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Season 4

28 Apr. 1985
My Huckleberry Friend
After Mrs Lumsden complains that burglars seem to find her house too lowly to rob Timothy meets Sharon, a young runaway living in a squat. To please his mother Timothy burgles the house but is caught and put in the van with a number of young squatters but Sharon has gone. Timothy grudgingly does a deal with his mother to persuade Sharon to return home and reconcile with her parents.
5 May 1985
Move Over Mrs Lumsden
Mother is aiming to be the Ladies' Luncheon Club chairperson and invites the influential Aurelia for dinner on the same night that Timothy is having a pianola delivered before going on a date - inevitably ruined by his mother - and Muriel decides Father should live with her and Kevin. Timothy completely charms Aurelia, securing Mrs Lumsden her chairperson-ship but the date is ruined and she is characteristically ungrateful when another opportunity beckons.
12 May 1985
One of Our Naughty Bits Is Missing
Timothy is reading the raunchy 'Storm of Youth' by Jade Tempest to a ward full of eager male patients when he discovers there are pages missing. He is able to bribe book-thief Dodgy for a whole copy but, thanks to his interfering mother, has to take a trip to the refuse dump to retrieve it, ensuring himself back on the ward in more ways than one to finish reading it.
19 May 1985
Confessions of a Jobbing Gardener
When Mr Lumsden starts doing gardening work for Violet Cathcart, the 'Merry Widow', his wife is convinced that they are going to elope and decides to sell the house and move away, which is bad news for Timothy. He decides to visit Mrs Cathcart and persuade her to leave Father alone but there is the inevitable mix-up before Mr Lumsden returns home and Mrs Lumsden's curiosity brings its just deserts.
26 May 1985
A Little Something Set Aside
Discovering that Timothy has over four hundred pounds in his bank account Mrs Lumsden decides to change her will and leave her money to the dog's home. Timothy however does have some cause for celebration after meeting nurse Christine and imagining himself as a champion snooker player. Unfortunately it is only a dream and his chances of impressing Christine grow slimmer when Muriel's car breaks down.
2 Jan. 1985
Collapse of Small Party
With their parents away at the Chartered Accountants Ball Timothy, Muriel and Kevin decide to throw a party in the Lumsden house, the guests including Gillian the Bearded Lady and other circus folk Timothy has befriended. When the bailiffs arrive to repossess the circus Timothy and his accountant friend Maxwell swing into action to save the day - including hiding an elephant in the kitchen.

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