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Alternate Versions

The British cinema release, known under the title Rosemary's Killer, was heavily cut by the BBFC with edits to the pitchfork murder, shots of throat and head stabbings, and heavy cuts to the shower murder. The Greek release also carries this title and is uncut. The BBFC cuts were fully waived for the 2007 Optimum DVD release which retains the original cinema title.
The 2008 Australian DVD, released by Universal Studios under the title Rosemary's Killer, is complete and uncut.
The Australian version was initially refused classification by the OFLC (Office of Film & Literature Classification), whereby the distributor edited 19 seconds of footage from the film to garner an "R"(18 & over) classification. There are only minimal edits to the opening murder, the "bayonet" scene, the "pool" scene & a hedge-side killing.
The following shots were omitted from the U.S. release to get an "R" rating:
  • Longer pitchfork impalement of Rosemary and her boyfriend.

  • More graphic view of sword going through guy's head.

  • More graphic scene of the girl in the shower being stabbed with pitchfork.

  • More graphic shots of the sword slashing the neck of the girl in the pool.

  • More gore in the scene where the Prowler rams the sword into the guy's neck against the fence.

  • More of a view of the climactic head exploding scene.

Unrated R1 special edition DVD is uncut restores all of the gore.

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