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Season 1

28 Nov. 1981
Night Moves
Gordon looks for a new night manager for the store. The candidates include his inept step-son Terry, a hostile munchkin and a fugitive from the law.
5 Dec. 1981
Robin's Return
Terry stops a robbery so Gordon makes him night manager, a position he promised to Robin, who unexpectedly returns.
12 Dec. 1981
On their fifth anniversary, Gordon discovers Gretchen posed as "Miss Bandana" in a magazine titled "Skinny Dippers of 1965."
26 Dec. 1981
Buckaroo Buddies
Terry's real father unexpectedly surfaces, hoping that his son will come live with him.
2 Jan. 1982
First Love
Gretchen frets over the lack of romance in her marriage. Meanwhile, Terry and his girlfriend are so smitten with one another that they don't notice when a motorcycle crashes through the window of the store.
9 Jan. 1982
Terry Runs Away
Terry runs away from home and winds up taking a job at the Bates Motel.
5 Feb. 1982
Sitting Ducks
After the store is repeatedly robbed, Gordon hires a gung-ho type who's just back from El Salvidor to lead tear-gas classes in his home.
12 Feb. 1982
Such Good Friends
Gretchen takes a job working for Gordon's philandering buddy, who quickly puts the moves on her. Meanwhile, Robin bonds with Terry, and the eccentric Dr. Cavanaugh has a run of bad luck.
19 Feb. 1982
Gordon and Gretchen attend a seminar on avoiding a scam and conclude it's preposterous. Unfortunately, at the same moment Terry's at the store falling victim to phase one of the scam.
26 Feb. 1982
A Visit from the Folks
Gordon's chain-smoking parents visit and quickly stomp on his nerves. Meanwhile, Gretchen tries out a new hairdo, and the Arab tries to amass a complete collection of Gurgle cups.
5 Mar. 1982
The Chicken Suit
Gretchen tries to add a personal touch to the store by offering homemade chicken sandwiches, but the result is a food poisoning lawsuit. Meanwhile, a saxophone player camps out by the front door and annoys Gordon.

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