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5 Jan. 1984
John Doe
A man who works in a fast food restaurant wakes up with no memory of the last three months, including the suit he's wearing, the wrecked sports car beside him, the gun he's carrying or the briefcase full of money.
12 Jan. 1984
Dear Lovesick
An advice columnist turns to the Simons for help after letters from a reader suggest a murder is about to occur.
19 Jan. 1984
The brothers investigate the disappearance of a mare from a horse farm.
2 Feb. 1984
Heels and Toes
Rick and AJ help a woman who wants to leave behind the world of erotic dancing and enter the more exclusive world of ballet.
9 Feb. 1984
The Wrong Stuff
Teacher Cathy Donald has a problem she needs Rick and AJ's help with. A low budget film she made has been altered into a porn movie. As the brothers investigate a murder occurs and the involvement of astronaut Chris Ahern appears likely.
16 Feb. 1984
Double Play
Rick has a recurring dream that he kills A.J.
23 Feb. 1984
Under the Knife
Rick and A.J. investigate insurance fraud when a respected doctor is accused of malpractice. Things get sticky for A.J. when he goes user cover at the hospital with a "back" injury.
1 Mar. 1984
Harm's Way
Rick and AJ are hired by Shannon when her ex-husband Brian Harms disappears and her alimony stops. They start with his import business but learn it's a front. They're drawn into international espionage that takes them to historic Chinatown.
8 Mar. 1984
The Dillinger Print
Addie Becker hires AJ and Rick after her retired FBI father is murdered during an burglary. Dillinger's gun was taken and his fingerprints are found. The brothers team with agent Frank Kenniman to track a hitman living in the past.
22 Mar. 1984
Corpus Delecti
To collect on an insurance policy Dave and Marie Blanding hire the brothers to find the missing body of Marie's stepmother Carla. Rick and AJ accomplish the goal for a hefty payout but then have doubts about the corpse's identity.
29 Mar. 1984
The Disappearance of Harry the Hat
Rick and A.J. arrange a new identity for Harry Gleason so he can escape a mentally unstable ex-wife and then learn that the identity switch has been ordered Hurry's employer to make him a patsy in the sale of classified information.
27 Sep. 1984
C'est Simon: Part 1
The brothers with the help of Downtown Brown pose as international arms dealers to rescue their Mother and her Fiance from terrorists abductors.
27 Sep. 1984
C'est Simon: Part 2
The brothers with the help of Downtown Brown pose as international arms dealers to rescue their Mother and her Fiance from terrorists abductors.
4 Oct. 1984
A Little Wine with Murder?
When a well known food critic is found dead it looks to be accidental but AJ suspects murder because he was drinking California wine. Rick and AJ go undercover as cook and waiter at a prestigious restaurant to learn the truth.
18 Oct. 1984
The Dark Side of the Street
A groom-to-be hires the Simons to find out who's been issuing threats to prevent him from marrying the boss's daughter.
25 Oct. 1984
Manna from Heaven
Rick is fuming when his boat is repossessed and he finds comfort in the company of a mysterious woman. Then the loan company officer is murdered, with Rick is the chief suspect and he needs AJ's help to locate his alibi.
1 Nov. 1984
What Goes Around Comes Around
The detective brothers are employed by race car driver Dwayne Bellwood after his car is sabotaged several times. Rick and AJ first focus on his mechanic but learn they are actually up against a murderous gambling syndicate.
8 Nov. 1984
Who Killed the Sixties?
Aj helps an old girlfriend look for the killer of her brother after 20 years.
15 Nov. 1984
Break a Leg, Darling
Someone is trying to kill an actress, whose fued with her co-star, ex-husband has been widely publicized.
22 Nov. 1984
Almost Completely Out of Circulation
When the creator of a popular comic book is killed, his grandson goes to A.J. and Rick claiming that he knows who killed his grandfather -it was the arch enemy of the hero of the comic. They eventually learn that every character in the comic is inspired by a real person. So they have to figure out who was the inspiration for the villain.
29 Nov. 1984
Our Fair City
Rick and AJ are hired by local mayor KK Drinkman who claims his former wife is trying to kill him. On arrival the ex is dead and their client the primary suspect. The Simons team up with local lawman Marcel Brown to crack the case.
6 Dec. 1984
Deep Cover
An unscrupulous TV report hires a professional assassin to kill himself as a stunt. But gets cold feet when the killer thinks its real. The Simon's are hired to find out who the assassin is.
13 Dec. 1984
Revolution #9-1/2
The brother's Uncle Ray shows up and needs the detectives to head to an island paradise to locate his missing business partner. But the tiny nation is in the middle of an armed insurrection with Rick and AJ trying to stay alive.
20 Dec. 1984
Yes, Virginia, There Is a Liberace
AJ and Rick decide to help Ginny, a little girl trying to locate her father. As they travel around the not very holiday like Las Vegas, they begin to develop and spread some Christmas cheer.

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