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13 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

Lots of fun

Author: alex6322 from California
15 June 2004

When you watch a kung fu movie, are you expecting an intelligent plot, fine acting, and high production values? I hope not, because this movie has a very SILLY plot, lame acting, and it was made for about $100. But it's a lot of fun. The villain has a mind-control serum and a fake beard. Steve Chase assembles his team, Seven Samurai-style, to save the world. The rest of the movie is hilariously cheesy. I used to watch this flick on HBO in the middle of the night when I was a kid, around 1980. It was on all the time. When I founjd it on sale on DVD, I took a chance (these things don't always age so well, ya know?). But it's still GREAT. When it's deadly serious, I laugh, and when the characters crack a joke, it falls flat. KILL AND KILL AGAIN is the Plan 9 of martial arts movies. All humans must see it at least once! Marduk commands it!

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7 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

Karatekas, watch the final fights!

Author: m-X
19 October 1999

The story really sucks and I guess you'd better ignore it but I recommend that all martial artists watch the final fights; "The Fly", "Gypsy Billy" and "Hotdog's" opponent show good Shotokan Karate style fighting, not fancy but basic and effective!

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9 out of 12 people found the following review useful:


Author: Randall Phillip ( from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
12 December 2003

I can't believe I watched this entire movie, but I just couldn't stop! The main bad guy has a terrible fake beard, who has kidnapped a doctor that created a chemical from potatoes (?!) that hypnotizes people to be slaves. There's a chick with fire-engine red dyed hair. The plot seems to have been written by a 3-year-old. The 'funny' parts are just plain painful. Guys float somehow by using martial arts techniques. This reminded me of an A-Team episode on stupid pills. Although, this movie was made by morons, it was entertaining. So what does that make me? Watch out for the evil potato!

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3 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Everyone Kung Fu Fights in New Babylonia

Author: Bogmeister from United States
18 October 2007

MASTER PLAN: eliminate free will and create a new kung fu race! The follow-up to "Kill or Be Killed" of the previous year again follows the pattern of the famous "Enter the Dragon" picture, meaning a small group of elite fighters enters the private kingdom of a slightly-insane master villain, who has his own private army and seems preoccupied with the ancient city of Babylon. This one's a little more tongue-in-cheek than "Kill or Be Killed" but is also slightly more entertaining, as a result. This features the return of Steve Chase (the lithe, acrobatic Ryan), South Africa's answer to Bruce Lee, as the best martial arts combatant in the world (he's given some award at the start of the film). In the previous movie, Chase was just caught up in the weird plans of the villain, whereas here, he's on assignment as a special agent (but, for a lot of money, not a salary). Chase is approached for a special mission, a la a kung fu version of the James Bond style, and then gathers a quartet of specialized fighters, all of whom he knows from some previous missions. A female fighter also tags along, claiming to be the daughter of the scientist who is held captive by the villain. So what we have here, besides the "Enter the Dragon" and Bond parallel, is another "Magnificent Seven" or "Dirty Dozen" kung fu take-off, albeit with only half-a-dozen special fighters.

Much of the entertainment stems from the odd group that Chase puts together. One guy is known as 'The Fly' (a real-life martial arts master, apparently) who, besides the obvious abilities, is actually able to levitate (unless it's some trick - Chase copies him at one point). Another just seems like overweight comic relief, but can throw a punch when he has to. Then there's Gorilla, played by Gampu, whom I remember from way back to the incredible "The Naked Prey" from the mid-sixties. It's not a bad cast for this type of picture. Even more comedy is provided, however, by the villain, which does go a bit overboard. His paramour or moll, a severely-fake redhead, calls him a bunch of pet names, like 'popsickle,' and he keeps telling her to stop it, to no avail. This does not impress or awe the audience. Plotwise, it's out of a silly comic book: the villain plans to use a drug which enslaves the populace to his will - and he actually sounds like he's doing the world a favor when he explains this. As the heroic group approaches his stronghold, he sends groups of fighters against them which get quickly pulverized. Then the heroes infiltrate his domain. At one point, they're under suspicion by the guards and talk to each other about their plan to break free within the obvious hearing distance of the armed guards! It culminates in the standard arena-type fights - guess who prevail? Yes, it's dumb, inconsequential, but kind of fun. Heroes:6 Villain:4 Femme Fatales:5 Henchmen:6 Fights:7 Stunts/Chases:5 Gadgets:2 Auto:3 Locations:5 Pace:6 overall:5

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Fun flick!

Author: Scott LeBrun (Hey_Sweden) from Canada
1 September 2012

As far as martial arts cinema goes, "Kill and Kill Again" may be on the cheaper and cheesier side of things, but it is these very elements that make it oh so amusing. Fans of the genre will find enough things to make it a hoot to watch: a simple story, entertaining heroes and villains, negligible acting, beautiful South African scenery, and enough action to keep it watchable at all times. A follow-up to the earlier "Kill or Be Killed", it stars James Ryan as Steve Chase, a martial artist hired by a woman named Kandy Kane (Anneline Kriel) to rescue her scientist father Dr. Horatio Kane (John Ramsbottom) - a possible relation to a certain C.S.I. detective? - who's been kidnapped by a maniacal arch-villain, Marduk (Michael Mayer) who intends to control the populace of the Earth and have them do his bidding, thanks to a drug the scientist's discovered. So Steve reconnects with some old buddies - The Fly (Stan Schmidt), Gorilla (Ken Gampu), Hotdog (Bill Flynn), and Gypsy Billy (Norman Robinson) - to form a rescue team. There are enough inspired details in "Kill and Kill Again" to make it very agreeable: the fact that Mayer is clearly wearing a fake beard, his female partner in crime Minerva (Marloe Scott Wilson) who uses terms of endearment to address him in front of underlings, the early scenes of The Fly and Steve meeting (gotta dig the levitation), Gorilla acquiring the costume of a baddie and having it rip on him as he realizes it's not his size, and of course all of the various fight scenes. Things are so blatantly comedic at times that one has to believe that screenwriter John Crowther and director Ivan Hall weren't ever taking any of this too seriously. This is precisely why this is a fun flick, and Hall keeps the action and the laughs coming. The movie doesn't take long to start delivering the goods, and the actors here look like they're having a good time. Schmidt and Robinson also serve as the martial arts choreographers, and while Ryan isn't a very expressive performer, he's still reasonably likable and has enough of a presence to make him a suitable hero for this sort of thing. It doesn't hurt that some of the female cast members, including Kriel, are quite attractive. Overall, this is an acceptable diversion leading to a fairly rousing finale and ending on an endearingly silly final note. Seven out of 10.

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3 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

News about "Kill And Kill Again" and James Ryan..

Author: taikrige from South Africa
26 June 2008

Yes Hi "Kill Or be Killed." - Sorry to only answer your posting now, but I've only recently become aware of all this 'stuff' on "Kill and Kill Again," on which I was the cinematographer and helped get the martial artists for the movie, since i knew them all.... You are right. A lot of people preferred the first film also with James Ryan as Steve Chase in "Kill and Kill Again", but I must tell you that the box-office figures tell a very different fact, depending on how old you are, you might remember a film made by Bo Derek's husband John Derek called "10" ...a 'tits and bums' vehicle to show off the many charms of his lovely wife that did very well at the box-office and was released the same year as "Kill and Kill Again'. Well, believe it or not, "Kill and Kill Again" made more money than "10". Much more money....I have the figures somewhere......Anyhow both these movies have gone into the memories and archives of "Chop Suie' or karate pot-boilers.....One of the many things I admire about James Ryan is that after these two big successes for him in the USA, he was offered many more roles like that and could of happily gone on making them ad nauseum, going for the money and fame. But he declined....went back to South Africa to become one of SA's best male leads in theater and TV /cinema...a 'big up' for Steve Chase ........ tai krige sasc.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Asking the Question: What if Afrikaners had Made 'Enter the Dragon?'

Author: dmeister72 from Kansas City
14 April 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

You all know the plot: An evil super-villain in some remote compound prepares his army of karate soldiers to dominate the world. The fate of the world thus rests in the hands of our super-ninja hero, sent in by the Gov'meant with his team of sidekicks, who must defeat the super-villain's champions in a karate match in order to save mankind.

Starring James Ryan as Steve Chase as The White Bruce Lee, and marketed as a sequel to the seemingly unrelated "Kill or Be Killed" (1976), "Kill and Kill Again" gives you just about everything you would expect from a cheesy 1980s karate showcase movie that doesn't star Chuck Norris.

Although fight scenes from the 70s and 80s, which frequently rely on traditional Shotokan karate, generally do not age well, many of the action sequences in this movie still seem competent. And James Ryan, who was not a martial artist before making these films, actually does an incredibly convincing job as a super-ninja.

Sure, you may wonder why the army of karate soldiers dress in summer camp t-shirts. Or why the super-villain keeps sending unarmed men to stop our protagonists. You may even find a super fuel made from potatoes that also makes a mind control serum as a byproduct hard to swallow. Et cetera. Et cetera.

But it is all in good fun. While considerably less serious than the vastly superior "Enter the Dragon," "Kill and Kill Again" provides a combination of 80's action and camp that is hard to beat. Movies like "Kill and Kill Again" and "Gymkata" (1985) are great throw-back flicks to enjoy on a weekend afternoon.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

A martial arts hit, that warrants viewing for action fans, that kicks left, right, and centre

Author: PeterMitchell-506-564364 from Australia
29 April 2013

For all you martial arts fans out there, if you haven't vide'd this one, put it on your list. James Ryan, a martial arts star in the eighties, came and went, his real only other main stream film being Kill Or Be Killed, which had much lesser action. Actually, at the end of the preview of the latter, underneath it's title, reads: The greatest martial film ever made. Absolute bologne. The action in this, comes thick and fast, we're literally thrown into it, at the beginning. This one will surprise you. It has a good story too. The likable Ryan plays a guy called Steve Chase, who rounds up a band of his old and deadly acquaintances, some real wild characters. Sounds like Kill Squad right, or may'be Sidaris's smart '79' hit, Seven. Not quite. A beautiful young girl (Kriel-Reason To Die) implores Chase and his selected few to snatch her father from a camp, where he has been brainwashed into performing experiments on a legion of other prisoners, who become programmed to kill. So Ryan and his boys have got their work, cut out for them. Love it. Meanwhile as the viewer, just indulge in huge chunks of action, but wait, we've got one hell of femme fatale with white spiked hair who's a hoot, thanks to some good punchy, dialogue, in a script you don't expect to be this good. You'll love the nickname she'll gives her master, to his utter loathing. Our hunky Ryan was something of a fascination to me, in a film here that stands alone. He was soon forgotten, but one wonders whatever happened to him.

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1 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

very silly,but fun

Author: disdressed12 from Canada
8 May 2010

this is one silly,preposterous movie,but it is fun.the dialogue is's delivered in a laughable manner.the acting is mostly abysmal,sometimes it's worse.and don't get me started on the low production values and the cheap sound effects.the plot is laughable too,of course but despite all this,or maybe because of it,you have to keep watching.and none of the negatives matter.the movie is self aware,and knows what it is,and isn't trying to be anything i said,it's a lot of fun.and some of the fighting scenes are pretty decent as well.i didn't like it as much as it's prequel,Kill or be Killed,but it's still worth a watch.for me,Kill and Kill Again is a 6/10

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3 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

Wow, this is bad.

Author: sangityman from California
24 July 2000

This film is on the borderline of being so bad that it is almost worth watching, if only just to laugh at it. It attempts to be a comedy with many one-liners that fall completely flat. The martial arts choreography is stiff and extremely staged looking. The story is just plain ridiculous. The star shows some potential given the right material, but there is very little of that for him to work with. A handful of skillfully executed karate techniques are about the only thing this film has going for it.

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