Anthropophagus (1980) Poster

Plot Keywords

island tourist
stranded diary
killer boat
mansion pregnant woman in jeopardy
death of expectant mother death of pregnant woman
scare involving cat deserted town
woman smoker smoking
electronic music score human monster
italian horror slasher flick
serial killer dragging a body
head ripped off bucket of blood
severed head compass
vomiting nightmare
ghost university student
boat trip tranquility
tarot card guitar player
revelation brother sister relationship
characters killed one by one body torn apart
unwed pregnancy husband wife relationship
ferry boat self mutilation
dragged by rope deformity
womb hotel
scratch on back boyfriend girlfriend relationship
murder attempt falling from a boat
cable car video camera
bare chested male trail of blood
knife in the chest sand castle
cut hand husband murders wife
death of wife flashback
meat cleaver stabbed in the forehead
character repeating someone else's dialogue woman in bikini
subjective camera stabbed in the stomach
threatened with a knife headphones
falling from height hole in roof
falling off a roof stabbed in the leg
attic rat
ancient ruins high heel
german loss of family
photograph clairvoyant
suicide by hanging hanged woman
bleeding to death blood splatter
writing on a wall blind girl
disappearance missing person
schoolgirl uniform dripping blood
ends with death hiding in an attic
cemetery hair pulling
graveyard cigarette smoking
seizure slashing
stabbed in the back covered in blood
piano cat
candlelight sleeping on a couch
power outage thunderstorm
disposing of a dead body kerosene lantern
hypothesis woods
forest bones
notoriety controversy
one word title pregnancy
mercilessness infamy
evisceration murder of an unborn child
macabre child eaten
violence torch
stairs stabbing
stabbed to death stabbed in the chest
skull skeleton
scream screaming
sadism running
psycho psycho killer
murder of a pregnant woman pickaxe
pick axe panic
old dark house night
machete knife murder
killing human flesh
house guts
greek island fear
eating human flesh disembowelment
desert island dark
darkness cruelty
corpse candle
brutality bikini
abortion abandoned house
self cannibalism psychotronic
grindhouse cult film
b movie cannibal
anthropophagus uxoricide
suicide sea
mutilation murder
knife hanging
bowels bitten in the throat
beach vacation
gore intestines
maniac blood
psychopath video nasty
rampage cannibalism
death slasher
death of child independent film

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