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Season 4

19 Sep. 1984
Losers Weepers: Part 1
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19 Sep. 1984
Losers Weepers: Part 2
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26 Sep. 1984
Stranger Than Fiction
When a female author who goes to any length to get what she wants. And she is presently writing about a criminal and she got one of his associates to tell her things about his boss, which she recorded. When the man learns what his associate did, he tells him to handle it or he'll handle him. So he goes to the woman to get the tape and is killed accidentally in the process. She would be arrested and Terri would bail her out. She would then bolt. Terri sends Colt to get her but omits to tell him about the criminal. She is in the Florida Everglades. When Colt gets there,...
10 Oct. 1984
While Colt is on location, Terri calls. Jody answers and Colt refuses to take the job. Terri says she's a woman which shouldn't be tough and when Jody learns how much Terri is willing to pay, she decides to do it herself. She finds the woman and tries to get her to come peacefully but she resists. When a deputy sees them going at it, he arrests them. When Colt learns that Jody took the job he goes after her. He learns she was arrested and is in a women's prison. The guards won't let Colt see her. Colt goes to town and learns that the prison is actuality part of an ...
17 Oct. 1984
Terror U.
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24 Oct. 1984
Private Eyes
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31 Oct. 1984
October the 31st
Film crew protests when the owner of the old villa where they're suppose to shoot their horror film that stars Elvira refuses to let them. Soon, spooky things begin happening in the house.
7 Nov. 1984
Terri sends Jody to locate a buy she bailed out in Hawaii. When she finds him, she falls for him. Colt later arrives and wants to take him back but he claims he was framed and he knows how to get the ones who framed him. It seems like he has something they want, counterfeiting plates.
14 Nov. 1984
Dead Bounty
Colt is sent to a small mountain town to bring a guy he knows named Hoss. The man's a "Gentle Giant" who has a thing for animals and when he was in the zoo in L.A. assaulted someone who was teasing the animals. Colt finds him and convinces him to come back with him but not after they go at it. Colt leaves him at the Sheriff's for the night. But after he leaves, another prisoner whom they are holding for speeding, stole some money and the deputy who arrested him wants it and will do anything to get it. So he tells Hoss, the deputy then assaults Hoss. The next day Colt ...
21 Nov. 1984
San Francisco Caper
A man who stole a diamond in San Francisco was caught and was bailed out by Terri. Terri learns he went back to San Francisco, so she sends Colt to get him. Colt goes but the daughter of an actor who has a crush on Colt follows him and causes complications. In the meantime, the man didn't steal the diamond but actually was paid by the owner to appear to have stolen it so that he could get the insurance but because the police caught him too soon, they confiscated the money he was paid so he's now asking for more which the owner claims he doesn't have.
28 Nov. 1984
Baja 1000
The director who gave Colt his first job and who has been using it for years to get Colt to work on his low rate movies. Now he wants Colt to take part in a desert race supposedly to get more footage. But what he didn't tell Colt is that he made a bet with someone in Vegas who upon learning how much he stands to lose sends a man whom Colt sent to prison to keep him from winning.
19 Dec. 1984
The Winner
A boy with Downs Syndrome runs away from home to compete in the Special Olympics and ends up witnessing a murder. Colt and the child train solve the crime together. Larry Holmes, Bruce Jenner and Lou Ferrigno have cameos.
2 Jan. 1985
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9 Jan. 1985
Her Bodyguard
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16 Jan. 1985
I Love Paris
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23 Jan. 1985
Sheriff Seavers
Terri wants to Colt to bring in a guy named Lester whom she says won't give him any problems. When he agrees she tells him that his father LV might be a problem because everyone in his town fears him. She tells him he needs to contact the Sheriff to help him because he is the only person who doesn't fear LV. She also tells him he needs to bring Lester in within 48 hours. When Colt arrives someone kills the Sheriff. Colt chases the guy and catches him and his truck catches fire. The deputy goes through Colt's things and finds a prop lawman badge making her think Colt ...
30 Jan. 1985
Terri wants Colt to bring in a bank robber who jumped bail. The only lead is a flyer to a flying circus that he had with him when he was arrested. It seems like the circus was performing at the same time the robbery occurred. Colt goes and pretends to be a daredevil pilot too and gets a job. The owner's daughter is worried that Colt's presence is not good for her father who is not exactly in good shape. Later the robber shows up and pulls a gun on Howie asking where's the money, The man gets away so Colt thinks the man thinks the money is with someone at the circus ...
6 Feb. 1985
High Orbit
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13 Feb. 1985
Rockabye Baby
An aspiring singer lets a producer hear her music. But when a man comes in the producer asks her to leave and he turns the tape recorder on to record the conversation. Now the man is trying to extort the producer but the producer won't give in, when he sees that the producer is recording them, there's a struggle he pulls out a gun and shoots the producer. The singer comes in to get her tape and grabs the gun and fires a warning shot. The police arrest her. Terri bails her out. Now she tries to be a singer much to the consternation of her father. Colt is tasked with ...
20 Feb. 1985
Spring Break
A college bursar who was accused and arrested for embezzlement was bailed out by Terri. He maintains his innocence, he thinks the university President might be involved so he goes through the computers to find proof. The people who are involved with him tells the President to erase all his files that could be incriminating. But a student was coerced by some student athletes to copy the file because it has an exam they're going to take. So the bursar and the men follow the student whom the athletes take when they for Spring Break, to get the disc. Terri sends Colt to ...
27 Feb. 1985
Split Image
A guy who stole some cocaine is arrested and bailed out by Terri who then goes on the run. He discovers a meek guy who looks just like him and decides to use him so that he could be free. He gets his girlfriend to come on to and make him look like him. He then gets word to the man whose cocaine he stole, who then comes to get it back, hoping he will kill the guy and that will the end of that. But Terri also learns of this and sends Colt to get him which he does. But he tells Colt he's not this man he's talking about. Later the guy upon learning of Colt, tries to make ...
6 Mar. 1985
The Skip Family Robinson
A con man pulling his latest con which has him pretending to be a doctor at a resort. When someone is looking for a doctor the person he is with points him out. When he goes to the room to help the man, another man recognizes him and throws him out. The man he was seeing orders that he be taken care of because he isn't suppose to be in the country. So the other guy frames him for burglary. A few months later after being bailed out by Terri, he jumps bail and goes to the resort to get the one who framed him. Terri has Colt fetch him but when they do, the man's children...
10 Apr. 1985
Reel Trouble
Colt goes on location in Turkey. A stunt woman whom he trained comes along and she and Jody have a rivalry because she thinks Jody is trying to keep her away from Colt. A criminal plans to steal the film and hold it for ransom. After they steal it, a representative from the insurance company shows up and asks Colt to recover it. But during his pursuit of the thieves, Howie gets caught and they also demand ransom for him but no one is willing to pay for him.

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