Hell of the Living Dead (1980) Poster

Plot Keywords

flesh eating papua new guinea
cameraman commando unit
new guinea chemical leak
zombie chemical
jungle dead boy
bloody body of child boy killed
child killed child shot through the chest
child shot in the chest child shot
schizophrenia subjective camera
creature feature eaten alive
terror europe
spain italy
spanish italian
mexican spanish horror
end of the world italian horror
african zombie violence
guts ripped out dating
interview scar
tape recorder blood on camera lens
killed in an elevator shot in the back
talking to the camera beach
tugboat desert
bat running out of ammo
running out of gas thrown from a car
person on fire climbing through a window
shot in the face bedroom
child in peril cat
tutu kicking a door
skeleton binoculars
dictator archive footage
auditorium heron
knocked out deception
hanging from a tree hiding in a car
severed arm safari
drunkenness elephant
punched in the face eye ripped out
fistfight punched in the stomach
hand to hand combat experiment gone wrong
bitten on the leg severed finger
stick fight owl
voodoo disguise
bare chested male killing an animal
swimming pool recreational vehicle
film crew urination
walkie talkie bitten hand
dying words shot in the shoulder
shot in the stomach dancing
native village chemical factory
journalist bitten by a rat
boyfriend girlfriend relationship hit with a rifle butt
epidemic hostage
throat slitting control room
gas grenade head ripped off
self sacrifice news report
bitten on the arm corpse
brawl ends with death
dripping blood bar
no survivors cigarette smoking
topless female nudity body torn apart
stomach ripped open explosion
one against many pistol
vomit video camera
filmed killing father figure
gas mask blood on shirt
black comedy falling down stairs
finger bitten off biological weapon
hanging upside down self inflicted gunshot wound
gun fu assault rifle
character repeating someone else's dialogue character's point of view camera shot
machine gun heart ripped out
held at gunpoint survival horror
flesh eating zombie reference to gandhi
one word title zombification
zombie attack walking dead
violence undead
torch tongue ripping
shot to death shot through the mouth
shot in the chest shooting
severed tongue scream
screaming rifle
revolver panic
nipples living dead
intestines hung upside down
human flesh hit on the head with a rifle
head blown off gun
gun in mouth flesh eater
fear evisceration
evil dead eating human flesh
disembowelment danger
bare breasts blood splatter
anthropophagus female nudity
video nasty cult film
zombie child shot in the head
rat psychotronic
grindhouse ghoul
exploitation cannibal
cannibal tribe power plant
gore nudity
terrorist cannibalism
murder death
blood exploding head
independent film

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