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I Want the Movie and Love It
CedricLenox15 September 2004
I love the movie so much. Mrs. Tyeson play a great role.My favorite part when the girl told Marva I hate you then Marva said I love you. Also how she overcome the teachers and Principal who dislike her and the methods.Marva is my hero.She took the few students she have and made them stars. All teachers, school board members,and people who work with children need to watch this movie. The school system will be whole lot better if they use Marva Collins methods.This movie inspired me to use her teaching method to work with all children especially who has been written off in school system.The college of education needs to teach Marva Collins methods to new teachers.
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Worth seeing twenty-five years later.
qwiksilver9926 February 2007
This is an exceptionally heartwarming story about an inner city teacher who, being fed up with the systematic discarding of our children, opened a school in her home. She encountered many obstacles from her husband thinking she had lost her mind to the city of Chicago trying to shut her down. She persevered...and the rest is history.

I highly recommend this film to parents, teachers, and anyone else who is involved in the education of our children. It's gut wrenching, exciting, even explosive at times, but it leaves you with hope and the belief that you can succeed.

Thanks Marva for being my role model and thanks Cicely for walking in her shoes.
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Wonderful Inspirational Movie!
Bernette200214 January 2007
I have not seen this movie broadcast in a number of years, and really want to see it again. Cicely Tyson does a marvelous job in her stirring portrayal of Marva Collins. Morgan Freeman is also outstanding. This is a film that all educators need to see over and over again, because of the high standards Marva Collins sets for children. I cannot imagine this film disappearing from history.

I would like to know how I may purchase it, if you would make a copy available. I have searched every Crowne Hallmark store I could find, and exhausted websites and libraries trying to find a copy of this great film. It has been frustrating this past year trying to find a broadcast time or a copy of this fine film. If you can help me by broadcasting it or locating a copy that I may purchase, please let me know.

Please advise if it can be purchased or broadcast in the near future. It is the Marva Collins Story - Hallmark Hall of Fame movie in 1981.

Thank you, and keep on making films of this caliber! I enjoy the Hallmark channel.
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ivyawe8 January 2007
Saw the Movie years ago and what I remember was "Love".

Previous comment wrote they remember one scene...

"My favorite part is when the girl told Marva I hate you then Marva said I love you." I THINK that is what the difference was between Marva Collins and her school and the Public School system. In her own school she was able to give those "classified retarded" kids the Love she could not give them in the Public school system.

That situation is obviously worse today. I heard about one Public School employee, a middle aged gentleman, who was fired for giving a female student an encouraging hug in the hallway between classes.

So, saying "I Love You" to a student in the Public School system today would surely result in the same thing, a termination.

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