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4 Nov. 1981
The Fall Guy
Colt Seavers is a stuntman who moonlights as a bounty hunter. His cousin, Howie Munson, shows up to "manage" Colt's career, and ends up helping him track down fugitive Country Joe Walker. Walker, who's new manager has Colt beat up, fails to turn himself in after Howie drops him off at the front door of the police dept. Meanwhile, Jody's first job doesn't quite go as planned. Then, Colt and Howie have to go to Arizona after a guy who ran down a kid on the street. While in Arizona, Country Joe shows up, as does his new manager.
11 Nov. 1981
The Meek Shall Inherit Rhonda
The episode starts off with Colt demonstrating a new stunt to Robert Wagner involving jumping out of one plane to another. Then Colt and Howie travel to Mexico in order to bring a guy back who robbed the Gold Exchange. While down there they get into a little trouble with the law themselves.
18 Nov. 1981
The Rich Get Richer
Jack wants Colt to bring in a man who stole 10 million dollars in securities, whom she bailed out and gave his house as collateral but when he sells out from under her. So she assumes he is planning to run she wants Colt to bring him in so that she could revoke his bail. Colt thinks it might be a snap but the guy has someone making sure no one gets him. And when Colt tries to get him again, a woman gets in his way who claims that she is protecting him.
25 Nov. 1981
That's Right, We're Bad
Colt and Howie go undercover in a prison, trying to get one of the inmates to lead them to his former partner-in-crime and with him, the money from the duo's last job.
2 Dec. 1981
Colt's Angels
Colt, Howie and Jody infiltrate a biker gang to apprehend their leader.
9 Dec. 1981
The Human Torch
The trail of a fugitive arsonist and a missing insurance investigator leads Colt and Howie to a small town where the locals are less than helpful.
16 Dec. 1981
Japanese Connection
Jack sends Colt to Hawaii to bring in a couple of brothers who are con men. What they don't know is that their latest stunt gets them in trouble with the Yakuza. When Colt learns of this, the Yakuza tell Colt that when he finds them to turn them over. When Colt refuses they reveal that they have Jody. So Colt tries to find them and find a way to make sure everyone is satisfied. .
6 Jan. 1982
No Way Out
A wanted, deep-in-debt gambler gives himself up, hoping that Colt and Howie can get him out of Las Vegas alive.
13 Jan. 1982
License to Kill: Part 1
A man is arrested for armed robbery, he calls Jack to bail him out. She calls Colt to keep an eye but because he was injured during his latest stunt, Howie offers to do it. But the knocks Howie out and gets away. When Jack learns of this, she calls Colt to go get him. They learn he went to Hawaii so they follow. But after they leave, two government agents show up and tell Jack to forget about the guy. But when Colt arrives, he and Howie are arrested and held incommunicado. Later a Naval officer whom Colt knows shows up and gets them out and wants Howie to describe the...
20 Jan. 1982
License to Kill: Part 2
When Ryker is killed by a rogue agent, Colt takes to the air to expose the killer.
27 Jan. 1982
Goin' for It!
When his stuntman friend is injured in a near-fatal accident, Colt teams up with investigator Kay Faulkner to uncover a sinister plot.
3 Feb. 1982
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harold
Ozzie, a homeless man whom Colt knows who has an invisible friend Harold, witnesses two cops kill someone. The man who hired the cops who are actually fake, is worried about Ozzie so he tells them to take care of him. Ozzie is arrested for the crime and calls Colt for help who knows he couldn't have done it.
10 Feb. 1982
Soldiers of Misfortune
Colt and Howie are caught in an explosive situation when they join a survival training unit in order to bring an ex-green beret to justice.
17 Feb. 1982
Ready, Aim... Die!
A mob assassin uses an unwitting Colt to find her mark, a relocated government witness with a distinctive gambling habit.
24 Feb. 1982
Ladies on the Ropes
Colt enters the world of women's professional wrestling, where the Golden Girls and their shady manager are preparing for a championship match.
3 Mar. 1982
The Snow Job
While in Aspen, Colt comes to the aid of an old acquaintance, the wife of a crooked politician with dangerous mob ties.
17 Mar. 1982
Guess Who's Coming to Town?
Howie and Jody's luck is all bad in Lucky, Nevada, where the town's leading citizens are hiding a secret.
24 Mar. 1982
Child's Play
A girl with a photographic memory holds the key to the case of a man nabbed by the mob while preparing to testify against them.
7 Apr. 1982
While attending a stunt mans' convention, Colt reunites with a stunt woman named Charlie whom he worked with before. When Charlie's brother shows up, he claims to be in trouble but before he could say what's going on some men try to grab him. Colt and Charlie hold them off long enough for him to get away. They later learn that Charlie's brother tried pull a fast one on a son of a mobster and it seems the man is looking to get back at him.
14 Apr. 1982
Three for the Road
Colt reluctantly teams up with Kay Faulkner on a trip to Mexico to recover a stolen cache of jewels.
28 Apr. 1982
The Silent Partner
A singer is confronted by a man who has been writing some of his hit songs which he has not received credit. When he threatens to expose him, the singer kills him. That's when one of his people a naive young man comes in and sees what happened. The singer tells him the man attacked him. He tells the young man to say he did it and the singer promises to help him. Eventually he gets bailed out and the singer tells him to hide, in reality the singer's planning to kill him so that he won't recant and that there'll be no further investigation into his link with dead man. ...
5 May 1982
Scavenger Hunt
Howie clashes with a group of disgruntled naval officers on the trail of the $5 million that they helped to steal.

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