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Season 7

5 Sep. 1988
Mothers and Brothers
Following the disastrous non-wedding Jennifer has left Timothy and he is now a monk. However when Muriel visits to say that her marriage to Kevin is on the rocks he leaves the abbey to help her and Mother is delighted to have her little boy back home. Muriel takes Timothy to view a house, which he assumes is for her on her own , but as Kevin returns to her Timothy realizes that it is a bolt hole for himself.
12 Sep. 1988
Every Day, in Every Way
Things are going well for Timothy in his plan to buy his own house but Muriel is rightly suspicious when her mother announces that she is helping him. Her suspicions are confirmed when a surveyor Timothy has met by chance declares the house to be unfit for purchase and Timothy catches the same apparent surveyor in a secret meeting with his mother.
19 Sep. 1988
A Fool and His Money
An ex-advertising executive, Morris Codman, practices a philosophy of selfishness. His bizarre antics in promoting his product surprisingly lead to a fortune.
26 Sep. 1988
Flying Lessons
Timothy is now dating Pippa, the young lady who crash-landed on the house. Mother has announced her intention to divorce her husband, sell the house and move in with Timothy,, but with Muriel pregnant she and Kevin will have no room for her father. Fortunately Timothy learns from Pippa's friend Garth that, as the house is in Mr Lumsden's name, only he has the right to sell it.
3 Oct. 1988
Winter's Tales
In an effort to put Pippa off Timothy Mother tells her how, the previous Christmas, Timothy tried to kill the cat because it was incontinent and ended up shooting her. Then Mr Lumsden gives a different account in which no such thing occurred before Timothy gives the final and true account, leading Pippa to suggest that they live together.
10 Oct. 1988
Up, Up and Away?
Timothy is all set to move into his new house and Muriel is taking him whilst Kevin attempts to get rid of unwelcome house guest Clifford. Timothy is very nearly captured by his mother and returned to her house but his father rescues him, ensuring that he starts a new life with Pippa, Clifford taking his place as Mrs Lumsden's little boy.

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