rear nudity female nudity
female frontal nudity dying during sex
death by strangulation dead girlfriend
blood splatter bloodbath
black gloves adolescence
soldier 1940s
small town death
impalement slasher
throat slitting stabbed in the throat
killed with a fork death of friend
independent film surprise ending

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