Gallipoli (1981) Poster


Plot Keywords

horse gallipoli
peninsula anzac
turk turkish
leopard infantry
army running
australia blond man
blowing a whistle barefoot
senselessness of war map
lie main character dies
irish australian looking at picture
donkey riding screaming man
use of bloody as epithet telling someone to shut up
waitress writing a letter
lying on bed saying god bless you
saying thank you calling someone an idiot
cannon fodder sports culture
drinking cigar smoking
telephone call year 1915
bloody feet australian and new zealand army corps
western australia war wound
war game violinist
venereal disease underwater scene
uncle nephew relationship twenty something
trojan horse train
tragic event track meet
thief theft
telephone teenage boy
tears sphinx
souvenir slaughter
singing singer
ship sand
rowboat rifle
reference to harry lascelles red cross
reading ranch
railway race relations
pub postcard
pistol photograph
perth australia outback
orchestra nudity
murder mother son relationship
military enlistment megaphone
male frontal nudity lake
injury idealist
husband wife relationship horse vs. man race
gun german army
friend freeze frame
foot race food
fez female nudity
feet fear
father son relationship explosion
english egypt
donkey dog
desert dead body
dardanelles dancing
dancer crying
competition cockatoo
cigarette smoking cave
cattle catholic
cannon camel
cairo egypt cafe
bugle bicycle
bet bare chested male
band athlete
anniversary aborigine
volunteer one word title
undressing british empire
trench seaside
british army bayonet
barbed wire uniform
shot to death runner
place name in title machine gun
gunfire death
british soldier military
digger australian soldier
australian military australian army
skinny dipping male nudity
bare butt homosexual subtext
kangaroo court martial friendship
pyramid trench warfare
anti war racing
1910s world war one
army life turkey the country
death of friend based on novel
independent film based on true story
title spoken by character

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