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Alternate Versions

The only version ever submitted in the UK is the heavily edited R-rated print known as "The Grim Reaper". This version is missing the sequence where the creature devours the fetus plus the climactic scene where he attempts to eat his own entrails (the film ends abruptly after he is stabbed with the axe).
The American region 0 version (aka "The Grim Reaper") replaces the original music with the soundtrack used in Kingdom of the Spiders (1977). In addition to that, two scenes of extreme gore were cut; the first is where the maniac pulls out and eats a woman's unborn baby. The other is the final scene which after the maniac is stabbed by a pickaxe in the abdomen, he pulls out and starts to eat his own entrails in a futile attempt to keep them inside him which completely alters the ending of the film. This version in total appears to be around 10 mins shorter than the full 91 minute Italian version, though some of the edits are also dialogue scenes. The U.S Special Edition on the Media Blasters/Shriek Show label is the original version and fully uncut.
The US R Rated and UK versions (both under the title 'The Grim Reaper') has four main cuts-
  • The Beast biting a man's neck, and the subsequent blood flow

  • The entire fetus eating sequence

  • The Beast biting Rita's throat as he pulls her head through the roof

  • The Beast's intestines spilling out and him eating them. (the film ends with the beast being hit with the ax and simply collapsing. It is a myth that all the prints under the title of 'The Grim Reaper' are cut. The German DVD 'The Grim Reaper' is uncut.

There is a cut pre-VRA release titled 'Anthropophagous - The Beast'. As it was cut, few people bought it, which is why it is a very rare.

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