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Kristine11 February 2004
The Fox and the Hound, one of Disney's forgotten treasures, I honestly don't know why this movie is more noticed by people. This is one of my favorite animated movies of all time, it's innocent, it's simple, it's lovely, and just a wonderful tale about the most unlikely pair becoming the best of friends. The Fox and the Hound, yeah, it does go a little overboard on the cuteness factor with baby Tod and baby Copper, but this is when Disney really did mean well and came up with such a sweet and wonderful story that is classic.

After a young red fox is orphaned, he is adopted the Widow Tweed, she names him Tod. Meanwhile, Tweed's neighbor, a hunter named Amos Slade, brings home a young hound puppy named Copper and introduces him to his hunting dog Chief. Tod and Copper become playmates, and vow to remain "friends forever." Slade grows frustrated at Copper for constantly wandering off to play, and places him on a leash. While playing with Copper at his home, Tod awakens Chief. Slade and Chief chase him until they are stopped by Tweed. After an argument, Slade says that he intends to kill Tod at his first opportunity. Hunting season comes and Slade takes his dogs into the wilderness for the interim. Meanwhile, Big Mama explains to Tod that his friendship with Copper cannot continue, as they are natural enemies, but Tod refuses to believe her. Months pass, and Tod and Copper reach adulthood. On the night of Copper's return, Tod sneaks over to meet him. Copper explains that he is a hunting dog now and things are now going to be different between them.

The Fox and the Hound is such a great movie, honestly if you don't like this film, I don't know what's wrong with you, but you need to get something checked because everything about this film is just wonderful. The songs, animation and characters are just lovely. Plus there are some fun jokes, I loved seeing Chief constantly chasing after Tod and then Slade runs over to Tweed's house to scream about the fox but she just kicks his butt and tells him to get off her property. This is such a great movie, I highly recommend you see it if you get the chance.

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Good clean fun with a touch of heartache
Mario Rodgers8 September 1999
This is my favorite Disney movie of all time. It is, in my opinion, one of their finest. Why do I think so? First, I like its realism. It is not some fantastic fairy tale, nor is it some good-against-evil-good-eventually-triumphs story. There are no heroes or villains in this story. This lack of good and evil made the story and the characters seem more alive than the ones you usually see.

I also like the message this movie gives. It is simple yet powerful. The two main characters wanted only the most innocent of things - friendship. Yet society couldn't allow this friendship to be. This movie tugs at your heart, and it doesn't stop tugging. And the realism didn't diminish any by the movie's close. The main characters' problems remained unresolved, yet each finished the movie in contentment. I feel that this lack of a "everything's okie-dokie again" finish like you see in traditional animated movies gave this story a powerful element.

If you're looking for songs your children can sing over and over again, you've come to the wrong movie. Each song is sung in a flavorful yet discreet manner. Little orchestration. Yet if you're looking for memorable characters, you've come to the right movie. Each character is very well developed, motivated by true emotions and the things that the everyday person wants - love, food, companionship. Each character is vibrantly drawn, and this vibrancy is matched by the character's personality. I saw a real person within the animal. Nobody is created in an idealistic image.

From realistic characters come a realistic story. Nothing felt written or hacked. Everything felt like it was supposed to happen. There was nothing outlandish about the entire story. And if you're looking for comedy, you'll find none. This is pure drama, yet it's drama that kids can easily understand. This movie had a story that seemed like it could've easily happened to the average person. This is a rare and endearing quality.

Basically, I loved this movie for what it had, a heart of gold, but also for what it lacked, a traditional formula. If you're looking for a story with a difference and a bittersweet flavor, this is the movie for you! It is nice, quiet, yet provocative and emotional. To sum it up, it is good clean fun with a touch of heartache, a true drama!
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One of the most, if not only, adult Disney movie
Jecht28 October 2007
Looking back as child having watched this film, it never struck me for anything more than fuzzy/singing/talking animals that pandered to all my childish wants and needs. After all, that's why you watched Disney movies as a kid, right? It's just what you did in your childhood.

Now, watching it again, about to embark on adulthood and all that it entails, it really moved me. How Todd and Copper, a young fox and a hound were the best of friends. Todd having been taken in by a kindly old women and nursed backed to health while right next door, Copper, owned by a mean and bitter old hunter, is being groomed as hunting dog.

Yet, like children, they don't judge. They don't know about the differences between each other and they don't care. They just want to play hide and seek. It is when they grow older that they realize that it was never meant to be. How sometimes societal rules can stamp out the most innocent of ventures. Much like becoming an adult, reality sets in. Life is unfair.

It's a truly beautiful movie, for it's simplistic yet universal message and unlike the vast library of previous Disney inventions, as stated before, it lacks the happy ending. The proverbial feel good formula that is the frame work for all Disney movies. It's because of it's bittersweet delivery and surprising realism, that it's become a lifeline to my childhood that I will carry with me for as long as I live.
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The best Disney Animated feature of its generation
Lupercali31 August 2004
Halfway through production, Don Bluth mutinees, taking most of Disney's best animators with him. Another bunch resign. One dies. Drawings are stolen. Production is delayed endlessly. You would think that if ever a Disney feature were destined for disaster, this was it. Instead, 'Fox and the Hound' is probably the best Disney animated feature of its generation. You could clear a space about 10 years either side of it before you ran into something that gave it serious competition.

We start with an orphaned fox kit - pardon me as my jaw doesn't drop in amazement. There have been, what - TWO Disney films where both parents survive? And, well, he is adopted by an elderly widow named Tweed, he develops a friendship with a hunting dog owned by Widow Tweed's crochety neighbor, and he starts to grow up, and life suddenly becomes very difficult, dangerous, and emotionally complicated.

I won't give it away, in case you haven't seen it, but for my money this movie has close to the saddest, most desolate, tear-jerking scene in any Disney film I can think of. But don't worry, it bounces back well and truly. This is a long way from being a morose film. In fact it's an excellent balance of drama, action, pathos and humour. My only minor complaint is that there are a couple of comic sidekicks in this movie that are pretty annoying and contribute just about nothing to the story.

Coming after 'The Rescuers', 'The Fox and the Hound' might have been the start of a Disney resurrection, but perhaps Bluth's departure really was a body blow. As it is, 'Fox and the Hound' is a moment of beauty and brilliance in the otherwise pretty murky first 20 or so years after Walt's death.

Although it didn't cause much of a stir at the time, it has developed a deserved base of loyal fans in the twenty-three years since it was made.

The film tackles themes of conflicting loyalties, friendship, love, identity, and somehow does it with a minimum of schmaltz and a maximum of heart. It's one of Disney's best, and you owe it to yourself to see it.

9 out of 10

Historical Note: Mickey Rooney plays the adult Tod, the fox in 'Fox and the Hound'. According to Rooney's 1991 autobiography, when he was 5 years old he wandered into an office at Warner during breaks between shooting in one of his child-star films, and introduced himself to a bloke who turned out to be Walt Disney, and who was in the process of drawing a new mouse character, who he decided on the spot to name after Mickey. It just tops it off nicely, doesn't it?
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One of the most heartwarming and bittersweet cartoons in years.
andy-22718 May 1999
This is a film that both delighted me and deeply upset me, because it seemed so happy, and yet, so unfair at the same time. The two best friends, the "Fox and the Hound", meet again after they are fully grown adults, or, when they are old enough to face the fact that their friendship was never meant to be. That broke my heart, because it was such a beautiful friendship, unfairly tarnished by a cruel world. If only our world was a happy place, where races and cultures didn't matter, and if only we could recognize those characters as our friends, and not our enemies simply because of our ethnic differences. Years later, Spike Lee's "Do the Right Thing" brought up that same point with a vengeance. And, like "The Fox and the Hound", it shows how much that beautiful friendship between people won't last because of how society determines our friends and enemies. It makes no sense, and it's unfair. What's more, Tod, the fox, endures more than any other character in the film. Other characters, and especially the hunter, discriminated against him without thinking. And we the audience had to endure seeing him go through this misery, all because he was born a fox! It's insane! Sadly, it's true to life. And that is the main reason it was made for kids, to point out how wonderful a friendship is, and how ridiculous it is to tarnish it because of a racial or ethnic difference! And although this film runs on the standard Disney formula, with the songs, the comic relief, the love interest, and the villain, this film really touched me, because I wanted to see their friendship go on. And although it did go on in some form, there is always that feeling of "he doesn't belong" being uttered by many of the other characters. Why? Well, this film asks children and adults alike, that very question.
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A beautiful story that is very rewatchable...
MovieAddict201615 July 2003
One of Disney's finest motion pictures, extremely underrated and forgotten to a pulp. Kurt Russell, Mickey Rooney and even Corey Feldman all give their talent to this story of a fox and a hound who become friends, only to turn on themselves in later years because they are expected to. Not only is the film engaging, but it also has a metaphorical story going on. I understand it is supposed to represent humans and racism, but apart from the preachiness of it all the film is quite good on the level of a whole. A definite must-see. The ending is bittersweet and at many times during the film you will actually start to feel for these creatures. On a sidenote, I used to have a dog just like the one in this movie. It was just like the one in this film.

**** 1/2 out of *****
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One of the best Disney films ever created and one of the saddest films also
OriginalMovieBuff2129 September 2004
The Fox and the Hound is such an excellent Disney film, being on one of the tops of my list. I couldn't of asked for a better Disney film either. This movie made me cry a lot and I'm a guy. It was like the only movie I cried to except The Return of the King. The movie is bittersweet and heartwarming and the movie also gets into your heart and rushes out. The movie is quite underrated to my belief. Getting a 6.5 rating and 3 stars is just not in my books. Well, I guess the critics do it call a classic so I don't know. I highly recommend this movie and if your looking for a film to cry to this is the movie to get. A very stunning picture

Hedeen's outlook: 10/10 **** A+
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Hold on a second: This isn't even rated a 7 on the IMDB?!
tiyusufaly15 November 2002
This has got to be one of the most underappreciated Disney classics yet. The Fox and the Hound is probably the most heartwarming Disney film yet. It mixes humor, action, and romance as well as any other Disney film, except for a select few such as Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, or Tarzan. Nevertheless, I cannot believe this is rated only a 6.6. Several Disney films that are rated above this movie come nowhere near close to it in quality (i.e. Snow White, Bambi, Sleeping Beauty, etc...). I cannot comprehend how it is rated so low...9/10 (Ranks right up there with the likes of Robin Hood and Pinocchio).
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Vastly Under-rated Disney Classic
druryd20 October 2002
This is without a doubt one of Disney's most under appreciated classics. Great animation, fantastic voice acting and lovable characters and before all the PC nonsense that bogs down most newer Disney productions. This is Disney at its best, much better than the likes of Hunchback, Tarzan, Pochonatas, Hercules, Aladdin etc. If you haven't seen this one, give it a try, you'll be in for a pleasant surprise!
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what a great movie!
tama_otaku24 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is a wonderful film that is a true classic and a must own for anyone who loves dramas.

This movie like the title implies is about two young friends(fox and hound) that when they meet are too young to realize they're supposed to be mortal enemies.

the film follows they're story over the course of a year in which the two grow up and realize the friendship that was once so strong between them is forbidden, one is a fox, and the other a bloodhound that hunts foxes.

so the dilemma is inherent from the get-go, and at one point the hunter who owns the hound says to the widow who owns the fox that her fox has attacked his chickens and he implies that he'll kill the fox if he ever sees it again.

this leaves the widow with only one heartbreaking choice, to let the fox go in an animal preserve(a real tear jerker folks).

the hunter hot with rage decides he is not satisfied and intends to find Todd(the fox), and kill him.

copper(the hound) and the hunter chase Todd until suddenly a vicious bear appears out of nowhere and attacks the hunter.

copper attacks the bear trying to protect his master when the bear turns on him.

then its Todd to the rescue as he lures the bear over a cliff to it's death, only Todd falls too.

at this point copper having been saved by Todd sees how foolish it was to end they're friendship and rushes to Todd's aid at the bottom of the cliff, the hunter close behind.

copper stands over Todd and when the hunter points his gun at Todd he exclaims "get out of the way boy(copper)" ... copper stands fast.

the hunter angered prepares to fire when copper lets out a mournful whine... the hunter realizes the error of his ways and lowers his rifle saying to copper "c'mon boy, lets go home".

the movie ends with the widow mending the hunters broken foot, the hunter crying like a baby when she touches it.

I'm a rather jaded 17 yeah old guy and i still cry when the widow leaves a bewildered todd at the animal preserve.

this is one of my very favorite movies and i'm sure you'll feel the same.
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so under appreciated !
Lucasfilm121 May 2005
This has got to be one of the best Disney films out there!! I can't believe its not rated at least a 7!! I mean, this was probably the only movie I could stand watching with my mother as a kid. We would both cry our eyes out no matter how many times wed seen it. This is one of the few movies that really shows the villain's in a different light. Most kids movies are afraid to show that the bad guys aren't ALL bad. This movie at least gave the villain a heart. The characters in this movie are amazing. They have such real human traits. This movie shows the importance of friendship and that things are going to change as you get older. That is one of the hardest lessons to learn but one of the most important. Walt wasn't afraid to show it in this one and I respect him for that. If you're gunna take your kid to a movie make it The Fox and the Hound.
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A Beautiful Disney Movie
Ginger8724 August 2004
Warning: Spoilers
*May Contain Spoilers*

"The Fox and the Hound" was a great Disney film. I first saw it when I was six years old while I was on vacation. I loved it. Little Tod and Copper are adorable and their friendship is beautiful. I love the songs in this movie, too. My favorite is "Best of Friends".

This movie is also very sad. In fact I cried the first time I saw this movie when Widow Tweed is getting rid of Tod. My favorite part of this movie is when little Tod and Copper are playing. That part is so cute. I also like the end of the movie. That part is heart warming.

I suggest everyone should see this movie because you will love it. I give this movie 10/10 stars.
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A very powerful flim
laciefrazee8 April 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Spoiler Alert The fox and the hound is one of the best movies out there and it will make you laugh, cry, and feel good. The storyline is very well thought out and is so sad but happy at the same time. I love the way at the end of the movie how Copper thinks back on those good ol' memories that he and Todd had. It's so sad the way how when they were young they had no idea that one day they would be completely enemies and then the time comes when they grow up, but Todd thinks that won't change a thing about Copper's and his friendship but Copper thinks the complete opposite and tells Todd he's a hunting dog now and Todd can't belive it! Then a little later in the movie Todd see's Copper struggling to fight a bear to save his master's life, then the bear gives poor Copper a hit and Copper gets badly hurt, so brave Todd runs to the resque and bites the bear and the bear comes after Todd something fierce and they both fall off the waterfall because the bear breakes the log. After all the fighting and chasing that happened between them Todd saved Copper and the hunter, so in the end Copper saves Todd from the hunter shooting him, but I'd say the hunter relized that if it weren't for Todd him and Copper, would be dead. I love this movie and I'm glad it was made and the great idea came to mind and heart. :)
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You'll Meet Lovable Characters That You'll Remember For A Lifetime.
Vivekmaru4526 December 2010
Simply put, this is a masterpiece in animation and it will survive the tides of time.

The film is loosely based on the 1967 Daniel P. Mannix novel of the same name.

The film is about the friendship that develops between an orphan fox cub called Tod and a puppy hound named Copper. As they begin to grow up, Copper is trained by his master who is a trapper, into the ways of a hunter. Tod, who is cared for by an elderly woman, lives a carefree existence wandering where it pleases, until it catches the eye of the trapper who deems it a menace.

The trapper also has another old dog named Chief who has an accident while pursuing Tod and ends up with a broken leg. This incident puts a rift between Copper and Tod. The trapper has now sworn to hunt down and kill Tod.

Will there be peace between Copper and Tod and will the trapper forgive Tod? Watch this exciting film to find out more.

At the time of release, The Fox And The Hound was the most expensive animated film produced to date, costing $12 million.

The Fox and the Hound opened in theaters on July 10, 1981. It was re-released to theaters on March 25, 1988. Its first home video release, on VHS format, came on March 4, 1994 as the last video of the "Walt Disney Classics" collection (it was not included in the "Masterpiece Collection"). On May 2, 2000, it was released to Region 1 DVD for the first time under the "Walt Disney Gold Classic Collection".

A 25th anniversary special edition DVD, featuring a remastered version of the film and a disc of extras, was released on October 10, 2006.

The film was considered a financial success. The film gained a considerable following and it was awarded a Golden Screen Award at the Goldene Leinwand Awards in 1982.

A direct-to-video midquel, The Fox and the Hound 2, was released on December 12, 2006. The film takes place during Tod and Copper's youth, before the events of the later half of this film.

In conclusion, simply BUY this great film and remember to get the 25th anniversary special edition DVD.

10/10 points.

Email me for more movie recommendations.
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Not a bad movie.
abrafocus24 March 2006
The Fox and the Hound will go down in history - if it hasn't already-as one of the best movies ever.

While their both young, Tod and Copper are friends. AN old woman rescues Tod, a fox,(whose mother had been killed by a hunter, who owns Copper, a hound dog. As they grow up, however, their friendship becomes endangered by what they have become; Copper is a hunting dog, and Tod is his enemy. THe hunter (voiced by Jack Albertson, in "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory") sets several traps for Tod, but the hunter gets his leg stuck in them instead of Tod.

All in all, this is one darn good movie.

My score: 8/10.
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An Overlooked Disney Classic
ReverieLane1 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Of course, when one thinks of Disney, a fairytale of some sort with a princess comes to mind. But I find that the Fox and the Hound is often overlooked and underrated by the Disney naysayers. This film is not sugarcoated, as many claim Disney movies to be, but an enjoyable examination at the friendship of two unlikely characters.

I recently reviewed the Fox and the Hound after a few years, to refresh my memory of the storyline. I remember enjoying it immensely when I was younger. After a somewhat devastating beginning, the film picks up into its Disney mode, with lovable supporting characters in addition to the central two, Tod the fox and Copper the hound.

Tod is surprised to see Copper dutifully take on the role in life that he was meant to play, convinced that their friendship will withstand the natural stance that the two are meant to take upon each other. This film is a wonderful mix of tears and laughter, with a bittersweet yet agreeable ending. You realize why things turned out the way that they did and know that it cannot be questioned, but still wonder what could have been. This is one of the best children's films in my opinion. However, due to some tragic circumstances (including death and necessary abandonment), I would not recommend it for extremely young children. When they are old enough to grasp the concepts presented in this film, I do highly recommend it. It won't be a waste of time. There hasn't been a film quite like its original release.
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Pure Joy, I watched this movie as a 6yr old
arvind01113 August 2002
This movie, I now realize has shaped the definition of "Friendship" quite firmly in my mind. I have probably felt the depths of my feelings watching this movie as a 6 year old. Quite strangely, I recall my Dad as the person who took me to this Movie. My heart and soul were in the movie as I watched it.
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This movie will never get old
stretch142 January 2009
The Fox and the Hound is amazing. I love how it shows how powerful friendship can be. One of my favorite Disney movies of all time.

My favorite characters are the adult Tod and Chief. Tod's voice was Mickey Rooney who was also the voice of all the Santa Claus' in "Santa Claus is coming to town" and "a year without Santa Claus" which I thought was awesome. Also the personality of Tod is a lot like my own. He is very playful and out-going. Even though Copper, the hound and old best friend tries to hunt Tod down, Tod still comes back and helps his best friend out. Chief is also a lot like me. I am an older step-brother. So when my younger brother came around I felt like I get the back seat to him.

The songs aren't all that great but they fit in with the movie so well. People say that this movie isn't a good kids movie but that's not true. I watched it with my six year old cousin and she loved it.

My favorite part of this movie is the end where the camera zooms out from Copper and Chief. Then it says "Copper, your my very best friend." "And your mine to Tod." and so on. Every time I see that I can't help but smile.

This was a great Disney movie and I'm a huge fan of Disney. Fox and the Hound is a great addition to the magical world of Disney.
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The fox and the hound...or let's blast that dang fox!
dbarakat817 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I am in the minority of reviewers that didn't like this movie and I'm still scratching my head as to why. There was nothing heartwarming about this film. In summary, this movie is about Amos, the crazy, trigger happy, red neck maniac, who spends three quarters of the movie trying to hunt and kill a fox named Tod. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out what was motivating him to do so. At one point, he even fires at the old woman's car as she's driving it because the fox was in the back seat. The friendship between the two main characters is driven apart when the older hunting dog, Chief, is injured in the process of trying to kill the fox. The hound then swears revenge on the fox...for running for his life? I was really hoping that the bear would have killed Amos and his dog so that the poor fox could get some peace. Instead, the fox saves the two blood thirsty companions and is nearly killed himself by the bear. Even then, Amos still makes another attempt to kill the fox.

The movie is supposed to be about a friendship between a fox and a hound that is broken as they grow up and assume their roles as the animals that they are, but I didn't really get a sense of a friendship because they only spent about a minute developing that aspect of the movie. There are also some other characters in the background that don't really move the story much or provide the levity they are supposed to. The music is terrible and Big Momma sounds as though she is improvising the lyrics and melody of the songs. The dialog was really choppy and awkward and did not flow well. I got the sense that this movie was slapped together with bobble gum and scotch tape a few days before it was in theaters.

I understand what this movie was attempting to be, but I feel that it failed miserably.
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They didn't call this the dark age for nothing.
MyNeighborFanboy15 November 2010
The ruins of an interesting film can be seen here. I don't know much about the creation of this film, nor about its source material, but I don't feel especially compelled to. The Fox and the Hound features moments that try to attain the kind of drama of Disney's very earliest work, but by the end comes off as little more than a retread of past Disney films with much weaker animation and less compelling characters, despite some psychological content that might have held potential for more mature storytelling.

Structurally, this thing is a straight lift of Bambi. The first half details Tod the Fox and his days as a child learning the ways of the world. Interestingly, the film kicks off with a surprisingly dark tone, killing off the mother in the first scene and leaving an orphaned cub to be taken in by Tweed the widow. Already, some interesting themes are introduced as we see Tod make friends with the hound pup Copper, a friendship that's clearly doomed to tragedy. Aside from the obvious forbidden friendship, there are themes of man's relationship to nature in the widow becoming a mother figure to Tod. Clearly, this was the most character driven Disney feature in a long time for Disney. Does it pay off? Nope. Mostly, the first half of The Fox and the Hound prefers to waste time with a bunch of asinine comic set-pieces in which the twosome play tricks on Chief the hound and get the Hunter all riled up for some wacky redneck gags. In between this is a lot of cloying nothing that isn't half as cute as watching Bambi stumble his way through early life. It meanders and meanders without really making much of a point other than these guys enjoy each others company. There's also some side plot about a pair of woodpeckers trying to get a worm, but it adds up to absolutely nothing and mostly serves as annoying padding.

Then, like Bambi, we get the second half where Tod simultaneously discovers his sexuality and the horrors of life. This half works a bit better, with some moments of real power, but makes a fatal flaw with the relationship between Tod and Copper. Tod sends Copper on a vengeance fueled rampage against his former friend when he...gets Chief's leg broken. Now, had Chief been shown as a faithful friend and father figure to Copper, and had Tod gotten him killed (as, I believe, it was originally meant to be) this shift would have real gravitas to it. Instead, it comes off as unearned and random, totally against what we've come to know about his character. The rest of the film simply doesn't have the weight it needs because of this one fatal script flaw.

Which isn't to say there aren't those moments that truly work wonders toward the end. The bear scene in particular, though rather abrupt, is fantastically animated and legitimately thrilling, a triumph for greenhorn lead animator Glen Keane. The climax, in which the Hunter compromises his pride, is legitimately powerful as an ending, and in a better context would have been truly moving. Alas...whatever moments work here, they're constantly hindered by what comes before and after.

As animation, The Fox and the Hound is a real step down for the studio. Disney's newfound star, Don Bluth, stayed aboard for a time before packing his bags and walking out to start work on the vastly superior Secret of NIMH. His team's animation here reminds of their work on The Rescuers; very well done technical wizardry for pretty vapid scenes. A few of the Nine Old Men do scant work here and there, but none of it stands out. The best work is done by future star animator Glen Keane, whose bear scene has a remarkable weight and power to it, and whose Badger character is kind of fun too. Otherwise, the animation on this film is competent at best and mechanically dictated by adherence to animation principals at worst. It's a shame seeing technical elements so by-the book here. What's even more distressing is that it's still far better animated than the next Disney project, which will barely pass "Saturday Morning Cartoon with more in-betweening" levels.

One can see the process Disney was going through. Take an old framework like the plot to Bambi and update it to fit the trend of edgier animation that was going on at the time. It's too bound by convention to be anything but a pale retread, unfortunately, and it's unsurprising that the Disney exodus took place during the making of this and The Black Cauldron. Bluth moved to his new studio to make The Secret of NIMH, a great, dark fantasy feature that accomplished everything Disney was trying to, and various others left either with him or to start their own projects.

It's really a precursor to The Black Cauldron, a film that aims for the same goals to a much more prevalent and upfront manner while failing even more miserably as a film. They didn't call this the dark age for nothing.
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Charming Disney Film
Michael_Elliott7 April 2013
The Fox and the Hound (1981)

*** (out of 4)

Another Disney charmer about the unlikely friendship between a fox (voiced by Mickey Rooney) and a hunting dog (voiced by Kurt Russell). The two of them are eventually thought that they're not supposed to get along but this here is challenged when both are in need. THE FOX AND THE HOUND is without a doubt a very charming little film even though the story itself isn't all that original and I think there are a few too many clichéd characters and jokes throughout. Still, I like the fact that the studio threw in some added social commentary dealing with people who are "supposed" to hate one another even if there's no real reason. I think some of the strongest stuff here are the vocal performances including the wonderful Pearl Bailey who plays Big Mama. I thought she brought a lot of soul to the performance and easily managed to be the best vocal performance. It seems both Rooney and Russell aren't overly popular among Disney fans but I thought both of them were good here. Neither one deserves a place in the Disney Vocal Hall of Fame but they are still fun and share some nice chemistry together. I thought all of the lead characters were quite charming and fun to watch. The fox certainly is the best written of the group but I also enjoyed the older dog and well as the new one in training. The animation was extremely well done and especially during the finale when we're given an excellent fight between the fox, the hound and a bear. The amount of detail in this sequence is just wonderful. With that said, I thought the rest of the characters were quite forgettable and I thought there really weren't enough laughs to really carry the thing. Still, THE FOX AND THE HOUND has enough to where it should keep fans of the genre entertained.
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A Fox is a fox, and a bloodhound is a bloodhound
Buddy Findley28 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
An honest look at maturing. Childhood friends have their way of disappearing yet under the gun, literally so , returning. Not the warning of doom and gloom as, say, The Black Hole, or the absolutely surrealistic fantasy of Cinderella. But a fine and balanced medium. Disney's supreme animated effort as far as I am concerned. Loyalties remain. Maturity happens. A hunting we will indeed go. But the prey is captures, and precious memories of childhood return and the bitterest and most old school man of the woods is touched. It was once said all is well that ends well. I believe a wise old Englishman said that during the time of Elizabeth the First. Wisely said. **********
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Enjoyable and sad
nintendogs0329 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I was on a car trip to Virginia when I first saw this movie. It looked really sad so I wasn't sure if I really wanted to see. Thank god that I saw this film! It's really good.

I just learned that this movie was based off a book and it seemed like the most depressing and disturbing summary I've ever read (along with Hunchback of Notre Dame). Well, let's get back to the Disney version. It has some really enjoyable moments when little Copper and Todd played or the woodpecker scenes. They just make me so happy. Some scenes made me sad when Todd had to be let go or the introduction to the movie (you should just skip the first scene and wait until Big Mama gets introduced). I find this movie really good! How could people hate it?

The music isn't great. All I remember is "Goodbye May Seem Forever" and it makes me cry. The characters are sub-par. Is Big Mama a girl or a boy? I can't really tell, he just sounds gay. Copper is adorable when he was young, but why did you turn into a giant d- bag when you were older? Vixie has a stale white bread personality. I would hate Amos when he's a real life person. Chief is pretty cool. Todd is one of my favorite characters. He's adorable, innocent, friendly, and tough! Otherwise, I really like this movie!

Get a bag of popcorn, a box of tissues, and waterproof mascara in order to enjoy The Fox and the Hound
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JUST ALMOST……as good as Bambi.
Jason Rivera9 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I gained some interest in this one. So I picked it up at best buy for 20$. Now, My favorite Disney movie ever is "Bambi". But When I was watching it Half-way through, I thought this was going to beat Bambi.

Negatives: Some of the drawings/Animation looks odd. The scenes were it shows the birds chasing the caterpillar throughout the movie, are REALLY pointless and serves no point but to be filler scenes.

Positives: The Film is very depressing at times. But in a very powerful way. (especially the ending.) I REALLY like the design of the foxes. Soundtrack is great, The voices are great. Very entertaining. There was a scene where the old lady abandons Todd. This scene made EVERYONE cry. (according to some facebook posts.) when I was watching it, I didn't even drop a tear. But I can see why it's so sad. Overall: The Fox and the hound made it to NUMBER 2 in my favorite Disney movies. However… Bambi is STILL the king.
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Sparkie_id13 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Don't we all love the classics?

That's what this generation is missing, good animation (Ratatouille,cars, what? you jokin right?)

I must admit, it makes me sad to see Todd (fox) and Copper (hound) to break their friendship.

Sometimes Coppers owner reminds us of our father, trying to separate the girl from boy.

Todds owner reminds us of our mother, trying to watch her boy/girl from trouble and one day have to let them go.

All children will love this, I'm positive about that.

Timeless and great.

Also better than these so-called cartoons nowadays.
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