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13 Sep. 1986
Smurfquest: Part 1/Smurfquest: Part 2
Grandpa Smurf returns to the village from a 500-year voyage around the world to restore the power of the Long Life Force Stone. Papa Smurf and a few other Smurfs help Grandpa Smurf find the purest sources of the four primal elements from around the world while the remaining Smurfs stay behind to search for the Long Life Force Stone.
13 Sep. 1986
Gargamel's New Job
Gargamel takes a job as Prince Theodore's court magician.
20 Sep. 1986
Grouchy Makes a Splash
Grouchy Makes a Splash: Grouchy loses his fear of swimming when he sees Gargamel kidnapping Baby.Farmer's Genie: Farmer releases an inept genie from a gourd.
20 Sep. 1986
The Prince and the Hopper
The smurfs encounter a Prince turned into a Frog by an evil sorcerer, and must help him be kissed by his true love before he permanently becomes a frog forever.
27 Sep. 1986
Smurfette's Gift/The Most Popular Smurf
The Most Popular Smurf: Scruples casts a magic spell that fills Jokey's prankish exploding packages with real gifts.Reckless Smurfs: "Extreme sports" take on a new meaning when Gargamel puts a daredevil spell on the Smurfs
27 Sep. 1986
A Loss of Smurf
Vanity takes a bog bath that turns him into a Wartmonger.
27 Sep. 1986
The Last Whippoorwill/The Color Smurfy
Crying Smurfs: Papa's potion makes the Smurfs cry nonstop. The Color Smurfy: The right color in a spectrum pool must be found by the Smurflings and Grandpa Smurf to restore the life to a color sprite to bring back color to a monochrome world.
4 Oct. 1986
Lazy's Nightmare
Lazy's nightmares start coming true when he and the other Smurfs are transported to an evil dream world by Morphio, a wicked sorcerer whose power comes from his victims' fears.
4 Oct. 1986
The Littlest Viking
Peewit attempts to prove himself worthy of being a Viking warrior by facing the Stone King.
11 Oct. 1986
Baby's New Toy/Bringing Up Bigfeet
Baby's New Toy: The Smurfs search for a toy that will amuse a bored Baby.Smurfs On The Run: After upsetting the balance of truth and deceit, Gargamel and Sassette must reset it.
11 Oct. 1986
The Scarlet Croaker
The Smurfs are captured by the Wartmongers while picking roots in the Creepeedeepee Swamp, but are rescued by a mysterious Scarlet Croaker.
11 Oct. 1986
Calling Dr. Smurf/Can't Smurf the Music
Calling Dr. Smurf: Dabbler decides to devote himself to the study of medicine.Can't Smurf The Music: The deaf wood elf Laconia teaches the Smurfs that music comes from inside when Chlorhydris casts a spell that does away with musical notes.
18 Oct. 1986
The Royal Drum
None of the Smurfs believes Grandpa's tales exploration and exotic lands -- until an African princess and her amazing animals arrive for a visit.
18 Oct. 1986
Journey to the Center of the Smurf/The Gallant Smurf
Journey To The Center Of The Smurf: Miner finds some "dirty rocks" which he uses to keep the Smurfs warm all winter.The Gallant Smurf: Hogatha has a devious plan where she must capture Grandpa Smurf by turning herself into Grandma Smurfette.
25 Oct. 1986
The Tallest Smurf/Essence of Brainy
Sassette's Tooth: Sassette loses her tooth and Gargamel pretends to be the Tooth Fairy to capture the Smurfs.The Tallest Smurf: Gourdy tries to cheer up a depressed Slouchy, who's miserable about being the shortest Smurf.
25 Oct. 1986
Dr. Evil and Mr. Nice/The Root of Evil
Dr. Evil And Mr. Nice: Gargamel suffers from a magic-induced split personality given to him by Scruple.I Smurf To The Trees: All the trees decide to leave the forest once Gargamel makes them come to life.
25 Oct. 1986
Tattle-Tail Smurfs/Greedy Goes on Strike
Greedy feels unappreciated until he meets a gnome king that ends up taking advantage of his talents and ignoring his son.
1 Nov. 1986
A Myna Problem/The Horn of Plenty
Futuresmurfed: A baby dinosaur is released from the past when Lord Balthazar uses Father Time's scythe to cut a hole in the fabric of reality.The Horn Of Plenty: Mother Nature accidentally damages the fall harvest.
8 Nov. 1986
Bookworm Smurf/Farmer's Genii
Bookworm Smurf: When Sassette wishes all the books in the world to disappear the world stops functioning.Jokey's Cloak: Jokey discovers a magic cloak of invisibility, but his see-through state becomes permanent when he gets wet.
15 Nov. 1986
The World According to Smurflings/The Enchanted Quill
Papa Smurf creates a magic quill that never correctly draws a map to replace the real magic quill and prevent Gargamel from finding the Smurf Village.
15 Nov. 1986
The Most Unsmurfy Game/Put Upon Puppy
The Most Unsmurfy Game: A hunting game has the Smurfs as prey for the Wartmongers.Tattle-Tail Smurfs: Brainy grows tired of the Smurflings tattling on him, and casts a spell that makes their tails grow each time they tell tales.
15 Nov. 1986
Heart of Gold/The Village Vandal
Heart Of Gold: Problems arise in Smurf Village when Gargamel replaces Clockwork's heart of gold with one of stone.The Last Whippoorwill: The Smurfs search for the last whippoorwill egg as insects threaten to take over the forest.
29 Nov. 1986
Lure of the Orb/Smurfette's Flower
In this episode with a strong anti-drug message, several Smurfs get a scary lesson in addiction to magic to help them with their problems after meeting a woman with a magical orb.
29 Nov. 1986
Reckless Smurfs/Head Over Hogatha
Head Over Hogatha: Gargamel wants to use Hogatha to get to the Smurfs, but cupid gives her a case of lovesickness for him. Put-Upon Puppy: The Smurflings try to train an unruly Puppy, but his learning is put to the test when he must rescue the Smurfs from Gargamel.

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