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15 Jan. 1981
Hill Street Station
"Hill Street Station" introduces us to the many stories on the street, in the squad room, and in the homes of both the uniform and plainclothes officers at Hill Street. After Sergeant Phil Esterhaus completes Roll Call, we begin to learn something of the regulars. John "J.D." LaRue goes out of his way to hit on Assistant DA Joyce Davenport. She's at the Hill and livid with Captain Frank Furillo and his Sergeant's, who explain that they have "temporarily misplaced" the suspect she is supposed to have in court in just a few minutes. Meanwhile, while on patrol street ...
17 Jan. 1981
Presidential Fever
The President of the United States wants to visit the Hill, and the station has to deal with how to make it happen.
22 Jan. 1981
Politics as Usual
Things heat up between the gangs on the hill as the president plans his walking tour.
24 Jan. 1981
Can World War III Be an Attitude?
Hill Street finds the precinct under siege when the gangs react to the president canceling his walking tour. Hill and Renko arrest a car thief who has a knack for fixing things around the station. Frank asks Joyce to represent LaRue who is facing bribery charges.
31 Jan. 1981
Double Jeopardy
Davenport begins to assist Furillo and Washington in their attempt to clear Larue's name. They probe deep into Macafee's personal life but are having difficulty finding anything dirty on him. 'Operation Duckling' puts many of the officers in drag as they go undercover to apprehend the St. James Park rapist. After responding to a call on a jumper Henry has a flat tire in a bad neighborhood and is harassed by a gang of youths and Phil is beginning to show signs of weariness trying to keep up with two women.
7 Feb. 1981
Film at Eleven
Furillo agrees to let a local news crew film the precinct. Belker brings in a suspect who believes that he is Dracula. Washington and LaRue capture a woman who is in possession of the gun that shot Hill and Renko.
14 Feb. 1981
Choice Cut
Frank is forced to deal with a hostage situation at a grocery store. The precinct continues to investigate the shooting of Hill and Renko.
21 Feb. 1981
Up in Arms
Renko gets upset when the lie detector test for his shooting suspect comes up inconclusive. Esterhaus meets with a criminal that he helped put away. Furillo feels that the news crew is to blame for convincing local merchants form a crime watch union.
28 Feb. 1981
Your Kind, My Kind, Humankind
LaRue asks a television reporter to go with him on a stakeout. Furillo has trouble finding a home for the juvenile who held up a grocery store. Renko begins to exhibit bizarre behavior. After witnessing his partner's death, Santini has second thoughts about being a police office
7 Mar. 1981
Furillo considers leaving the station to run for commander. Renko and Hill investigate the murder of a 15-year old prostitute. LaRue and Washington decide to play a practical joke on Hunter.
14 Mar. 1981
Life, Death, Eternity
Frank risks a promotion to commander by pursuing an investigation that links a city councilman from another district to the murder of a prostitute. Belker is harassed by a new anti-Semetic cop.
21 Mar. 1981
I Never Promised You a Rose, Marvin
Furillo continues to push the investigation of a well-respected city councilman even after it become apparent that it will cost him a promotion. LaRue's dream for a business gets destroyed. Hunter gets Chief Daniel's approval to use an "urban tank". Belker considers a transfer.
25 Mar. 1981
Fecund Hand Rose
Furillo angrily agrees to use his men to protect corrupt cop turned informant Ralph Macafee from a possible assassination attempt. Esterhaus has second thoughts about his upcoming marriage to Cindy after Grace Gardner pays him a visit at the station house.
19 May 1981
Rites of Spring
An undercover narc with a history of racism is accused of shooting an unarmed black man. LaRue's drinking starts to affect his job performance. Hill goes out of his way to help a woman who neglected her children. Goldblume's son lands in the hospital.
26 May 1981
Jungle Madness
Washington unearths evidence to clear vicious racist narcotics cop Charlie Weeks in a back alley shooting of a black youth while Furillo clashes with Chief Fletcher Daniels over the investigation. LaRue's alcoholism undermines his ability to do his job and causes his life to fall apart. Hill comes down hard on a teenage mother who continually neglects her two children. Bates and her new partner Coffey get to know each other better.
29 Oct. 1981
Hearts and Minds
Furillo has mixed feelings about Jesse John Hudson, a powerful ex-gang leader who's just been released from jail who claims he wants to do good for his old community. However, word on the street is that Hudson is out to reclaim his old turf. Meanwhile, various police officers search the neighborhood for a missing seven-year-old boy and Belker arrests an orangutan purse snatcher.
5 Nov. 1981
Blood Money
Furillo suspects that Jesse John Hudson is behind the theft of a cache of weapons. Washington investigates the murder of a prostitute. Belker and Goldblume work undercover as cab drivers. Hunter takes Grace Gardner on a date to an art gallery exhibit.
12 Nov. 1981
The Last White Man on East Ferry Avenue
Goldblume does his best to maintain order after angry old man Mr. Popovich shoots a local boy dead and barricades himself in his home. Belker demands that Furillo pull the gung-go Virgil Brooks from his current assignment before Jesse John Hudson discovers that he's really an undercover cop.
19 Nov. 1981
The Second Oldest Profession
Bates makes an error in judgment when she allows a junkie prostitute to shoot up prior to arresting her only to have the hooker nearly die from an overdose. Furillo demands that Davenport become more open about their romantic relationship.
3 Dec. 1981
Fruits of the Poisonous Tree
LaRue and Washington are accused of entrapment. A ten-year-old girl gets shot and killed by a fourteen-year-old street gang member. Grace Gardner informs Esterhaus that she might be pregnant.
10 Dec. 1981
Cranky Streets
Coffey has to arrest a guy who was a longtime friend of his family. Hill has to cover for an old friend who has a tendency for using excessive force. Renko gets in hot water after playing a tasteless practical joke on a female officer in training.
17 Dec. 1981
Chipped Beef
Frank decides to attend a dinner for Fay's new love interest. Renko stands up for a guy who has a warrant out for his arrest after the guy saves his life. Belker goes undercover to catch ATM robbers. Hill and the other cops' account of what happened with Nash are questioned.

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