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Season 4

13 Oct. 1983
Here's Adventure, Here's Romance
Following a deadly shooting at a gay bar, an off-duty cop, who is the only witness, is reluctant to come forward for fear that his homosexuality will become public. A guy impersonating the "Cisco Kid" is arrested twice for causing a disturbance. Faye is depressed about having to go through her pregnancy alone.
20 Oct. 1983
Ba-Bing, Ba-Bing
Frank gets the local gang leaders together to lay down 'Furillo's Law' in light of the mayoral campaign. Bobby Hill wins 100,000 dollars in the Lottery's 'Rainbow Run off'. Coffey and Bates interrupt a fight between two female mud wrestlers and their male spectators, leading to a double date for Joe. Belker is undercover at a fish market and gets in trouble with Deputy Chief Mahoney.
27 Oct. 1983
The Long Law of the Arm
Benjamin Fisk is taken hostage by Hector Ruiz while staying in a ghetto to boost his campaign. Mahoney continues his crusade against the cops of Hill Street. Bobby is giving away his prize money and losing friends with his new attitude.
3 Nov. 1983
Death by Kiki
Joyce's client Kiki goes out of his way to prove his innocence. Bobby Hill is given the day off which he uses to get rid of even more money and eventually manages to sort out his mental state. Fisk's triumphant return to the Dante housing project turns into a tragedy. Deskbound Belker is tasked to give a lecture at the precinct.
10 Nov. 1983
Doris in Wonderland
When Ozzie Cleveland enters the race for Mayor, Chief Daniels orders Furillo to put four officers undercover at Murray's Wonderland, a triple X store in Cleveland's precinct. Officer Perez mistakes a boy with a toy gun for a burglar and shoots him. To avert a scandal, Daniels suggests the boy's mother be charged with negligence.
17 Nov. 1983
Praise Dilaudid
Chief Daniel's campaign for Mayor is ruined by several factors including a TV debate debacle, a precinct visit from single mom Fay, a murder at Murray's Wonderland and the dismissal of the Robson case. Renko ends up with green dyed skin after busting the 'Emily Post bandit', who swiftly escapes and takes a hostage.
24 Nov. 1983
Goodbye, Mr. Scripps
Chief Daniels' campaign for mayor hits a turning point. Members of the precinct attend the funeral of the boy who was accidentally shot by Perez. Furillo consoles Perez and his family. Hill and Renko arrest a mentally ill man who believes that he is running for mayor and is causing disturbances.
1 Dec. 1983
Midway to What?
Bobby represents the Hill in a police boxing match against Al Simmons. Belker books a paraplegic for spray painting his car, only to find out the guy did it because the car was parked in a handicapped zone. A shady aspect from Hunter's past turns up among the evidence found at a busted bookie joint.
8 Dec. 1983
Honk If You're a Goose
Belker goes undercover in a wheelchair and finds himself being shadowed by actual wheelchair bound Gaffney. J.D. is sure Hunter attempted suicide although the latter won't admit it. Bates and Coffey catch missing guard goose Honkey red-winged at a grocery store. Bobby is preparing for one last boxing match before he retires from the game.
15 Dec. 1983
The Russians Are Coming
Three Russian visitors receive a tour of the Hill and a good look at police procedures. Marty Nichols brings in J.D.'s brother-in-law on charges of solicitation. Belker is working undercover as an ambulance attendant.
12 Jan. 1984
Ratman and Bobbin
Police officers are the target of a cop killer on the streets and are pestered by rats inside the precinct. Frank and Joyce are looking to buy a bigger house. Belker is undercover disguised as a bag lady.
19 Jan. 1984
Nichols from Heaven
Frank Furillo has killed his first man when stopping an armed robbery the night before. Officer Marty Nichols is gunned down by the cop killer, or so it seems. Joyce defends the Rutledge family against the abusive father, but the court's decision leads to even more tragedy.
26 Jan. 1984
Fuchs Me? Fuchs You!
Corrupt cop Marino is arrested and spills the beans on his entire precinct including revelations about Marty Nichols. The cop killer hits Coffey in the arm before calling to say he'll give himself up Freddie's diner.
2 Feb. 1984
Grace Under Pressure
Furillo breaks the news of Esterhaus's death. Bates is given serious consideration for Sergeant. Coffey's girlfriend is sexually assaulted. Belker goes undercover as a truck driver to try and catch thieves that are stealing poultry.
9 Feb. 1984
The Other Side of Oneness
Goldblume takes a special interest in call-girl Whitney Barnes. Her arrest in a murder case turns up video tapes of her and several important men. Leo, upset about his cheating wife, is first taken hostage in a cell by the Rodriguez brothers and then accused of stealing police property. Belker is taking the death of Esterhous especially hard.
16 Feb. 1984
Parting Is Such Sweep Sorrow
A nervous Lucy Bates takes over as roll call sergeant and finds she has to 'earn' the podium. Whitney Barnes' pimp turns himself in, only to be confronted by a professional hit man inside the Hill precinct. Frank honors Phil's last wishes by scattering his ashes on the Hill in an informal ceremony attended by most of the day shift.
1 Mar. 1984
The End of Logan's Run
Furillo gets in trouble with Mayor Ozzie Cleveland for criticizing 'Operation Stop 'N' Cop' on the news. Joyce faces a situation of life and death while visiting a client. Belker arrests his regular pickpocket one last time.
8 Mar. 1984
The Count of Monty Tasco
Hunter takes Fay out to lunch only after Frank and Henry's permission. Renko gets mixed up feeling when Daryl Ann reveals she is pregnant. Joyce is pressured to identify Timothy Mullens, causing his brother William to threaten her life in front of Frank.
15 Mar. 1984
Nutcracker Suite
Furillo has been relieved from command, leaving Calletano and Hunter to share command. Goldblume tells Belker, Washington and Garibaldi (replacing a sick LaRue) to tail William Mullins and make sure he stays away from Joyce. Jesus Martinez is assaulted by his pregnant girlfriend.
3 May 1984
Hair Apparent
A former Blood gang member has been appointed to the Youth Corps Summer Job Program and becomes a target for other gangs, specifically the Diablos. Garibaldi strikes a deal with a man whose car he hit by accident. Belker is undercover trying to infiltrate a group of video poker vendors in 'Operation Straight Flush'. Joyce tells Frank she needs to have some time for herself.
10 May 1984
Lucky Ducks
Ray Calletano is a contestant on the game show 'Lucky Ducks'. Hunter is concerned about his ill horse Apollo. Coffey and Davis arrest a man who'll eat anything for money. The tuxedo fitting for Renko's wedding attendants turns into a brawl. Later his first meeting with his future in-laws doesn't run smoothly either.
17 May 1984
Eva's Brawn
Renko is having second thoughts on his wedding day. He and Bobby are assigned to take out a car equipped with a computer, and they lose the car. Coffey places a bet on a horse race because the officers haven't collected enough money for Renko's wedding present. Garabaldi persuades Goldblume to try a video dating service with him. The bookies busted by Belker high jack their prison bus and demand Belker be handed over to them in exchange for their hostages. This occurs when Ballantine is filling in for Hunter as leader of the EAT squad.

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