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6 Jan. 1991
The Chance of a Lunchtime
Del has a consignment of doorbells that play various National Anthems. He tries to help Rodney and Cassandra save their marriage but things don't quite go to plan. Raquel has an audition for a part in a play. She passes the audition but is unable to accept it as she has some news that leaves Del speechless...but not for long.
13 Jan. 1991
Stage Fright
Del tries his hand at being a showbiz manager, and one of his clients is his 3-months pregnant wife Raquel! But will things go to plan?
20 Jan. 1991
The Class of '62
Del is invited to a school reunion with Boycie, Denzil and Trigger. The organiser remains a mystery until disgraced ex-policeman Roy Slater appears. After drinks in the Nag's Head they all repair to the flat where Del discovers that Slater is married to Raquel, who wants a divorce from him. Happily for Del he finds out that Slater is getting a rake-off from the diamond heist for which he served time and uses this to blackmail him into divorcing Raquel.
27 Jan. 1991
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Uncle
Whilst Del employs Rodney in the family firm, Uncle Albert starts going to the Over-60s Club but comes home one day, bruised and claiming that he was mugged. After refusing to go out for a week, he suddenly takes off, leaving a note to imply he has left home. Del and Rodney eventually find him at the new estate built on the street where he was born, and bring him home. When Albert's old mate Knock-Knock arrives at the flat it turns out that there was no mugging but the two old men got into a fight over an old lady, Dora, from their club.
3 Feb. 1991
Three Men, a Woman, and a Baby
Del is hoping to sell a load of wigs bought from Mustapha to the old ladies in the Nag's Head and is annoyed to find out that he has actually bought a box of mens' wigs. Cassandra leaves Rodney, claiming that he lacks drive. He turns vegetarian and sports a clip-on pony-tail to appear trendy but when Cassandra gets back in touch with him she tells him she prefers him just as he is. Raquel gives birth to a baby boy, which Rodney has jokingly suggested be called Damien, a name Del and Raquel are happy to give him. As dusk falls Del communes with his dead mother to tell ...
24 Dec. 1991
Miami Twice: 'The American Dream'
At Damien's christening, Del does a deal with the vicar to supply 'pre-blessed' Romanian altar wine, only it turns out to be white. In an effort to get Rodney back with Cassandra Del suggests a trip to Miami, Del already having bought the tickets with Rodney's pension money. However, Cassandra has a heavy work load and is unable to get time off so the Trotter brothers do Miami together.
25 Dec. 1991
Miami Twice: 'Oh to Be in England'
The Trotters arrive in Miami, where they are spotted by Mafia Don Vincenzo Occhetti and his sons, the don just happening to be Del's exact double. The Occhettis welcome the brothers but they have a plan. Occhetti is to stand trial for several crimes. If Del is found dead and it is assumed that he is the Mafioso, the don will be in a position to start a new life. Several unsuccessful attempts to kill Del follow, as does an argument between Rodney and Occhetti, whom Rodney believes to be his brother. When Del and Rodney tumble to what is happening they go on the run but...

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