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Sex & Nudity

  • 6/10
  • As usual for a Bond film, silouettes of nude models in the opening credits. Very brief breasts can be seen.
  • Bond refuses sex to a teenager who claims she is not a virgin.
  • Some innuendo.
  • Bond has implied sex with a woman. She is wearing a very revealing nightie that slips down, showing a lot of her breasts; we see nothing more than kissing between them.The next day, she wears a see-through dress with a skimpy bikini underneath.
  • A scene in which a woman is kissing a security guard, she is wearing quite the revealing top which when shot from a higher angle showed her nipple.
  • In the ending credits James Bond and Melina are skinny dipping. We see the outline of Melina's nipples and butt at times, however since it is at night and mostly silhouetted, it is not very graphic.
  • There is a scene of a pool party with many women in bikinis (some are revealing). Also at that pool party is a man who passionately kisses a woman and then starts kissing her neck.

Violence & Gore

  • 7/10
  • When Bond is in a helicopter, a bald man in a motorized wheelchair uses a remote control to kill the pilot and send the helicopter on a reckless ride to eventually crash it to kill Bond. However, Bond manages to reach the pilot's seat and gain control the vehicle. Once accomplished, he catches the wheelchair bound man on one of the helicopter's platform struts and drops him down a smokestack to apparently kill him.
  • Many shootouts and brutal fistfights; the shootouts include several bloodless casualties. Men are killed by explosions and on one occasion a heavy rolling object. Bond throws a knife into a man's chest, but this is shown only briefly.
  • A limited amount of blood is shown in some sequences, mainly the results of when a middle aged couple is riddled with machine gun fire and when Bond gets slashed at and scraped underwater.
  • A man is eaten by a shark but nothing graphic is shown.
  • Man has his throat cut by a lapel pin but only the aftermath is seen; he has a long, bloody scar on the side of his throat.
  • Man is shot in the back by a crossbow with some blood; another man is shot bloodlessly in the chest with an arrow. This happens again later to another man. A man is shot in the side with an arrow, but he survives.
  • Three men are thrown off cliffs to their deaths on separate occasions.
  • Two men are stabbed, one in the neck from a distance.
  • A woman is viciously hit by a car.


  • 1/10
  • One or two uses of "hell."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • 2/10
  • An official smokes a pipe in a briefing scene. Bond orders ouzo and wine at a restaurant. There are references to opium trafficking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • 2/10
  • The most intense sequence is when Bond and another woman are tethered by a rope to a boat and they are dragged around by it in shark infested waters.
  • TOTAL: 17/50


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • When Bond and Melina are tied together to be dragged to the corals, Melina is wearing a white buttoned shirt and black panties

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