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Love this movie

Author: Rajesh Ramanathan from Delhi
21 September 2002

Absolutely Love this movie!

I have seen it 10 times within a month! Its Hilarious, original ..reminds me of my old college days.

A must see for everyone. (Wonder why there aren't other movies like this one. I guess the closest match is Katha. If anyone can find an equivalent Hindi movie, I would love to hear about it).

The storyline, acting, direction are totally superb. . Deepti Naval and Farooq Sheikh are great. Saeed Jaffrey's acting as the paaanwaala is too good to believe. Note his typical Agra'ite language.

Another good point: You can also see the Delhi of yesteryears - how it looked like in 1981, pollution free and without the ubiquitous Maruti. Wide roads, with few people.

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BRILLIANT !! a must watch.

Author: Arvind Gautam from United States
16 January 2005

this is a brilliant comedy from the 80's. A very dramatically non-dramatic story done in a manner not re-emphasizing any crux. THe movie is done in a very laid back fashion (or this is the impression it'll give you). Each character is very simply but very artistically portrayed that immediately give their own ..very candid introduction (like omi and jai's pin-up clad wall). A very simple comedy talking to the common man.

as a special note - it's easy to fall in love with Deepti Naval in this movie .. the innocent.. vulnerable.. sweet and the very 'girl next door'..who actually IS the girl next door ! also.. Delhi in late 70'z... early 80's ! if you haven't watched it already... tch tch tch.

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Great Comedy

Author: Shailendra Singh (shailley) from Bangalore, India
14 September 2001

Sai Paranjape is one of my favourite directors. Her films always deal with situations and characters which one can easily identify with.

CB is the story of 3 bachelors. 2 of these (played by Rakesh Bedi and Ravi Baswani) spend most of their time chasing girls. The third one has a little different attitude in life and is more academically inclined.

The movie is absolutely hilarious. I liked it enough to buy a personal copy.

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Fantastic Fun Treat

Author: nolanfincher from India
8 January 2007

Got to see this movie while I was surfing through the television channels. I'm not from 80s. I don't know the actors either (except Faruk & Saeed). Yet, in not more than a five Min's, I got glued to the movie. Such is the fun, the movie got.

Immediately after the movie, I ran to my system to check the actors' names. Faruk and Deepti Naval make a great pair. Awesome acting by Rakesh Bedi, Saeed & Ravi Baswani. They remind you your days of youth. (I loved the episodes involving their bike & cigarettes).

Music by Raj Kamal is excellent. Pyar Lagawat (sung by Haimanti Sukla, Shailendra Singh) and Kahan Se Aaye Badra (Haimanti Sukla, K. J. Yesudas, Shailendra Singh) are just great.

Completely shot in Delhi, this flick is all about love, friendship and fun.

Haven't seen it? Go get it, Just don't miss it.

I GIVE 10/10 for it's plentiful comedy, error free screenplay and nice acting.

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Brilliant movie about the Bollywood movie

Author: VirginiaK_NYC from New York, NY
15 April 2007

This is entirely charming. A simple and amusing romantic comedy story provides the structure for a lovely movie about the conventions, tropes, whatever you would like to call them, of the Bollywood movie (i.e. popular Hindi language movies made in Bombay). The story's fun on its own, but the real anticipatory pleasure has to do with getting the jokes and looking forward to the next one.

Two of three guys sharing a room in university days have their eye on a pretty neighbor girl - the third is too serious a student to bother. You can guess which one gets the girl.

Each of the first two makes a try at getting to know her by visiting her house on some ruse. Neither succeeds - one runs away, one is beaten up by her brother - but both tell tales of their success which are picturized entirely in Bollywod "love story" conventions:

- In the first guy's story, he takes her on a romantic boatride (singing, of course), which is filmed with every Hindi movie boy-girl-boat-on-river cliché you can think of, including flights of birds, light glistening on water, cows going for a dip -- and also a non-clichéd real bite, done by the pretty teeth of Deepti Naval - and the movie lets you see the actors having fun doing it. I wonder if it was even in the script - in any event it's "actually" sexual, and so not Bollywood-y at all! --

-In the second guy's story, which culminates in a filmi-style fight of hero and random guys, at least eight very very well-known film songs are picturized, among them the main song from Mughul-E-Azam, with our guy as Dilip Kumar (costume included), and Aap Jaise Koi, with Deepti in a delirious disco setting.

And when the true couple gets together in a park in Delhi, they comment that in a movie, they'd be singing and swinging around trees - and then they do, in a third supremely terrific loving parody song. Oh, and look out for the (real) trained bear.

The two jerk roommates wreck the relationship and then have to help their friend repair it, so they contrive a situation in which he can "rescue" her the way our heroes rescue their movie heroines.

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Good clean comedy

Author: hprashantarora from United States
9 February 2010

Anyone who has ever lived with roommates and ever romanced an unassuming girl or for that matter a bespectacled book worm would instantly claim this movie as his or her favorite. Not that the rest of the population can't enjoy it – from gangsters to musicians, to old grannies, to salesmen, to poets, to shopkeepers - everybody has something to take home from this movie.

Siddharth (Farooq Sheikh), Omi (Rakesh Bedi and Jomu (Ravi Baswani) are three Delhi University students who share an apartment and a permanent fixture on their countenance- their beloved cigarettes. Their personalities are reflected over their bed on their respective walls – Omi and Jomu wear their heart on their sleeves and have colorful cuttings of beautiful women, while Siddharth, an M.A. in economics, has photos of Gandhi and Vivekananda and doesn't take any interest in women. Their lives one day takes a turn for the unexpected when Omi spots a beautiful girl in the neighborhood. Subsequently both Omi and Jomu take their turn impressing the girl and her family, failing which they come back and paint a rosy picture to their roommates of all the good time that they had. Ironically, the same girl Neha (Deepti Naval) turns up at their apartment as a saleswoman to sell her detergent powder. Both Omi and Jomu scramble to hide their faces, and it is up to Siddharth now to face his fear of talking to a woman and while he is only as right and bright for a situation like this as the clean towel that he hands over for her detergent demonstration, needless to say, both are smitten by each other and their chemistry crackles on the screen.

Chashme Buddoor is not just funny because it has numerous gags, running jokes, movie parodies etc but it works mainly because it takes the archetype, polishes it, and infuses it with affable and realistic characters of that of Omi and Jomu as sweet and likable loafers who address their girl chasing habit as "girl hunt", and Siddharth as a handsome but humorless geek - a quality that draws Neha to him and a fact totally lost on the other two friends, who in their envy and ignorance try to stop the spinning wheel of love. The look and feel of the movie some may argue looks dated but when compared to the natural performances, especially that of Saeed Jaffrey as Lalan Mian, it is like fussing over the old jewel box when what really matter is the content of the box. Never before has a subplot in a movie been so enjoyable than that of Lalan Mian's continuous harassment of Omi and Jomu for not clearing their escalating tab of cigarettes. Their humorous banter, Lalan's indulgence in their girl hunt, and Omi's poetical deflections are a treat to watch.

Though a light romantic comedy at heart, Chashme Buddoor works on so many cinematic levels that its simplicity belies the heights that it wants to achieve. On one hand, it takes likable characters and spins a wonderful yarn around them and on the other makes little riffs on the film trends of the time such as the clichéd boat ride against the background of the setting sun; singing in the park (that too in New Delhi - a city full of concupiscent people) with music coming out of nowhere, and onlookers basically making fun of the whole absurdity. On the same note the ending is equally predictable but in spirits with any good Bollywood flick that never fails to titillate and tickle.

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Fabulous film, don't listen to the detractors

Author: joi_devivre from United States
2 March 2007

I'm amazed at the tepid review given by commenter Naam Gum Jayega to this film. The commenter does not know what he's talking about, and knows nothing about Delhi in the 80s. I grew up in Delhi in the 80s and this is wonderful nostalgic little trip back to those days of wide and empty streets, lush green springs, and a leisurely life style.

Faroque and Deepti share an incredible chemistry in the movie, and Rakesh Bedi, Ravi Baswani and Saeed Jaffrey provide able support to their characters. Those who knew Delhi Doordarshan from the 80s would recognize such Delhi theatre regulars as Vinod Nagpal and Keemti Anand doing bit roles.

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Author: nikhil damodaran from LA, USA
16 September 2013

Again, these movies are to be visited again and again. After watching the current more complex movies, one might get off the old movies but movies like Chashme Buddoor define turning points in Bollywood History. Its hence a must watch for any cinema lover.

Just because a movie is called classical by many doesn't mean that on needs to watch it. True! But merely on the merit of this movie one could watch this movie.

The screenplay - this is about three bachelors who two of whom are pursuing their college education and the other is pursuing his masters and wants to pursue doctoral. In their search for girls, they end up getting intertwined in a comedy of errors.

The subplots confront one with the dogma of Indian male and the role of female. There are layers to the comic episodes in the movie and could be analysed in detail.

As the plot moves along, love, job and other complications make the story interesting in a funny way. You would never sit through 15 minutes in the movie and not laugh and think about it in some depth.

That's what makes this a classic and I give it an 8 on 10.

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A gem of a film that has simplicity rare to find in cinema these days.

Author: braddugg from India
7 September 2014

A gem of a film that has simplicity rare to find in cinema these days.

It has a charm that is now seldom or rather not present. Look at that one scene in which the detergent Chamku is being sold. That one scene speaks volumes about how innocent and silly the ways to impress were. In a similar vein, this film has many moments that make us woo for it. The characters are affable, the dialogs are simple and the treatment is just down to earth.

Setup in an apartment are 3 friends who have to go through so many hurdles to pay their rent. A girl comes in their community and all the 3 try to woo here in their own ways. She decides who is the right one for her. All through the film, it's never boring or tiring on brain. You can simply have a smile and at times laugh out loud too. The best part indeed is that the film does not itself too seriously.

Sai Paranjpe was a brave woman director who was considered to be ahead of her times. She has extracted brilliant performances from brilliant actors. Farooq Sheikh and Deepti Naval set a precedent of brining common man stories into the film domain. They were simplistic and endearing. Chashme Baddoor stand the test of time and it is relevant even now. Most of the credit can be attributed to the writing of characters by Sai Paranjpe herself.

The characters of Omi, Jai, Siddharth and Lallan Miyan will stay etched in the memory after we have seen this. Lallan Miyan comes at few times only, but is witty and makes a mark for himself. Except Farooq, I remember others by their character names only. That's the impact this film had on me. Not to forget Neha superbly acted by Deepti Naval.

The cinematography may be age-old and simplistic, but it works. The editing is fine too, though some songs might have done away with but they add charm. Listen to Kahan Se Aaye Badra sung by Yesudas and it's wonderful.

I am going with 4/5 for this film.

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Simple Comedy Drama...

Author: Ravi Singh from India
24 March 2014

Chashme Buddoor Directed By Sai Paranjpe...The Same Guy Who Directed Award Winning Movie Sparsh...But This Time It's Clean Comedy ....Script Is Well Written...Screenplay Is Good...The Story Is About Three Students ...Siddhart, Omi & Jai .. At Delhi University, Who Don't Go Home During Summer Vacation ...They Stay Together...Finally A Girl Comes Into Their Life...Certainly Life Changes...Then Comic Situations Are Created ...How They Go Through Is Basic Of The Story...

Farooq Sheikh Was A Great Performer He Does Well...Two Other Fellows ...Rakesh Bedi & Ravi Baswani...Are Just Amazingly Funny ... Treat To Watch....Deepti Naval Is Fine & Saeed Jaffrey Has Done Well...

Music Is Good ....It Has The Popular Number "Kahan Se Aaye Badra" By Yesudas & Hemanti...

Overall A Good Movie ..A Must Watch...If You're Sad & Want A Smile On Your Face...:)

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