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The fully uncut version of "Contamination" was finally released in the UK by Anchor Bay in 2006 as part of their "Box of the Banned" compilation series.
The version released by Mill Creek on their 50-movie DVD collection entitled "Nightmare Worlds" is the R-rated U.S. cut, running 84 minutes.
The film was never given a UK certificate (under any titles and for either cinema or video/DVD) until 2004. The BBFC's site will confirm this. The film was available on UK video in the early 80s in both an uncut form, and in an unofficially cut BBFC approved version, though the introduction of the Video Recordings Act and the listing of the film as a video nasty outlawed both versions. About 2 minutes and 40 seconds of cuts had been made to the BBFC version, including:
  • 13 seconds cut from opening sequence showing a dead man's mutilated and decomposing body in a cupboard.

  • 73 seconds cut from opening sequence showing several men graphically exploding after tampering with alien pods. Footage includes facial explosions and several scientists exploding at the gut in lingering slow-motion.

  • 19 seconds cut from warehouse sequence showing criminals exploding at the gut after unwisely standing amongst alien pods.

  • 2 seconds cut from warehouse sequence in which remains of freshly-exploded men are shown.

  • 9 seconds cut from climax, in which man's head is devoured by queen alien.

  • 11 seconds cut from climax showing a scientist exploding at the gut after being shot by Ian McCulloch.

  • 33 seconds cut from climax showing chief villain's chest exploding in slow-motion viscera-launch spectacle. The film was finally granted an uncut 15-rated certificate in the UK in 2004.

The video versions under titles 'Contamination' and 'Toxic Spawn' are heavily edited.
The version released by Cannon in the US (entitled "Alien Contamination") was heavily cut, mainly to tighten the pacing in the mid-section of the film, and to remove a romantic sub-plot. A few seconds of graphic violence was also cut to secure an R-rating from the MPAA. In total, 11 minutes were removed from the original version. The complete 95-minute version is available on the R1 DVD from Blue Undergound.

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