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Season 3

28 Sep. 1983
When Colt apprehends one of his skips, a conman, he finds himself cornered by some of the people he bilked. Colt places him in the secret compartment in his truck, then gets away. While in the compartment the man places a key in it. When Colt gets back to L.A., he goes to work at a movie and his truck is to be used in it. Colt makes a couple of other trucks to look like his so his won't get damaged. The man gets out of jail and tries to get to the truck to get the key. When Colt uses one of the duplicate trucks, he lets Howie do the stunt. The man has the truck shot ...
5 Oct. 1983
Pleasure Isle
A swindler who got millions of dollars from several victims goes on the run and leaves his girlfriend behind. She then goes to his computer and alters the access code number to his account. She is then arrested and bailed out by Terri. The swindler then has her picked up and brought to her at the non extradition island where he now stays. Terri sends Colt to get her and he brings Howie and Jody along. And when they get there, she convinces Colt to get the access code name to the account.
26 Oct. 1983
The Last Drive
Colt tries to get a wheel man. But some guy tries to stop him but he gets him. Later Terri informs him, the man' vanished. Colt goes to meet with the cop he turned him over to and is met by a woman who tells him, she's a cop and the man he caught works for her. She tells him he was hired to do a job but because Colt injured him, he can't do the job. So she asks Colt to take his place. Colt reluctantly agrees.
2 Nov. 1983
Colt is sent to bring back Lou Carnesco. He's in Las Vegas and he's managing a boxer who wants to quit. But a mobster whom Lou sold an interest in his boxer to, is upset. Colt catches Lou but he gets an offer from Larry Holmes for his fighter to fight him. He accepts and asks Colt to let Lou help him.
16 Nov. 1983
Inside, Outside
Sam Garrick, against whom Colt is going to testify, tries to dissuade him, even offering him money, but Colt refuses. Later someone kidnaps Terri and calls Colt, warning him not to testify. Colt goes to see Garrick, wrecks his house and threatens him if anything happens to Terri. Garrick convinces Colt he wouldn't do that. Colt thinks someone close to Garrick is trying to frame him, so that he would be sent away for a long time, maybe even executed. Howie poses as his new enforcer, and later learns that one of the kidnappers is Garrick's wife.
23 Nov. 1983
Pirates of Nashville
The son of a man whom Colt knows, who works at a record company in L.A. is arrested for killing the man he works for. He goes on the run and turns to a friend of his father who owns a chain of record stores. Colt follows him. What they don't know is that the man who was murdered was involved in a counterfeit record operation and was trying to get out but was killed by the man behind it. But it seems before he died he sent proof of operation to the record store owner whom the killer works for and is trying to get it back. But first has to find it.
30 Nov. 1983
Hollywood Shorties
A drug dealer chased by Colt hides a Fortune of cocaine in an air shaft, but has trouble getting it out when the coast is clear. Therefore, the equally small wife of a midget with whom Colt is working Gets abducted and Colt and the "Hollywood shorties" try to get her back.
18 Jan. 1984
Bite of the Wasp
A loose pastiche of The Sting broken into three acts. Colt, Howie and Jody are working on a low-budget film when the producer suddenly finds themselves extorted for money. The extortionist is a crooked councilor who has recklessly run up some considerable gambling debts with the 'syndicate'. Colt decides to mount a 'sting' operation by pretending to be a contract killer called The Wasp and getting Jody to finagle her way into the councilor's affections by playing slutty and wearing a series of skimpy outfits. Stunts include: a couple of car crashes/explosions, land ...
29 Feb. 1984
King of the Cowboys
Colt works with Roy Rogers again. When they need more horses, Howie goes to get some from a local ranch. But what they don't know is that someone who stole some diamonds and hid them on the horses. So they try to get them back.

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