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Decent movie on an underused subject matter.
triple88 September 2003
Warning: Spoilers

There are so many movies about female strippers, it's a nice change to see one on male exotic dancers.(And this movie actually had a PLOT!!) I saw it awhile ago and thought it was good and well acted. The thing that interested me most was the character study. Who are these men and why do they choose to earn their living by taking off their clothes? It's not a topic that alot of movies have addressed and what was refreshing was the flick actually had a plot as compared to being just a movie about hot guys.

Still the movie was very 80's. I like the 80's but watching it now it would probebly look pretty dated. Also the movie's main character became to "hollywood" at the end. Honestly, male strippers are a complex entity and Harrison's character ended up as almost to much of a good guy. I'd like to see a newer movie that deals with male strippers and goes much more into character analysis and also doesn't "sugercoat" the real dark issues that exist in this industry. Not that this movie did that but I'd like to see a movie more focused on MULTIPLE characters instead of just the few in this movie. Sort of a "boogie nights" type of movie dealing with male dancing instead of the porn industry. For ladies only is a mildly interesting movie but it's not unforgettable by any means and I think the subject matter is so underused and interesting that in the future there could be a movie dealing with this subject matter that WOULD be unforgettable.
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Great movie for nights when you don't want to think too much
jfg12 December 2001
Gregory Harrison is great as the naive, hopeful college drama star trying to make it big on Broadway, and Marc Singer is equally great as the disillusioned never-was turned male stripper. Harrison's John Phillips was the star of all the college productions, and he can't understand why Broadway producers aren't breathlessly awaiting his appearance in their theatres. Stan (Marc Singer) has been there already, and lives in a fog of drugs and adulation from the strip club patronesses to forget that the producers didn't want him. Watching John start down the same path, then realize the error of that path is an excellent way to spend an evening. Not terribly intellectual, but very good. Get the European version if possible. It has the parts the American censors cut out.
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A brilliant performance by Gregory Harrison
Streetwolf27 August 2001
From Iowa John Phillips steps off a bus in New York just like every other individual hoping to make himself famous on Broadway with his background experience with a university degree in drama. He meets Sandy, who works at an agency for getting jobs for actors and immediately she falls for John's charm, but he starts to date Mary-Louise instead.Mary-Louise then becomes an attraction for an agent, who casts her instead of John. He decides to take acting lessons, but after hearing critic from his fellow actors he loses faith in acting. In his class he meets Stan (Marc Singer)who takes him to Club Max where John learns that there's a lot of money in stripping for women so he decides to give it a shot. He becomes a hit.After winning the championship as the best male stripper an agent contacts John giving him false hope of becoming famous, but even after John agrees he later learns that no one wants to hire a stripper...

This was a truly great movie to watch. Seeing Gregory Harrison in a brilliant performance, especially his dancing it was just terrific. Marc Singer's character was a junkie, who let fame go to his head and his dress sense was terrible, but hey those were the 80's and I never got a chance to see this movie because I had just started kindergarten at that time so thank god I missed the 80's!Great movie, terrific acting, but terrible dress code.
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