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8 Jan. 1989
Yuppy Love
After seeing the film 'Wall Street' Del fancies himself as Peckham's answer to Gordon Gecko and changes his image. He even -temporarily - gives up the Nag's Head for a trendy wine bar where he is just a little too casual for his own good. Rodney goes on a computer course and meets a nice girl called Cassandra. When she offers him a lift home he is ashamed to tell her where he lives and gets her to drop him off in a suburban avenue. She eventually rumbles him but agrees to go on a date anyway.
15 Jan. 1989
Danger UXD
Del buys a consignment of blow-up sex dolls to sell on to elderly Dirty Barry,who has a sex shop. Unfortunately the dolls are filled with propane gas and will explode if they are exposed to heat. When two of the dolls self-inflate in the flat Del dresses them in his late mother's clothes to get them into the van but when he arrives at his destination Dirty Barry is unable to oblige as his licence has been revoked by the council. More dolls begin to inflate ominously and there's nothing Del and Rodney can do but run for it.
22 Jan. 1989
Chain Gang
Arnie, a jeweller who retired early on health grounds, sells Del and his mates some gold chains but then says he wants them back for a previous customer. However he will ensure that he gets double the price to satisfy Del and his friends. As he is selling the chains to the other customer, Mr. Stavros, he collapses with a heart attack and is taken away, along with the money and the chains, by two ambulance men. However, it is a con. They are not real ambulance drivers but Arnie's sons, helping him relieve punters of their money. But then Cassandra hears that Arnie is ...
29 Jan. 1989
The Unlucky Winner Is...
Rodney wins a prize in a competition he didn't know he'd entered. He wins and he and Cassandra are going to Spain as a prize. However, Del Boy's coming too...and not as his brother.
5 Feb. 1989
Sickness & Wealth
Del is having health problems - stomach aches - and the usual cash flow problem, so, to raise money, he organizes a series of séances run by Albert's psychic friend Elsie, who correctly predicts Marlene's pregnancy. When Elsie tells him his mother wants him to go to the doctor about his pains Del reluctantly agrees and ultimately finds he has Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which is not life threatening but requires a very strict health food diet. This is not really to his liking but a bigger shock comes when Rodney tells him he and Cassandra are getting married.
12 Feb. 1989
Little Problems
Rodney's wedding day is approaching and Del promises him 2000 pounds as a present. However, Del also owes the Driscoll brothers the same amount and they want their money. During the wedding ceremony Rodney's middle name is revealed and laughter ensues.
25 Dec. 1989
The Jolly Boys' Outing
The Nag's Head regulars head to the seaside town of Margate for an eventful day trip.

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