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Season 1

24 Nov. 1981
Details at Eleven
Rick and A.J. are hired to find a young woman who flees to Mexico after she discovers her step father, a popular television news anchor, is complicit in a scheme to bribe local government officials.
1 Dec. 1981
Love, Christy
Rick and AJ help a college coed who's car was stolen.
8 Dec. 1981
When someone steals some money from a bank using a computer. Rick and A.J. are hired to find out who did it. They learn it's a young computer expert. When the man who hired them is shown how it was done, he grabs the boy to get him to steal more.
17 Dec. 1981
A Recipe for Disaster
While trying to locate a spirited young girl caught up in a divorce dispute, Rick and A.J. travel to the oil fields of Mexico where they find the girl's father in deadly conflict with men who will stop at nothing to strike it rich.
29 Dec. 1981
The Least Dangerous Game
When the zoo calls on the Simon brothers to investigate the mysterious death of an animal feeder, Rick and A.J. suspect the official who hired them has something to hide.
5 Jan. 1982
The Dead Letter File
Janet finds a letter in Rick and A.J's office that says that a noted businessman committed a murder years ago and the location of the evidence that implicates the man. Only problem the location is not specific. They start by approaching the man who gets spooked and wonders who could have talk but everyone who knows anything is dead. That is until he remembers that one of them has a daughter. So he tries to take her out and she turns to Rick and A.J. who approached her earlier, for help. And they continue to try and find the location of the evidence.
12 Jan. 1982
The Hottest Ticket in Town
Rick and A.J.'s cousin who's trying to get tickets to a rock concert but it's sold out so she asks their mother to ask them to see if they can get. They ask around and unwittingly stumble across a scheme to sell tickets to seats that don't exist. And the man behind the scheme tries what he can to make sure no one finds out about it.
19 Jan. 1982
Ashes to Ashes, and None Too Soon
When a businessman falls to his death after being served papers by Rick and A.J., his estranged widow informs the brothers they served the wrong man.
26 Jan. 1982
The Uncivil Servant
When Janet discovers that one of their agency's confidential files was taken, he asks A.J. and Rick to help. They discover that it's one of Fowler's trusted employees but when he refuses to tell them why he did it. They set out to find out what's going on. And when Fowler informs the man whose file was taken, he asks Fowler to let it go. And they discover that the person behind it is a member of the IRS.
9 Feb. 1982
Earth to Stacey
Rick needs a client so that he can get back his truck which was repossessed. So he gets one of Fowler's a rich girl who drives them especially A.J. crazy.
2 Mar. 1982
Double Entry
Rick and A.J. are handed yet another 'suspicious husband' case and uncover a bank fraud of the husband's partners. Suddenly the husband is kidnapped by environmental activists and the brothers are pitched into a burning dilemma.
9 Mar. 1982
A.J. goes under cover as an available art collector so he and brother Rick can determine who is using an upscale computer dating service to attract and rob other wealthy members.
16 Mar. 1982
Tanks for the Memories
When the Simon brother's high school teacher asks them to find a classmate for an upcoming class reunion, the trail leads to a remote outpost of survivalists run by a psychopath.

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