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Season 1

12 Sep. 1981
The Astrosmurf
Dreamy's wish to become an Astrosmurf comes true when Papa Smurf puts him to sleep, magically transforming the landscape and the Smurfs into a space fantasy. Gargamel keeps close watch on their antics through his crystal ball, but he too falls victim to Papa Smurf's magic and is sent into a thunderstorm.
19 Sep. 1981
St. Smurf and the Dragon
A baby dragon helps Papa Smurf locate more magical glowberries. / Gargamel creates the legend of Sorcerer Smurf to lure Papa and his friends to a mountain trap.
26 Sep. 1981
Bewitched, Bothered and Be-Smurfed
The Smurfs find a "meanie genie" who refuses to grant them their wishes until they call out the magic word. / Hogartha loses her magic locket in the Smurf's forest and convinces Gargamel to help search for it.
26 Sep. 1981
King Smurf/The Smurfs and the Howlibird
An accident with Papa Smurf's growth formula turns a Howlibird into a giant.
3 Oct. 1981
Soup a La Smurf
A terrible giant called Bigmouth helps Gargamel hunt the Smurfs so he can feast on Soup a la Smurf. Papa Smurf tricks the big monster and then convinces him that Soup a la Gargamel is far more an appetizing dish than smurfy soup.
10 Oct. 1981
Romeo and Smurfette
Papa Smurf plans to rescue 10 captured Smurfs from Gargamel by using a mountain of fake gold. / Hefty and Handy, not to mention everyone else, compete for the amourous attention of Smurfette.
17 Oct. 1981
Sideshow Smurfs
Clumsy and Smurfette are captured by Bombast, who plans to exhibit them in his sideshow.
24 Oct. 1981
Sir Hefty
Sir Hefty and a wayward knight battle a dragon whose fire threatens the forest.
24 Oct. 1981
The Baby Smurf/The Fake Smurf
The Fake Smurf: Hogatha transforms herself into a Smurf, plotting revenge on the little people for destroying her magic locket. The Baby Smurf: Gargamel transforms himself into a Baby Smurf, to be adopted by Smurfette. He causes complete chaos in the Smurf Village when he tries to blow it up with a time bomb.
31 Oct. 1981
Painter and Poet
Poet and Painter leave the village when they feel unappreciated, and head unwittingly into Gargamel's trap.
31 Oct. 1981
Haunted Smurf/The Purple Smurfs
An epidemic turns the happy blue Smurfs into angry purple Smurfs. / The Smurfs travel to a distant, haunted castle in search of shelter after their winter food supply is destroyed.
7 Nov. 1981
The Fountain of Smurf
The Smurfs discover a fountain of youth that is guarded by a wicked troll, who steals Papa SmurfâEUR(TM)s magic book. They convince Gargamel to help them and the greedy villain runs to get the water, but manages to fall in with the troll. As the two chase each other all over the countryside, the Smurfs are able to retrieve Papa SmurfâEUR(TM)s book.
7 Nov. 1981
The Magnifying Mixture/Foul Weather Smurf
Hefty uses Brainy's enlarging potion to grow to human size and battle Gargamel. / Handy invents a weather machine.
14 Nov. 1981
The Hundredth Smurf
Bad luck invades the Smurf Village, and 100 Smurfs are needed to dance a magical dance to restore good fortune. / Harmony is forbidden to play in the Smurf Symphony, which Gargamel uses to convince the musical Smurf to play a magic instrument that lulls the others to sleep.
14 Nov. 1981
The Abominable Snowbeast/Gargamel, the Generous
Brainy and his friends meet a snow beast while on a trip to Ice Mountain . / Gargamel fakes friendliness to discover where the Smurf's secret diamond stash is hidden.
21 Nov. 1981
The Smurfette
Recalling Gargamel's creation of Smurfette, where the female Smurf is magically created as a spy to help the evil wizard and Azrael do away with the Smurfs once and for all. Smurfette tricks Greedy into opening the Smurf River Dam (to flood the village), but later -- when he realizes Smurfette wants to be "a real Smurf" -- Papa Smurf has an ace up his sleeve.
21 Nov. 1981
Now You Smurf 'Em, Now You Don't/Spelunking Smurfs
Underground trolls use a crystal ball that lets Smurfs see their fondest wishes in order to kidnap whoever touches it. / The Smurfs discover a fountain of youth guarded by a troll, who steals Papa Smurf's magic book.
28 Nov. 1981
The Clockwork Smurf
Handy invents clockwork Smurf, a robot designed to take the work out of work, but Brainy de-programs him to leave the Smurf Village. The Clockwork Smurf journeys to a distant castle where he convinces a young prince to return to the Smurfs so they can help him regain his kingdom from his wicked aunt.
5 Dec. 1981
Fuzzle Trouble/Smurfette's Dancing Shoes
Clumsy's new furry, fuzzy friend causes plenty of trouble in the Smurf village with its eating - and reproduction - habits. Meanwhile, a woodland imp gives Smurfette a pair of dancing shoes with a sinister secret.
5 Dec. 1981
The Smurfs and the Money Tree
Gargamel The Generous: In an effort to find out where the SmurfsâEUR(TM) secret diamond stash is hidden, Gargamel pretends to be their friend. The Smurfs And The Money Tree: The evil wizard Gargamel, true to form and helped by his mum (not exactly a nice lady), has hatched a plan thatâEUR(TM)s even more diabolical than anything before: to tempt the Smurfs, who have no concept of money, with the lure of personal profit. Will Greedy Smurf take the bait?
21 Nov. 1981
Spelunking Smurfs
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8 Apr. 1982
The Smurf Springtime Special
While out on a mischief-making mission to destroy the Smurf's party, Gargamel and Hogartha catch Lazy who has accidentally been turned red by Mother Nature.

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