The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981) Poster


Cora: He wants to have a baby... How'm I gonna do that, Frank?

Cora: [disgusted, after seeing Frank drink milk directly from the bottle] Will you use a glass? What are you, an animal?

Frank Chambers: What are you, uh, Greek or something?

Cora: What... do I look Greek?

Cora: You're scum, Frank!


Cora: I knew that when I met you... You'll never change.

Cora: All I know is, it went dark... If he'd have turned around, Frank, they'd have hanged us for it... and something... something put that cop there... It's an act of God those lights went out!

Sackett: Spit on the sidewalk and you'll die in jail!

Cora: I'm getting tired of what's right and wrong.

Frank Chambers: They hang people for that, Cora!

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