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Season 3

29 Oct. 1982
Divorce, Venusian Style
After a loud argument with Bill, Ralph quits the hero business and turns in his super-suit. Unknown to both men, a gang of neo-Nazis plans to murder them.
5 Nov. 1982
The Price Is Right
While attending a high-school reunion, Ralph discovers that the wife of a famous pro football player is held hostage to ensure her husband will throw the big game.
12 Nov. 1982
This Is the One the Suit Was Meant For
With their relationship in trouble, Ralph convinces Pam to go on a vacation without Bill or his suit. Unfortunately Bill shows up unannounced with his suit and trouble ensues.
19 Nov. 1982
The Resurrection of Carlini
Bill is summoned to a will reading (along with several other magicians) at Carlini's mansion, who was believed to have perished when a stage act went wrong. Another magician is suspected of attempted murder when Bill and everyone involved nearly become killed when a fire breaks out. Later when one of the magicians is found dead, it is realized that the killer is still out there and must be found. Written by Darrylb500
6 Jan. 1983
The Newlywed Game
The day of Pam's and Ralph's wedding is coming fast, but unfortunately what appears to be the United States government has found out about the suit and makes life very complicated for all involved.
13 Jan. 1983
Heaven Is in Your Genes
Bill is believed to have been killed. However, after the funeral, Ralph sees visions of him, leading him to Mexico in search of the truth.
20 Jan. 1983
Live at Eleven
While foiling a Plutonium robbery, Ralph gets exposed, and discovers a new ability. He mentally influence people. He and Bill must discover who is behind the attempt, and prevent his other plans.
27 Jan. 1983
Space Ranger
A person who goes by the codename of "Space Ranger" has tapped into Russian satellites and is giving information to the CIA. Once it is discovered that Space Ranger is one of Ralph's students (who the KGB is after), complications ensue.
3 Feb. 1983
Thirty Seconds Over Little Tokyo
Ralph and Bill find themselves trying to protect a Japanese man after a gang tries to kidnap him.
Wizards and Warlocks
When an Arab prince who is the country studying disappears, Bill tries to find him with help from Ralph. They learn that he is taking part in a game called Wizards and Warlocks wherein someone gives him a task to do. Now the people who are trying to grab the prince have taken the only person who knows what the prince is doing. So Ralph and Bill have to turn to the only person who might know where the prince is--the man who created the game.
It's Only Rock and Roll
A bomb threat is called in on a private flight that is transporting Elvira, the popular rock band. After the situation is rectified, Bill must take Elvira's singer under his wing for protection, but problems ensue with a gang that is plotting the singer's death.
Ralph and Pam are enjoying watching federally protected horses running free on an open plain. However, some rustlers appear and illegally start rounding up the horses, which Ralph is unable to stop them without his suit, and Bill and Pam are unable to convince the local law enforcement to help without any concrete proof.
Vanity, Says the Preacher
Bill accepts an invitation to be honored as Man of the Year by a Latin American country where years before he was instrumental in helping them establish a democratic government.
The Greatest American Heroine
The aliens tell Ralph to find a suitable replacement for himself when his secret identity is revealed to the world. Much to Bill's disgust he selects a woman to be his successor.

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