Death Wish II (1982) Poster


Plot Keywords

vigilante rape
punk fight
murder death
disguise maid
architect reporter
los angeles california 1980s
misogynist upskirt
prostitute violence against women
woman in jeopardy sexual assault
copulation coitus
attempted rape rape victim
panties pulled down girl in panties
white panties panties
lust lifting up dress
leg spreading tan line
pubic hair female pubic hair
female full frontal nudity female rear nudity
female nudity nudity
no panties bare breasts
topless female nudity scantily clad female
cleavage stabbing a police officer
police officer shot in the chest police officer shot
street gang unarmed man killed
one against many gunfight
anti hero showdown
beretta semiautomatic pistol
revolver gunslinger
vigilante justice kiss
quick draw urban setting
urban decay blood
one man crusade one man army
brawl m 16
disarming someone alley fight
fistfight tough guy
action hero dark hero
hero newspaper clipping
locker room nurse
blood on shirt marriage proposal
restaurant photocopier
phone booth hospital
courtroom judge
interrogation kicked in the face
punched in the chest punched in the face
psychopath battering ram
returning character killed off murder of a police officer
exploding car car falling off a cliff
shot in the face jumping through a window
shot through a window shootout
machine gun uzi
flashlight cigarette smoking
cigar smoking binoculars
wood chopping axe
taxi undercover
ambulance crucifix
abandoned hotel drugs
gangster gang
chapel parking garage
blood splatter shot to death
shot in the back shot in the leg
shot in the arm shot in the chest
pistol popcorn
apartment police inspector
funeral loss of daughter
threatened with a knife hostage
mute wrench
knocked out kidnapping
bare butt kitchen
boyfriend girlfriend relationship father daughter relationship
foot chase radio station
evil man falling from height
shot in the forehead switchblade
second part suicide
female frontal nudity gang rape
boom box sequel
police revenge
electrocution surveillance
bus pickpocket
flashback drug dealing
impostor detective
mental institution hollywood sign
harassment stabbing
media coverage sunglasses
violence cult film
forklift independent film
surprise ending

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