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Another hypnotic offering from Franco
Pierre-Alexandre Buisson20 September 2003
Wonderfully shot and wrapped in a warm score by Daniel White, this Franco flick is a must see. Shot in Portugal, in a forest similar to the one adorning the family castle in VIRGIN AMONG THE LIVING DEAD, it has a timeless feel, and the theme, centering around "open sexuality" inside a couple, is universal.

It is basically the story of Cecilia (Muriel Montossé), an housewife raped by three greasy thugs. She ends up enjoying the assault and it opens new horizons for her. She convinces her husband that seeing other people will improve their relationship, and off they are ! Orgies, rituals and lots of erotic scenes captured by Franco's sensual zooms later, they start dealing with the downside of sleeping around...

The incredible settings - particularly a beautiful and impressive villa with a breathless view over the ocean - and laidback love scenes contribute in making this one pure eye candy. A floral theme serves as a transition between scenes, and the gorgeous and dense vegetation composes a truly dreamlike imagery.

Lina Romay briefly appears in a very funny role and the movie, overall, is a guilty pleasure, a pleasure that a newcomer could find questionable, but that the true Franco connaisseur will approve, and most of all share.
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