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  • Yes. It is based on a novel of the same name written by Frank DeFelitta (first published in 1978.) This story is allegedly based on actual events.

  • In real life the scientists never witnessed any of the electrical activity described by the victim, physical attacks or many of the other phenomena. It was subsequently revealed that the victim had been sexually molested as a child and it is suggested that she may have been delusional and self harming to act out her trauma, using instruments such as false teeth or an accomplice to inflict wounds which she would seem incapable off. However the scientists did witness the terrible stench, inexplicable shaking of walls, cupboards flying open of their own accord and objects falling out. Their photographs do show inexplicable patches and streaks of light but nothing as clear cut as is depicted in the film. The entire sequence where they attempt to freeze the Entity is invented. Whilst the case raises many baffling questions which are still unanswered it is not the definitive proof of the supernatural it has often been portrayed to be.


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