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Alternate Versions

After spending many years as a banned Video Nasty the film was finally submitted to the BBFC in November 2000 in a heavily pre-cut form, removing around 6 minutes of graphic violence. These included a complete removal of cannibalism scenes, a man's eye being gouged out, a scene where Pat threatens a topless native with a knife, all shots of Mike being castrated, scalped and his hand severed, and the infamous scene where Pat is hoisted aloft with iron hooks through her breasts. All of the graphic animal cruelty was also removed. Notably a snake slowly killing a muskrat, and a leopard killing a monkey, plus the mutilations of a crocodile and a turtle. The BBFC additionally made a further 6 sec cut to a shot of a tethered muskrat falling from a jeep.
From the films initial release, pre-VRA in the UK there have always been 2 very different versions of the film, which were both released by Replay Video. There is the uncut version, and another version which is heavily edited -- including the cutting of all cannibalism, the close up of John Morghen's castration, the eye removal, the arm removal, all detail of animals being killed, Zora Kerova's death and Meg Fleming being kicked in the face. The uncut video has no picture on the front cover - only a warning of possible offence. The cut version has a picture of bones in a bloody puddle on the front. As the 'video nasties' that were prosecuted applied to all videos with the same title, both versions were removed from the shelves and no longer available
Various restored and uncut German versions were released in Austria by different firms (the first on was JPV video) and distributed in videostores all over Austria to rent or buy.
The German Blood Edition DVD release is fully uncut but only has a german language track on it. This DVD is named Make Them Die Slowly.
The Grindhouse DVD is uncut and runs approx 93 minutes.
Several scenes of cruelty to animals were cut by the New Zealand censors.

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