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Season 2

27 Oct. 1982
Bail and Bond
While filming in Rio, Colt is called by Terri Michaels, the one who is in charge of Big Jack's business and asks him to get a girl whom she bailed out. It seems like she was implicated in an embezzlement, and the man she was implicated with is also in Rio. Colt goes to her hotel room and tries to get her but the woman in her room is not her and she has someone go after Colt and Colt narrowly escapes. Colt and Howie are arrested and the police informs them that the man, the girl was implicated with is dead. The police is ready to charge Colt for his murder unless he ...
3 Nov. 1982
The Ives Have It
A woman breaks into a prominent man's hone and is arrested. Terri bails her out and she heads to Aruba. So she sends Colt to get her. They find her with the man whose home she broke into. And they learn she's been with him for over a week which means how could have broken into his home.
10 Nov. 1982
Colt's Outlaws
While shooting on location, Colt and his mentor Dan Wild go drinking and when they come out of the bar, the Sheriff arrests Wild for being drunk. The next day Colt learns that while in custody Wild shot someone. Colt returns to L.A. and learns that the Mayor of the town is crooked. He also finds out that the Governor is trying to build a case against the Mayor but so far the only person willing to testify against him was the man Wild killed. Obviously Wild was set up. Colt then comes up with a plan. He organizes some of the stunt men who are Wild's friends and they ...
10 Nov. 1982
Colt Breaks Out
After breaking Dan out of jail and with Mary who witness the murder Littlefield engineered, Colt goes back to L.A. to vindicate Dan. But when Littlefield learns that Mary's a witness against him, He calls someone in the National Guard and they capture Howie and the stunt men who were making their way back to L.A. So Colt can't let Mary testify and with no other choice, he goes back to Littlefield to break Howie and the others out, with Dan and Mary. But Littlefield is ready for him.
17 Nov. 1982
Mighty Myron
Colt and Howie try to clear the name of an orangutan accused of murder before he is put to sleep.
24 Nov. 1982
Reluctant Traveling Companion
Colt is sent to bring a woman back from the East Coast. Problem is that the woman is not going easy and refuses to go by plane. So they go by train and she continues to be disruptive. And right next to them is Richard Burton. And it seems that someone wants her dead.
1 Dec. 1982
A Piece of Cake
Colt is sent to New York on a simple job to bring in a guy he knows. He finds him in an illegal gambling shop. He causes a ruckus and the police arrive. Colt learns that he messed up an operation being conducted by a cop to get a criminal he's been trying to get for years. The cop asks Colt to help him and Colt agrees.
8 Dec. 1982
Hell on Wheels
Jody goes undercover on a roller derby team to try and root out a criminal.
5 Jan. 1983
Win One for the Gipper???
Colt's cousin, a football player is arrested on trumped charges by an Army Sergeant who wants him to play on his football team so that he could go on tour so that he could peddle some black market goods he's sitting on. When Colt finds him, the man learns that Colt's a good player and tells him if he wants to help his cousin that he should play for him.
12 Jan. 1983
Happy Trails
Colt is working on a project with Roy Rogers. Colt sends Howie to get a car that they can use for a stunt they're doing. A guy sells Howie a car at a very cheap price but what Howie doesn't know is that it's stolen. When there's an accident that totals it, Colt and Howie learn about the car and they also learn that they're liable for it. So Colt sets out to find them.
19 Jan. 1983
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26 Jan. 1983
The Further Adventures of Ozzie and Harold
When Ozzie Colt's wacky friend is present when a crime is committed, Colt tries to help him. But when the men try to grab him, they strike him in the head and Ozzie changes and adopts a new persona, Harold Sanford who claims to be some kind of millionaire businessman. When he returns to his home, everybody thinks he was dead. Based on what Harold tells them, Colt deduces that someone tried to kill him but didn't do a good job and the trauma caused Ozzie to come out.
2 Feb. 1983
Death Boat
Terri bails out a woman who along with an unknown accomplice stole some jewels. She disappear for two months and she then asks Colt to get her. He asks her how by following insurance investigator Kay Faulkner who's looking for the jewels. They track her to a clinic that specializes in plastic surgery. They learn she altered her appearance and wouldn't let photos of her after the procedure to be taken. So they have to find her and they think she's on the cruise ship where she stole the jewels. So while Colt and Kay try to flush her out, her accomplice, who is also on ...
9 Feb. 1983
Eight Ball
Colt is trying to help Joe, once an great pool player who became a drunk, get ready for a major pool tournament in Vegas. When word gets to a mobster who's hoping that his player would win, about Joe he tries to get rid of him. When they leave for the tournament, someone tries to get them but they miss, so Colt has to try to get to Vegas very limited resources.
16 Feb. 1983
Spaced Out
A small town starts believing a bunch of aliens robbed the local bank and start panicking, but Colt and the gang think otherwise.
23 Feb. 1983
Strange Bedfellows
A woman who stole some money, who's in jail, has Jody kidnapped so that Terri will bail her out. Colt knows that she will bolt, so he tails her and she tries to shake him.
2 Mar. 1983
The Molly Sue
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9 Mar. 1983
One Hundred Miles a Gallon
The son of one of Colt's friends jumps bail and Colt goes to South Carolina after him. Things heat up when Colt finds out that the moonshine running is not what it seems and is backed by a organized gang.
16 Mar. 1983
P.S. I Love You
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6 Apr. 1983
The Chameleon
An actor played a character who's a master of disguise and uses that talent to steal some money along with 3 other men who worked with him. His daughter urges him to return the money. Colt tries to find him. But when one of his accomplices is killed things get weird.
13 Apr. 1983
The Chase
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4 May 1983
Just a Small Circle of Friends
Colt is sent to bring back the belligerent daughter of an affluent man. It seems she's joined a cult and the leader is not exactly reputable. And the man has plans for her.

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