Coup de torchon (1981) Poster


Crew or equipment visible 

Towards the end, Rose is walking on the pier and after they say in a loudspeaker 'Attention! Curfew tonight at 9 o'clock...', she turns around and the shadow of the cameraman can be clearly seen on the ground on her right.

Factual errors 

The movie begins with a scene during a total eclipse of the sun. Between 1933 (Hitler comes to power) and 1939 (invasion of France), no path of totality from any solar eclipse touched French West Africa.

Revealing mistakes 

When Marcel is playing billiards, he continues his turn even though he has not scored.
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The goof item below may give away important plot points.

Crew or equipment visible 

When Cordier is walking away from the house after killing Vendredi, the shadow of a crew-member off-set is seen briefly.

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