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Season 2

2 Oct. 1982
Nell Goes to Jail
When the Kaniskys' phone service is mistakenly cut off for non-payment (it was supposed to be a Chinese woman), Nell clashes with the service representative at the phone company.
9 Oct. 1982
Brother Ed and the Hooker
The Chief doesn't approve when his brother Ed has a date with a woman who used to be a prostitute.
16 Oct. 1982
Sam's Imaginary Friend
Sam causes a stir in the household because of her imaginary friend named Debbie Jo.
23 Oct. 1982
Grandpa's Visit
Grandpa Kanisky causes commotion when he stays over at the house.
30 Oct. 1982
Take My Baby, Please
Valerie, the girl who married and gave birth at the same time in the Kanisky household, returns with the news that her husband has walked out on her. Nell helps her find a job so that she can support her baby.
6 Nov. 1982
Porko's II
Dr. George Avery, founder of the diet group People Organized to Reduce and Kick Obesity (PORKO), gives a speech at one of Nell's meetings. Having gained back a significant amount of weight, he is depressed and wants to end his life. It's up to Nell and the other PORKO members to try and stop him.
13 Nov. 1982
The Chief's Gay Evening
During a stakeout, a police officer admits his homosexuality to the Chief, who is extremely displeased.
27 Nov. 1982
Katie Steals Julie's Jock
Katie and Julie clash over a boy they both like.
4 Dec. 1982
Sam Faces Death
While Nell is away at a funeral, Officer Simpson accidentally shoots the Chief in the hand. The injuries are minor, but nonetheless Samantha worries that he's going to die.
11 Dec. 1982
Nell Goes Door to Door
Nell gets a job selling Amaze-O-Vac vacuum cleaners door to door, finding out too late about the shoddy quality of the product.
18 Dec. 1982
Love Thy Neighbor
Nell goes to court when a neighbor's dog becomes a nuisance.
6 Jan. 1983
Love, Kidney
When Uncle Ed falls ill suddenly, he learns that he needs a kidney transplant from a relative, so he asks the Chief to donate his kidney.
13 Jan. 1983
Julie Smokes
The Chief is angry when he catches Julie smoking a cigarette.
20 Jan. 1983
The Centerfold: Part 1
The Chief fires a female officer for posing for a pornographic magazine.
27 Jan. 1983
The Centerfold: Part 2
The Mayor of Glenlawn puts political pressure on the Chief over the female officer who posed nude.
10 Feb. 1983
The Custody Suit
The Chief's sister-in-law, Blanche Ross, drops in unexpectedly on his birthday and treats Nell condescendingly. Later night, she walks into the kitchen and sees Nell performing the Heimlich maneuver on the Chief, and assumes they're having sex. She decides to sue the Chief for custody of the girls.
17 Feb. 1983
The Return of the Doo-Wop Girls
Nell learns that the members of a singing group she used to belong to are in town, and she reflects on how they tricked her into leaving the group for a thinner replacement.
24 Feb. 1983
Eddie Gets Married
Uncle Ed asks his girlfriend Maxine to marry him.
3 Mar. 1983
Grandpa Robs a Bank
At the bank, Grandpa is confused for a bank robber.
10 Mar. 1983
Glenlawn Street Blues
Nell takes Samantha to the police station to show her that their real day-to-day functions bear no resemblance to what she sees on her favorite TV cop shows.
28 Apr. 1983
Nell and the Kid
A delicatessen owner takes in a young girl who tried to shoplift from him.
5 May 1983
Nell Gets Sick
Grandma Kanisky takes over the household while Nell is sick.

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