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8 Jan. 1987
Deep Water Death
Rick and AJ are hired for security work at a oceanic amusement facility. They encounter two unsavory characters from their past who the brothers direct their suspicions to after a fatality occurs.
15 Jan. 1987
For Old Crime's Sake
Rick and AJ start looking into a 50 year old bank robbery when three of the original thieves want payback on the fourth person, who absconded with the loot. Their mother involves herself because one is her neighbor.
29 Jan. 1987
Opposites Attack
AJ and Rick are hired to guard a pair of ancient samurai swords, arousing the interest of journalists Annette and Pam. Two competing interests are intent on getting their hands on the weapons leading to the kidnappings of Rick and Annette.
5 Feb. 1987
Judgement Call
Downtown hires AJ and Rick to protect Temple despite having adversial positions in a criminal matter. Steve Belinsky is arrested after a shooting and Temple endangers her life when she becomes his advocate as a psycho targets her.
12 Feb. 1987
Tanner, P.I. for Hire
AJ and Rick attend a PI convention with friend Ace Bradstree . A popular TV detective actor is kidnapped, his bodyguard Steve beaten but when Ace looks into it, a tragic turn occurs. The brothers vow justice for their fellow investigator.
19 Feb. 1987
Ancient Echoes
An elderly Native American shaman engages Rick and A. J. to help find his nephew after the nephew goes missing following the nephew's discovery of Native American burial artifacts at a construction site.
5 Mar. 1987
I Thought the War Was Over
Rick's war buddy Ray is killed when he is innocently caught in gang crossfire. His death triggers traumatic flashbacks in Rick leading him to seek therapy while AJ and Downtown investigate the drug trade causing the violence.
12 Mar. 1987
Lost Lady
A.J,'s former girlfriend, Janet Fowler who works for the Attorney General, is found after someone tries to kill her. She has a designer drug in her possession and she has amnesia. A.J. and Rick try to find out what happened to her. A.J. also takes the opportunity to reconnect with her.
26 Mar. 1987
Walking Point
Hollis Marshall, a disabled activist, hires the Simons to help in a lawsuit against a Dr. Longstrand. After initial distrust she and AJ develop a bond but she feels betrayed my some missing evidence. AJ works hard to fix things.
3 Dec. 1987
New Cop in Town
Rick and AJ are in trouble for illegally wiretapping and they overhear a suspicious death. Downtown has been replaced by Lt. Abigal Marsh who they tangle with. The three suprisingly team up to takedown a unlikely criminal.
10 Dec. 1987
Desperately Seeking Dacody
A reporter, whom Rick knew in Vietnam and is not too fond of, manipulates him to help her on a story about a wrongfully accused man.
17 Dec. 1987
You, Too, Can Be a Detective
Molly decides to become an investigator after read Rick's how to but gets in over her head. AJ and Rick come to her rescue, getting themselves involved in a drug smuggling operation and murder plus romance.

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