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13 Nov. 1981
Strike Force
This movie introduces the team in action. After the team captures two gun-toting robbers at a local store, they are assigned a bigger case. Five people have been killed by decapitation. There is nothing in common to link the five victims. As the victim list grows, the team must find a connection linking the victims before stopping further murders.
20 Nov. 1981
When Frank's former partner, who's a drunk and living on the streets, thinks he saw a murder, he goes to a police station and has them call Frank. Frank goes there. Klein's upset that he's taking him seriously because he feels the man's a disgrace. But Frank reveals that the man just may have given them a lead on some kidnappers who have been kidnapping people all over the country and killing their victims. So Klein let's them investigate.
27 Nov. 1981
The Victims
A violent crime spree has hit the wealthy residential areas of Los Angeles. A gang of kill-crazy criminals attacks private homes, robbing and raping and tormenting the victims. Strike Force is out to stop them. Investigations lead to a piece of no man's land in downtown L.A. known as "The Lot". Here is where the crime spree originated. Soon the Strike Force team gets hold of a young female gang member. But will she turn on her accomplices and help the police to set a trap, or will she end up double-crossing Strike Force?
4 Dec. 1981
The Predator
A serial rapist stalking women in downtown L.A. puts Captain Murphy's team under pressure. The rapist always strikes during daylight hours, he always picks his victims randomly at supermarkets and shopping centers and follows them home, where he puts them through an ordeal of assault and torture and brutal rape. While the Strike Force has absolutely no clues where to begin, a young woman is being attacked and is able to fend off the rapist. This is the break the team has been waiting for, and now it's Rosie's turn to set the trap and play the bait. But Murphy has gone...
11 Dec. 1981
Magic Man
Dude was selling LSD on stickers. Strike Force takes him down.
18 Dec. 1981
Night Nurse
Klein tells Frank that he thinks that something is going on at four different hospitals when there appears to be a high mortality rate. Klein later suffers a heart attack and finds himself in one of the hospitals in question. When Frank goes to the administrator about high death rate, he refuses to let Frank investigate, so he calls several city officials who contacts the commissioner who tells Frank to back off. What they don't know is that the administrator is involved in black market organ scam and his next target is Klein.
25 Dec. 1981
The Hollow Man
Someone is setting bombs all over the city. The bomber sends a message where his next target will be. And eventually he reveals his next target--Klein.

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