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Boom mic visible 

Boom mike reflected King Arthur's armour.

Character error 

Arthur jumps from Leondegrance's castle wall to take Uryens off his horse, and then appears to be trampled by that horse.


When Arthur accepts Lancelot's invitation to joust, Arthur's squire carries three lances. Arthur takes a lance from Lancelot's rack and uses this for his first attack. He goes to his squire to collect a lance for the second attack and his squire only has one; what has happened to the other two?
Distance between Mordred and Arthur in the spear scene.
When Lancelot is injured and Merlin heals him, Guinevere holds Lancelot's hand up close to her but in the next shot, their hands are resting on his body.

Crew or equipment visible 

During the wedding scene, the camera is reflected in Arthur's armor.
After casting his spell on Uther, Merlin turns toward the camera, showing the reflection of the cameraman and camera in his helmet.
In the scene where Excalibur is returned to Arthur before the final battle, a camera, camera man, and sound man along with several lights and other crew can be clearly seen in Arthur's armor.
During Merlin's speech to the knights, just prior to Arthur's announcement of the round table, etc., the hose supplying the gas for his flaming staff can be seen at its base.

Factual errors 

When Perceval is about to defend the queen in combat, he and Sir Gawain are shown bearing shields with the same device. As heraldic devices were supposed to be unique to an individual, this should not be possible. Further, the device shown is that later attributed to Sir Lancelot, therefore Sir Gawain would never use such a shield.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

Full plate metal armor was not invented until about the year 1350, and not used in Europe until much later than that. Numerous such anachronisms (use of stirrups, weaponry) can be excused as being faithful to Sir Thomas Malory's book, which followed 15th-century conventions of making historical characters behave in a contemporary way.

Revealing mistakes 

During the siege of Leondegrance's castle, a knight that climbs the scaffold into the castle has a cigarette in his mouth.
When Merlin creates a fog, the prolonged mist from Morgana's mouth is clearly coming from a pipe/tube next to her cheek. Her mouth is closed at times and the thick mist still continues.
After Leondegrance fails to remove Excalibur from the stone and lets go of it, the sword wiggles.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.

Character error 

During the final battle sequence, Sir Hector can be seen wildly hacking away at an enemy in close proximity to King Arthur, when he strikes Arthur on the back of his head with a full blow from his sword. Arthur, appearing momentarily stunned, grabs the back of his head but being faced with an opponent and film rolling, continued the fight sequence with his left arm up in the air to protect his head as he tried to move away from Hector who was still wildly swinging at the other actor - completely oblivious of the blow that he had inflicted on Arthur who was standing directly behind him.

Character error 

Percival says that he sees Sir Gawain's body tied to a horse, but it is clearly not Liam Neeson playing Gawain in this scene.


When the dead Cornwall is first pictured within his castle, his eyes are open. Then they are shown closed. Then they are shown open just before the young Morgana closes them.


After killing Mordred, the spear in Arthur's chest disappears.

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