Pennies from Heaven (1981) Poster


Joan Parker: [referring to Arthur's male organ, after she has discovered he's having an affair] Cut it off!

The Detective: Ma'am?

Joan Parker: I want you to cut it off and bury it!

[last lines]

Arthur Parker: [voice-over] I'm Arthur... and I love you.

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[first lines]

Arthur Parker: Joan... Joanie? Sugar? C'mon, Joan... sugar... wake up, baby.

Joan Parker: No, Arthur, don't.

Arthur Parker: Oh, baby... come on, sugar.

Joan Parker: No, it's too early, Arthur.

Arthur Parker: Oh, Joan.

Joan Parker: Arthur, there isn't time.

Arthur Parker: Oh, there's always time for this. Joan, come on.

Joan Parker: Stop it, Arthur! No, don't!

Joan Parker: [getting out of bed] No... I said no!

Arthur Parker: Why not? Why not, Joan?

Joan Parker: You said you wanted to get away early; that's what you said.

Arthur Parker: You never want to, do you? Never.

Arthur Parker: My wife says...

Eileen: Arthur...

Arthur Parker: God rest her soul!

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