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Season 4

16 Sep. 1984
Symbols of Wisdom/Blue Eyes Returns
Symbols Of Wisdom: Brainy and Gargamel each grow a beard to be more like Papa.Blue Eyes Returns: Gargamel's efforts to end a drought results in a flood, and the Smurfs build an ark.
16 Sep. 1984
Secret of the Village Well/Stop and Smurf the Roses
Clumsy's fellow Smurfs are curious to know what he wished for after he threw Gargamel's penny down the well. Meanwhile Chlohydrous casts a spell to destroy the flowers ... and it could have deadly consequences for the Smurf's beautiful woodelf friend, Laconia.
16 Sep. 1984
The Gingerbread Smurfs/Jokey's Shadow
The Gingerbread Smurfs: Brainy and Clumsy compete in a gingerbread bake-off that produces some unusual recipes.Jokey's Shadow: Jokey spills a vial of Mother Nature's spring pollen on his shadow, and the potent mix brings it to life.
23 Sep. 1984
Jokey's Funny Bone/Tick Tock Smurfs
Jokey's Funny Bone: Jealous of the attention Vanity gets for a broken toe, Jokey feigns illness.Tick Tock Smurfs: Smurf Village gets a clock, and Brainy designs a schedule so the Smurfs will be more efficient.
23 Sep. 1984
The Master Smurf/Tailor's Magic Needle
The Master Smurf: Miner finds a crown which casts an evil spell over Greedy, making him think he's king.Tailor's Magic Needle: Brainy's magic sewing needle is magically fast but notoriously unreliable and destructive.
23 Sep. 1984
The Traveler/A Pet for Baby Smurf
The Traveler: A dragon terrorizes the village, and the only solution is to replace the Eyes of the Idol.A Pet For Baby Smurf: The Smurfs hold a pet show, but Baby Smurf's new pet is actually one of Gargamel's ploys to catch the Smurfs.
30 Sep. 1984
The Incredible Shrinking Wizard
Gargamel begins shrinking when he accidentally falls into his polluted pond, and can be cured only if he does good deeds.
30 Sep. 1984
Breakfast at Greedy's/The Secret of Shadow Swamp
Breakfast At Greedy's: Spurred on by his mother, Gargamel tries hard to catch a Smurf.The Secret Of Shadow Swamp: Grouchy wanders away from his own birthday party and into the Shadow Swamp.
30 Sep. 1984
The Trojan Smurf/Smurf the Other Cheek
The Trojan Smurf: Using the Trojan horse plan, Gargamel makes a giant Papa Smurf to hide in and Brainy delivers it into the village.Smurf The Other Cheek: Ignoring Papa's lecture on fighting, Hefty gives in to the temptation to kick a troll.
7 Oct. 1984
A Float Full of Smurfs/Smurfette's Sweet Tooth
A Float Full Of Smurfs: The Smurfs must find a rabbit family to pull their float in the Autumn Carnival.Smurfette's Sweet Tooth: Handy makes a years' worth of candy for every Smurf and Smurfette succumbs to her sweet tooth.
7 Oct. 1984
Smurf on Wood
Gargamel searches for a magic toad as the Smurfs discover a "magic tree" that brings them to a confrontation with the wizard.
7 Oct. 1984
The Smurfomatic Smurfulator/Petrified Smurfs
The Smurfomatic Smurfulator: Handy's new invention comes in handy when Gargamel unleashes a virulent weed seed on the village.Petrified Smurfs: Brainy accidentally recites a spell that turns everything to stone, even Papa Smurf.
14 Oct. 1984
Papa's Worrywarts/Lazy's Slumber Party
Papa's Worry Warts: Papa Smurf breaks out in worrywarts and needs to rub a Wartmonger's horn to cure himself. Lazy's Slumber Party: Brainy dares Tuffy to paint Big Mouth's toenails at Lazy's slumber party.
14 Oct. 1984
The Pussywillow Pixies
Clumsy's misadventures take him across the river into Pussy Willow Hollow, and his rescuers fall into danger when they try to free him and the Willows from the Wartmongers.
14 Oct. 1984
The Big Nose Dilemma/The Smurfbox Derby
The Big Nose Dilemma: Dissatisfied with their noses, Gargamel, Big Nose and Vanity trade features and realize their new noses have problems.Smurf Box Derby: The Smurfs hold a car race to determine the best automobile model for the overworked Handy.
21 Oct. 1984
A Circus for Baby
The Smurfs meet a circus elephant and decide to put on a circus performance of their own for Baby Smurf.
21 Oct. 1984
Babes in Wartland/The Smurf-Walk Cafe
Babes In Wartland: Baby Smurf drifts downriver from a picnic and is found by the Pussy Willow Pixies.The Smurf-Walk Cafe: Handy and Greedy open an ice cream parlor.
21 Oct. 1984
The Smurfiest of Friends/Never Smurf Off Til Tomorrow
The Smurfiest Of Friends: When Brainy and Clumsy's friendship dissolves, Brainy is shunned by the other Smurfs. Never Smurf Off 'Til Tomorrow: The Smurfs face a dangerous situation for which they blame Lazy.
28 Oct. 1984
Bigmouth Smurf/Baby's Enchanted Didey
Bigmouth Smurf: Plotting to rid himself of the Smurfs, Gargamel casts a spell over Bigmouth and disguises him as a Smurf.Baby's Enchanted Didey: Gargamel converts a bedspread into a flying carpet, but crashes.
28 Oct. 1984
The Man in the Moon/Smurfette's Golden Tresses
The Man In The Moon: The Man In The Moon quits when he feels unappreciated. Will the Smurfs' moon festival lure him back?Smurfette's Golden Tresses: Hogatha and Smurfette grow dissatisfied with their appearance.
28 Oct. 1984
The Whole Smurf and Nothing But the Smurf/Gargamel's Giant
"The Whole Smurf and Nothing But the Smurf" has Gargamel attempt to use a truth potion on Smurfette to tell him how to get to Smurf Village, only to use a lying spell by mistake.
11 Nov. 1984
The Patchwork Bear/Hefty and the Wheelsmurfer
The Patchwork Bear: The Smurfs battle an evil ice pirate, Krako, who has frozen the River Smurf and kidnapped the Emerald Empress. Hefty And The Wheelsmurfer: When Hefty breaks his leg, he learns about being handicapped.
11 Nov. 1984
Hopping Cough Smurfs/The Little Orange Horse with the Gold Shoes
Hopping Cough Smurfs: Gargamel infects the Smurfs with hopping cough.The Little Orange Horse with the Gold Shoes: Smurfette helps a little rainbow-sliding horse find his lost shoe.
11 Nov. 1984
Monster Smurfs/The Bad Place
Monster Smurfs: Brainy turns the others into monsters for Spook-A-Smurf Eve, but no one likes being a monster.The Bad Place: Aliens called the Grimeys are stranded near Smurf Village until they can repair their broken ship.
18 Nov. 1984
Smurfing for Ghosts/The Gargoyle of Quarrel Castle
Smurfing for Ghosts: Peewit is castle-sitting when he discovers a shy ghost.The Gargoyle Of Quarrel Castle: Tharp, the gargoyle of Quarrel Castle, feels unloved until a brush with danger proves how much his parents love him.
18 Nov. 1984
Smurfiplication/Gargamel's Miss-Fortune
Smurfiplication: Gargamel invents a magic liquid that is capable of duplicating everything it touches.Gargamel's Miss-Fortune: Still nursing a bruise from his attempt to catch a Smurf, Gargamel promises Ezmeralda a bag of gold if she'll help him.

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