For Your Eyes Only (1981) Poster

Plot Keywords

british agent
ship spy
ice skater greece
submarine revenge
automobile chase
four word title long brown hair
brunette brawl
opening action scene shootout on a beach
explosion ends with sex
kiss kissing while having sex
sex scene love interest
male nudity female nudity
hockey ski chase
sniper rifle sniper
knife gunfight
shootout showdown
stick fight karate
martial arts hand to hand combat
fistfight tough girl
violence machine gun
pistol walther ppk
one man army tough guy
1980s bathrobe
bare chested male twelfth part
title appears in text talking bird
skinny dipping priest
mountain mountaintop monastery
mountain town mountain road
mountain cabin confession booth
casino owner casino card game
motorcycle crash motorcycle chase
horse and carriage jumping from a helicopter
winter olympics underwater scene
underwater fight undercover agent
speed skiing snow
ski jumping sea
parrot ocean
oceanographer mini submarine
london england italy
ice ice skating
hero gadget
gadget car downhill racing
cross country british secret service
bond girl assassin
action hero u boat
spying secret agent
espionage cold war
massage spy hero
blockbuster official james bond series
skiing mountain climbing
kgb motorcycle
sequel smuggling ring
returning character killed off helicopter
crossbow drugs
double cross smuggler
sea mine hockey arena
cryptography car chase
training exploding car
seaplane dune buggy
casino hitman
macaw remote control
ski jump shark
based on novel title spoken by character
surprise ending

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