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an overlooked ground-breaker

Author: phoenix2rachelsummers from Florida, USA
23 January 2005

This series has been somewhat overshadowed by the better-known, but in my opinion inferior, "Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends," which aired simultaneously during the early 80s. "Amazing Friends" was produced for network television, and this show was produced for syndication. That's why this show was free of a lot of the clichés and cuteness of most other early 80s cartoons, including "Amazing Friends." There was something genuinely weird and dark about this show, and it captured the flavor of the classic 1960s/early 1970s comic books which inspired it. Instead of teaming him up with countless other Marvel superheroes, Spidey worked mostly alone here, and the show was all the better for it; the only team-up was with Captain America, and even then it was consistent with the tone of the show, as they fought a truly scary villain, Captain America's main enemy, the Red Skull. It is also a historic show, as this was the first series to emerge from Marvel Productions, which went to make some of the greatest cartoons ever, including "Transformers" and "GI Joe." Even though the writing varied in quality from episode to episode, and even though the animation looks somewhat stiff compared to the Marvel shows that followed, this show still deserves more respect.

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Author: Big Movie Fan from England
8 March 2002

My favourite Spider-Man shows were the late 1960's series and also Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends. However, this was a decent show as well.

The animation techniques had evolved since the late 1960's series and there were some exciting villains in it as well. My favourite episode was where Spidey was shrunk by a villain called the Gadgateer. All the top Spidey villains were here-the Kingpin, Green Goblin, Doctor Doom etc.

This had the best written episodes of any Marvel series in my opinion and the animation was top notch for it's time.

Highly recommended.

Just one more point; Why do great shows such as this never get released onto video whilst other rubbish gets every episode released onto video?

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this cartoon show should be on DVD

Author: fish4spider-1 from United Kingdom
19 December 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

this cartoon was one of my favorite's in the 80's and still is now i know the show only had 26 shows and should have lasted longer i thought ted swartz was great as spider-man. Dan Gilvezan was'nt that good as spider-man, ted should have been in spider-man and his amazing friends this show had peter working at the daily bugle most of the characters from the comic are in this show. this show had a six part story that had doctor doom being the main villain spider-man teaming up with captain America vs the red skull was a great episode this show has hardly any credit ted gets no credit for being great as a spider-man voice spider-man and his amazing friends was made as a rival for marval against dc comics superfriends spiderman teams up with prince namor captain America and others

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The Spiderman Of My Youth.

Author: Vivekmaru45 from Kenya
2 February 2014

When I was young, I used to wait for this show on TV, after I came home for school. In my opinion, this is among the finest Spiderman shows I have ever watched.

In this series, Peter Parker having to balance his alter ego crime-fighting with his responsibilities as a university student, a part-time photographer for the Daily Bugle and caring for his elderly Aunt May Parker.

The show features Spiderman battling villains such as Chameleon, Doctor Doom, Doctor Octopus, The Kingpin, The Lizard, Sandman, Silvermane, Vulture, Mysterio, Magneto, Red Skull, Kraven the Hunter, Wizard, Sub-Mariner, Black Cat, Medusa, and the Green Goblin. Thus providing the viewer with plenty of comic book villains.

This series spawned a spin-off Spiderman And His Amazing Friends.

Other recommendations: Spider-man unlimited (1999-2001 13 Episodes), Spiderman The New Animated Series(2003-13 Episodes), The Spectacular Spiderman(2008-09 26 Episodes).

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spider-man series thats far overlooked

Author: darthmike-1 from United Kingdom
15 November 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was a great series that is over looked by spider-man and his amazing friends. Ted Schwartz voice was far better then Dan Gilvezan. why didn't Ted do the voice of spider-man in amazing friends.Doctor doom was the main villain of the series but i didn't mind. it was a shame spiderwoman didn't make a cameo in the the series as spider-man was made to look an idiot in the spiderwoman series this would have been ideal to get there own back. the animation is very good for the time.The superman references are funny to.other heroes appear to prince namor and Namorita captain America ka-zar and madusa, in some episodes. most of your spider-man villains are here to green goblin,sandman kingpin,kraven the hunter black cat and the lizard. episode 22 is called Arsenic and Aunt May which has the chamelon tricking aunt may im sure in the comics it was mysterio who tried to trick aunt may, two episdodes are remade in amazing friends is told better in this series The Web of Nephilia remade in amazing friends called Attack of the Arachnoid and Revenge of the Green Goblin remade in amazing friends is called The Triumph of the Green Goblin. again though with there is always the stupid made up villains to

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The ultimate "Spiderman" cartoon show.

Author: alexanderdavies-99382
29 June 2017

I still retain vague memories of watching this "Spiderman" cartoon show from the early 1980s. To me, it was like watching the comics come to life. Bearing in mind how long ago this was made, the animation still holds up very well. The plots in themselves may not be as detailed or as mature as the "Spiderman" show from the 1990s but it doesn't matter to me. There is a whole gallery of villains to watch: The Green Goblin, Dr. Doom, Dr. Octopus, Kingpin, The Red Skull, The Lizard, Mysterio, The Black Cat and other more obscure adversaries. It was slightly unexpected to see Dr. Doom in so many episodes from this show - a total of 6. After all, he has never been a regular "Spiderman" villain. The reason why he was included in so many episodes, was due to the huge following of the "Star Wars" character Darth Vader. There are so many great episodes here to choose from. There are 26 altogether and I would rate 19 from being excellent to very good. The music from this "Spiderman" show is very good as it suits the style and the tone. I was glad when all the episodes were released on DVD, as video releases were fairly seldom. I shall always rate the 1981 "Spiderman" cartoon show as the definitive one.

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Not as good as previous Spider-man TV Shows..

Author: adonis98-743-186503 from Greece
16 January 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Peter Parker, who one day gained the powers of a human spider due to exposure to a radiated arachnid in a school science experiment, continues his super-heroic battle against the forces of evil in New York City in this sequel to the original 1967-70 TV series. Less stylish than its predecessor, this short-lived revival pits Spider-man against such classic villains as the King Pin, the Vulture, the Green Goblin, the Sandman, and Dr. Octopus, as well as against criminals who didn't appear in the 1967-70 original, among them the Gadgeteer, Prof. Gizmo, Chameleon, and Dr. Doom. Although it's not a bad show by any means this 80's take on Spider-man doesn't hold up as it might used to some years back since certain moments and stories are very cheesy and sometimes the animation feels incomplete but even with it's flaws watching Spider-man going against Dr. Octopus and Dr. Doom will be enough for kids!!!

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I don't know

Author: Op_Prime from Ardmore, PA
18 April 2000

When I was a little kid, I found this very enjoyable, but today I'm not quite sure. I don't think it's bad but I just did not get the same thrill from it. The animation could have used a little work and so could the stories. I don't think this was a bad show just not as good as some of the other Spidey shows.

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